BookMooch Hand-out cards

April 4, 2008


I’ve been getting a lot of email and forum comments lately asking about the “BookMooch hand-out cards”. These are business-card-sized cards that explain what BookMooch is, and they’re very useful when you’re explaining BookMooch to somebody and they want something to remind them.

I admit, it was hard to find the page about the cards on BookMooch. I’ve now made a dedicated web page at:

Cards1BIf your address is in the USA, fill out the form on the web site, and I’ll send you a box of 1000 cards. I’m only sending entire boxes these days, as explained here, and ask that you put a handful of cards in with each book you send, so the cards get distributed worldwide without me doing all the mailing.

For now, I’m only sending this from my house in the USA to other USA addresses, because I found a fairly inexpensive printing source for business cards (about $0.03 per card) and shipping 4lbs internationally is awfully expensive. My plan is to eventually send cards from my UK house, by getting them printed there, but I first need to find an affordable UK card printing company. Depending on shipping costs, I may send the cards within Europe as well, since the UK still has ground shipping rates (unlike the USA)

If you’d like to print a poster with tear-off-tabs explaining BookMooch, I’ve made a page for that too:

62 Responses to “BookMooch Hand-out cards”

  1. Awesome idea, John! I sent you an e-mail; I’ll be glad to hand them out at the upcoming Romantic Times convention if you can get them to me in time.

  2. Great idea! I got some with a mooch I received and left them at my library. I’ll “order” a box from you now.

  3. pip said

    hi these are great someone sent me a few when i mooched from the usa any chance sending to the uk i gave all mine away and they are fantastic for getting new moochers

  4. Zillah said

    Would you consider sending them overseas if people were able to pay you first for the postage via paypal or something?

  5. Bree said

    I agree with Zillah…it seems that it’s the non-US countries that need to get the word out a bit more (so that we have more options to mooch from, as many US users do not ship anywhere but within the US, and a majority of books are only available from the US). I’d love to have a whole whack of these things to give out…or even mail out in smaller packs to other Canadians, like a distributor or whatever.

  6. amberlianne said

    Perhaps ask for any US members you mooch from to please send you some cards with the book? I know I’d be more than happy to do so. In fact, I’d be more than happy to mail just a set of cards to anyone overseas or in Canada who wants them, if you email me and ask (if I get overwhelmed with requests you may have to wait a bit, though). Hooray Bookmooch!

  7. Jil said

    i’ve just printed out some of the mooch cards & will be sending them along w/all the books i trade. thank you for this great resource. the postal clerk cracked up the other day when he saw on my package. it’s a unique, fun & appropriate name. a buddy at PaperBackSwap told me about this site & i’m very honored to be a MOOCHER!!!

  8. Leah said

    Same here!! I will commit to mailing a set (or ten) to anyone overseas or in Canada. I love Bookmooch!!! I was on the LibraryThing website and I saw where there are quite a few new release books that are only available overseas. They need to circulate!!! Send me an email with your address I will send the cards.

  9. ensie said

    I’ll be heading to Book Expo America at the end of May/start of June and will happily take a bunch with me, as well as sending them and handing them out now.

    I work in the book industry and talk about BookMooch all the time! Thanks!

  10. Remi said

    Could you maybe send to Canada? I’d love some!

  11. Karen said

    how about stickers that we could all past inside of a book as we send it out (or tuck inside if asked to not paste something inside) or in the form of a bookmark??

  12. terrilee said

    I’d be happy to send some internationally – maybe if you set up a “card swap” page where people who are willing to send some internationally can be contacted by people who want them? It’s 90 cents to send a 1oz. letter internationally (69 to Canada and Mexico). Two ounces of cards in an envelope would be inexpensive to send.

  13. terrilee said

    Thinking about my comment above, I’ll send to the first ten international moochers who email me at (use a subject line of Mooch Cards). I’ll be keeping the envelopes under 2 ounces though, so it won’t be a lot of cards at once…. as many as I can stuff in there and still keep it under 2 ounces.
    I think it’s a great investment in this great site.

    Of course, I need to get my box first, so be patient. I’ve ordered them πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  14. Desley said

    I would also be happy to pay for shipping to Australia for some cards – Bree is right non US countries need to build up members to Mooch from. Although I ship to overseas countries – loads of people don’t due to shipping/postge costs.

