Give your own cards away

April 11, 2008

In a previous post I mentioned the availability of “hand out cards

Several of the comments asked for cards to be sent outside the USA, and others said they’d be willing to send cards to others who wanted them. Finally, someone suggested that I use BookMooch itself to manage the mailing of cards. What a great idea!

I’ve created a “book” which is actually a box of 1000 cards.


If you’re in the USA and want a box, you can mooch from me:

I’m not yet sending from the UK, but I plan to, as soon as I can find a low cost card printing service there. That means you can mooch cards from the “mooch cards UK” account you’ll find listed at as having cards.


I also made “books” of 25, 50, 100, or 200 mooch cards. If you have a box of cards and are willing to send some overseas, that would be a great help.


To list cards you want to give away, search for “moochcards” and click “show all”, or just go to this URL:

click on the card quantity you’re willing to give away, and then click on “give your copy” button:

that will enable other people to mooch the cards from you. You’ll get the points, just as if you sent a book, so you get something for your efforts.

Let’s use this idea to get more cards to other countries!

22 Responses to “Give your own cards away”

  1. Heather19 said

    Awesome idea!

  2. gillianm said

    Great idea – would love to get some of these cards in Australia.

  3. jopre said

    Fabulous! One question – does the Angel Network come into play to make this available outside the US?

  4. Stephanie said

    Brilliant idea!

  5. Laura said

    It’s such a simple idea (the best ones always are), and so obvious, that I’m not surprised it’s only been thought of now ;P

  6. naomi said

    thats brilliant:) can’t wait to get more people here in ireland moochering. gogo mooch cards!

  7. Zjanette said

    Jopre said:
    does the Angel Network come into play to make this available outside the US?

    I do. And why not? It’s the same as a book!

  8. Sean said

    Will I end up with 2 boxes of 1000 cards if I’ve already sent in an e-mail requesting them and mooch them? Or, does one supercede the other?

  9. bibliophile7 said

    awesome idea! i’ll definitely use this method to distibute the cards especially overseas.

  10. Kristin said

    Very cool idea! Hey, also wondered what ever happened with that charity points contest? I cannot find anything about it . . .

  11. NoirKoneko said

    Sounds awesome! It’s a great way to distribute the cards.

  12. Rachel said

    What a grand idea! I have already printed out lots of posters and stuck them up wherever I could, but these cards make it much easier when I ship out packages, not just BookMooch packages. However, I’m with Sean. If I request a box, will I get get another box since I’ve sent an e-mail before this was made?

  13. Erin said

    If I’ve already requested a box of cards, will I still get those or should I just request the “book” of cards instead?

  14. Emily T. said

    Wonderful! I’ve added the 25, 50 and 100 packs to my inventory. 🙂

  15. dstokes74 said

    John – I was also wondering about that. If we already requested a box of cards before this was posted, will we still be getting those? I will be glad to distribute them that way once I have them. Thanks again! 🙂

  16. If I’ve already requested a box of cards, will I still get those or should I just request the “book” of cards instead?

    Please do *not* re-request cards if you already requested some “the old way” before. I’m keeping track of them all, and if you sent a request in, any method, you’ll get a box.

    I’ve just ordered 500,000 cards (1750lbs !) and they’re on their way to my volunteers.

    It’ll probably be another few weeks, given media mail, before everyone gets their cards.

  17. amberlianne said

    I’m a US Angel, and I’m fine with Angeling out the cards if I happen to be out of them. 🙂

  18. Denise said

    Is it okay to request 2 boxes of 1000? I ask because my cards are going like hotcakes (I’m trying to put them in every mooch, plus what people are actually mooching) but I’m going through my supply awful fast. I don’t want to be greedy, but I really like passing them around.

  19. zoeholt said

    Have you considered Vistaprint for the production in the UK?

  20. Emily T. said

    “Going like hotcakes” is an understatement! ALL my cards are now gone or claimed.

    The discussion on the board about Media Mail and BookMooch cards made me notice that the 1K cases are being sent out by Media Mail. I’m sorry to be a spoilsport, but that’s not really kosher by the USPS regs, John. I’m going to volunteer to pay the $8+ for a flat rate Priority Mail box, if you send me two or more cases of cards. If you can fit three into a flat rate Priority box, it will actually be cheaper, as well as honoring the limits of Media Mail, to distribute them to the middlemen that way.

    – Emily Thayer, dba Thayer Books

  21. Gail Hernandez said

    How about an online “Mooch card”. I don’t send out a lot of hard copy items to friends, but I’m emailing people all the time, and while a link t the site is nice, a little “card” would be nice to send, too. Since I’m not that technical, I don’t know how it would work …

  22. Erein said

    Dear John,

    In fact, since I posted at the Forum that I needed cards to include in our Bookcrossing Spanish National Meeting next weekend, to spread the word around here, there’s been quite a few moochers who never forget to add a couple of cards for me when they send me books _whether for me or for the Angel Network.

    I am also working in a spanish version of the card, which I’ll be sending to you first when it’s ready. Translating and editing with Photoshop is pretty hard!

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