Mailing Help Needed

April 8, 2008

A few days ago, I posted information about how to request hand-out cards. I’ve received about 500 requests for cards, and so I thought I’d ask for volunteers to mail these out for me, 100 boxes per volunteer.

Here’s what I’m suggesting:

  1. I’ll pay to have the cards printed and UPSed to your house
  2. You use or to put address labels & e-postage on each box of 1000 cards. You’ll use your own account.
  3. You put one strip of packing tape on each 1000 card box, to seal it
  4. You drive to your nearby post office’s loading dock, and send them off (if you’re not that strong, you might need some help, as each box weighs 3.5lbs, or about 60lbs per box of 18 smaller boxes)
  5. I’ll refund you (via paypal or a check) for the postage

Usually, it takes me about 1h to do 35 boxes, and I have a very friendly post office and loading dock, so make sure you do too (you don’t want to wait in line with this much stuff).

This would be a one-time favor by one person (or a family), with no continuing obligation. Basically, it’s a half day spent sending cards. I’d ask that you get it done within a 2 week period. This isn’t a paid task, it’s a favor to me.

Send me an email if you’d like to help

Followup 5 days later:

3 people have come through for me, and I need two people to help out, each person mailing 100 boxes. However, I did have a slight email problem (well, a hadn’t-yet-had-my-coffee problem, actually), so it’s possible that if you said you could help, I lost your email (sigh) — please email me again if that’s the case.

Just to confirm, before moving ahead:

1) you already use or

2) 100 boxes to mail translates to 350lbs of cards. You are either strong or have someone who can help you

3) You have a car and know where your post office’s l oading dock is

4) You can send 100 boxes within 2 weeks.

5) Someone is at home during the day to receive a UPS delivery of 6 boxes (of 60lbs each).

If YES on all these, please send me your postal address, and your BM userid, and I’ll put you on my (personal) volunteer’s list.

I’ve got 3 people who are each doing 100 boxes each, and just need two more volunteers to handle the rest…


14 Responses to “Mailing Help Needed”

  1. Ginny said

    Would be glad to volunteer, either for the “full job” or a portion.

  2. J* said

    I’d LOVE to help out, but i don’t have a printer… i hope people who’ve requested cards can help out. This is a great way of promoting the site. :))

  3. Ed said

    I’d be willing to help.

  4. Mary Sanders said

    I’d love to help!!! Count me in. I can do the full job or a portion.

  5. Kathleen said

    YES! John, I would be delighted to assest. Would make my participation in bookmooch even more rewarding for me. Thank you. K

  6. Kathleen said

    By the way, I’m retired and live a quarter mile from my local post office. I do have a car, and can be responsible most of the time. 🙂 Will provide as much assistance as you would be willing to assign. K

  7. Teldira said

    I’d be willing to help. I work from a home and go to the post office at least twice a week.

  8. Mina Hayes said

    I’d love to help, if it wouldn’t cost you more to send these to Alaska.

  9. Beth said

    Have 3-day weekends, will work! Let me know what you’d like, as much or as little as needed. Besides, any weekend not spent dusting or vacuuming is a good weekend!

  10. Cathy Nist said

    Can help some. My office is 2 blocks from post office and I have endicia.

  11. Peggy T said

    No printer here either. Drat. I would have loved to payback some of your time and efforts.
    I am a typesetter, if you ever need anything like that (Quark, some photoshop, little illustrator on a MAC)

  12. Michelle said

    Would luv to help….if my location doesn’t cost more than your budget allows. I’m in Key West.

  13. Vic said

    I’d love to help but I live in Scotland!

  14. naomi said

    This is such a great idea, i have put up some of the posters but would totally support and be available to help if you manage to organise mailing these cards around europe. (i live in ireland)

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