  15. Michelle (AU) said

    I would be happy to give points to the system or to John directly to receive BM cards…Say 10 or 20 points for 1000 cards. Could we make that an option in the system?
    I would love to leave them everywhere I go…Library shelves….Dare I say even inside some very popular books that get library loaned often….or on the bookshelves at a charity store…I don’t think Borders would like me to leave them on their front counter?? (HaHa)… Anywhere we can get in touch with book addicts. That would be the most successful PR, people who are as mad about books as we are, & would get into the system & stay. Thanks John as always for all that you do. M

  16. Leah said

    I tried to post this earlier, but somehow it got deleted… I would be willing to send out sets of cards overseas (thanks again John for sending them to me!). Just email me with your address. I was on the LibraryThing site and there are lots of books available overseas that aren’t here in the US. We need to get those circulating!!! I love this site. Its so great to be in communication with other people who read for pleasure!

  17. Leah said

    I think I will put a note on my Bookmooch bio that says I will send cards to people who email me with requests…. sound like a good idea?

  18. Jaime said

    I went through the 100 cards that I ordered when they were first available in about a month. I put them in with books that were mooched, gave them to friends, family, and co-workers, and left them in various places (park benches, the library, bulletin boards, the community center, etc). I carried them in my purse along with my business cards.

    I think I’ll have to consider ordering a box of 1000. I’m sure I would go through them like crazy once again!

  19. flaukie said

    Great idea! I’d love to get some too.
    Would it be possible to have them sent to Europe if I pay for the postage?

  20. Michelle (AU) said

    I love Karen’s idea of a “BookMooch BookMark’. Also, it may be a good idea (particularly for giving Bm cards to friends) to have a place on the back of the card where one could write their BM name & user id for their friend to look up when first going to BM. May turn into more joining up coz they can see what their friend is up to. As it is now, you can tell someone your BM name & id, but by the time they get around to looking at the site they wouldn’t remember these details. M

  21. Michelle (Greece) said

    Congratulations on another brilliant idea! I’d love to receive some cards to hand out here in Greece as awareness needs to grow in countries outside the US. I have already printed the poster to use at my daughter’s school and hopefully this will bring in new members ready to give and receive books all over the world not just within our own borders.

  22. Donna said

    Have you tried VistaPrint for cards from the UK? You can get free cards and you just pay the postage. They are great quality too.

    I’d love some cards if anyone wants to send me some to the UK?


  23. Wanda said

    Hi John,

    I will send you an email requesting a box of cards so that I can include a bunch with each international mooch I get. That should help get them out there! In addition, I have been handing them out around town as I have received several from givers. I am planning on taking a trip and I thought that I could hand them out to anyone I see reading a book!

  24. Cynthia McClendon said

    Just a note of caution-I was grilled in depth recently by a postal clerk “any bookmarks, any stickers, any anything that’s not a book? We can open these up at any time and if we find anything else we’ll charge you.” First time I’d ever heard this, don’t know if it’s true or not, but this particular clerk seems very much a by-the-book kind of person.

  25. Karin said

    I’d obviously missed the announcement about cards when they were mentioned in the past so didn’t know they were available. A great idea and if you get some to distribute in the UK I’d be happy to have some and include them with any books I send. However, I am not a high volume bookmoocher, so it did occur to me that it might be more efficient to print out a few myself.

    After searching I discover the artwork is available in various formats but I did wonder if (a) this fact needs publicising a bit more (or is it just me being unobservant?), (b) whether guidance could be given on printing out a sheet or two of cards for novices like me who are not really sure how to get from the artwork provided to a sheet of business cards, (c)whether you are happy for home-printed cards to be used or whether these would look rather cheap and unprofessional – also perhaps a black and white version could be made available for people to print out themselves.

    Hope this makes sense (c) perhaps ought to come before (b)

  26. Helen (Beachcomber) said

    What about a stamp? You could probably find those relatively cheap to order, and people could even buy their own ink pads from their local stationery stores. Then you could stamp your package as “” (or with certain countries that have less – reliable – postal services, would that increase the likelihood of the post workers keeping the packages? Hmmm, possibly. Or maybe I’m over thinking it. I have just heard from people online who’ve had post worker steal their packages or even demand bribes before they’ll deliver them! (usually around the Asia side of the globe).

    For countries who can’t get the business cards (or people who run out), if there were a flyer or something (there probably already is, but I’ve not looked).

    I spread the word when I can at work πŸ˜€

  27. Jan said

    I have a load of unused US postage stamps and some envelopes with stamps making up to 90c which I’m never going to use. I’d be happy to post these to members in the US who could maybe use them to send me cards. I could then distribute the cards amongst UK members and could also steam off the stamps and give them to charity, and that way everyone benefits! I’ll need snail mail addresses to send out the stamps though. Anyone interested can contact me at the email which follows: it’s not my main email and is already heavily targeted by spammers, so I don’t mind publishing it on a website: Please put BOOKMOOCH in the subject line so I can indentify it as genuine mail.

  28. Laurence (Belgium) said

    Would it be possible for you to make a french version of the posters with tear-off-tabs explaining Bookmooch? It would be great for us who read in French! We could print them at home and put them anywhere we want to… and there will be no cost for you.
    Thank you very much in advance!

  29. Kitty Howlett said

    Oh, if only you were willing to ship within Canada as well. 😦

  30. Nicole said

    I just received the cards I requested, and they look FANTASTIC! I can’t wait to start sending them out. In the meantime I’ve been giving them to just about everyone, even hiding them in the books I’m loaning to other people. I’d also be more than happy to mail some to someone else to pass out. Just email me.

  31. Frances M. Bothwell said

    I got a box of cards some weeks ago and have put them in a library (they went like hotcakes) and have handed them out to my college students. Some have now told me that they found some of the books we are reading in class on Bookmooch and they love it!

    Now that I’ve seem how Moochers from abroad are eager to get the cards, I will include some with each mailing outside the US.

    Thanks for a great way to spread the word, John.

  32. Skaboss307 said

    I’ll be attending the New York ComicCon. I’ll be meeting a lot of folks — if I had some cards, they’d get distributed in a hurry.

  33. jopre said

    I think the moochpoints for moochcards sounds like a great idea. Or paypal to cover the postage. Don’t care. Must have moochcards! Anyone US who would like to do a points for cards swap?

  34. Bananabrianna said

    I hope you will eventually decide to ship to Canada, I know I’d pass them out like hotcakes! It would definately get more people signed up to the site, there is NOTHING more frustrating than receiving an alert that a book on my wishlist has been added to BM, only to find that they will ship in the US.

  35. Tasha said

    Great idea the cards but what us Canadians? I have printed out the web site address dozens of times for people.Having the cards would make it easier for me to hand them.

  36. Jessica said

    This is how I found out about bookmooch. Someone at another trading site included one in with the book i ordered.

    I love mooching!!!

  37. Cathy Nist said

    Way cool! I also send out 100’s of books a year through (which is where i first heard about Bookmooch) and will be glad to include bookmooch cards in each book. I also sell books on Amazon and eBay and will send out Bookmooch cards with those books as well!

  38. Yaya said

    how about BM members from outside USA? Please…I’m from Indonesia, and I’d love the cards too..

  39. amberlianne said

    Anyone who wants cards can email me. I’ll be sending some packages of cards out this week. πŸ™‚

  40. Cece said

    For Moochers from countries other than the US, could you create a page they could print out and cut apart? Maybe bookmark sized, 6 to a page? Not quite as handy as a card, but easy to keep upon one’s person to give out, or on one’s desk and send with books.
    I’ll take a box of cards, though, since you offered!

  41. Lottie said

    I’ve received one of the cards, and I passed it on to someone at a bookswapping event. I will put on my profile that I’ll smooch someone who’s willing to send me cards – I hope that works. πŸ™‚


  42. Britta said


    I wanted to ask you a little question.

    I have prepared, but not used yet, as I want your permission :-), bookmarks where I use the front and the back-side of the card next to one another – can you accept that? I’m going to send such off with all my books that I give away, no matter to which of the swapping pages the book goes.
    Britta, Brussels

  43. Deitra Shoemaker said

    Are you still giving out boxes of your cards? If so, I’d love to receive one so I can give many cards away! I LOVE bookmooch and share about it with all my friends.

  44. Kath said

    To help people out of the US get cards it would be very useful to add another function to the “browse” where members could search for other members who have cards. It would be most useful to be able to break that down even further so that you can search for people with cards willing to send anywhere. The idea would be to find people who have the cards, find someone who has a book you would like – > mooch a book / some books from them and have some cards included when they are shipped. In the profile section there would need to be a checkbox to indicate if you have the cards available to send.

    Hope this idea could be helpful.

  45. Margriet, Brussels said

    I would also be happy to pay shipping cost and receive a package of 1000 cards if that is acceptable. I received some of other moochers and they are lovely!

  46. Stephanie said

    Lottie, please contact me and I will trade you some cards for points. My username is “smoorefu”.

    (I looked up username “lottie” but it’s someone who is “possibly inactive” so I figured it wasn’t you.)

  47. Couldn’t the cards be made moochable just like any other book? That would be the most elegant solution I think.

  48. Vanessa said

    I visit the largest branch of the library of one of the largest cities in Alberta, Canada almost daily. (Population including surrounding area is 1 million people.) Everyone here reads voraciously (long Canadian winters) and I’m sure Bookmooch would be a huge hit. Would anyone be willing to send me some cards? Please email at

  49. Dovile said

    I have about 10 or so BM cards that were sent to me along with my mooches, but I save those for books that I trade on another book swapping site, so that to let people from that site to learn about BM. If anyone would like to send me some more BM cards (for no points, because I have none to offer, sorry), I’d be happy to leave those at two local libraries and send out them further with my books. I live in Lithuania, my BM ID is dova113. Contact me through my adress: spamscape at gmail dot com.

  50. Dovile said

    I also like the idea of BM bookmark, though BM cards can be used as bookmarks as well.

  51. Delia said

    Would you consider sending boxes to Australia also please? The VAST majority of people that i tell about bookmooch here in Aussie, show genuine interest in joining…and the cards just simplify the whole system for them, making it easy to understand.

    I really do feel that a greater circulation of the cards within our country would be rewarding…also, more Australian members would really help the current Australian members, as there would be greater choices for mooching within our country. (As it is, for most worthwhile books, we have to spend twice as many points as our fellow Americans to get the same book (as they are usually in the US), and also, the postage costs for Australians can run quite high, compared to Americans, because we often pretty much need to set to “will send worldwide” just to rake in the points. It is skewed in favour of Americans at the moment, and would seem so much fairer if there were more members outside the US.
    Thanks for considering. πŸ™‚

  52. Lois said

    As a recipient of the 1000 ct box some time ago, I have enjoyed sending out a couple dozen cards with each of my mooches, including those overseas. I have sent packages of just cards (no book) to some LT/BMers who wanted some (continental addresses). In August I will be vacationing in AUSTRALIA and will take a large chunk of cards and leave them with the LTer/BMer I will be spending some time with. Hopefully, this all helps spread the word!

  53. esaruoho said

    i, being finnish, would love to mooch some bookmooch-cards. surely this’d be easy to do? πŸ˜‰
    its just another “book”, isnt it?

    i’d love to send them out to people who mooch books from me.

  54. Megami said

    Another vote for cards to Australia! I would be happy to distribute them, hand them out to random strangers if need be πŸ™‚

  55. Jen Hall said

    Hi John,

    I’m very new, but I may be able to help with Cards for Canucks. I live in Toronto, and I have a US post box that I visit once every 4 – 6 weeks. Would you be willing to send a 2 or 3 boxes there? I could bring them home and re-distribute the cards to the folks in Canada.


  56. Norma Schwieterman said

    I would love to include these to the ones I mooch to…I absolutely adore this site…and wish I had known about it sooner…I have mooched to CAnada and Phillipines already…so send them on….God Bless…Norma

  57. mina said

    How about sending a box to Indonesia? πŸ™‚

  58. Butch Heth said

    I’m not sure if it’s a bug, but I requested a box of cards, and the system tells me it’s unwilling to ship internationally. I know Utah is a somewhat foreign planet sometimes, but as far as I know, we’re sill part of the United States. What’s up?

  59. Calicokitty said

    Just got my box of cards in the mail. I’ll be sending them out to all my international moochers!

  60. Angie M said

    One of my favorite diet sites has a card I can just print out onto my own business card blanks myself. This might be easier and cheaper for you than mailing out boxes of cards.

  61. Jil said

    i got the cards yesterday & i really appreciate it. i ship out oooodles of books thru swapping/selling. i’ll definitely spread the word!

    thanks moocho!! jil

  62. Lois said

    What a great idea can’t wait to get mine and start to distrubute them !!

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