New: “Top Books”

April 14, 2008

Now on the “browse books” page at BookMooch, you will find a “top books” button:

TOP BOOKS > most wishlisted books, most available books and more

this leads to a menu with three choices:

MOST AVAILABLE > books that have the most copies available
MOST WISHLISTED > books that the most people want
MOST MOOCHED > most frequently mooched books

the top 1000 books in each category are displayed, along with the number of copies (if any) available.

These reports are refreshed daily at midnight pacific time, so the sort order may not be utterly perfect as the day goes on (i.e. some people might mooch a book, and make the count less than the book after it), but I think that’s ok.

My thanks go out to the two independently authored “top books” web sites, who showed me why these were interesting and important reports to have, not to mention doing them quite a long time ago.

This is what the reports look like:




Also in this update, I:

  • fixed a bug with multiple copies of a listed book, which was causing the “bookmooch cards” feature not to work right
  • added Kosovo as a country
  • specified Korea as two country, North Korea and South Korea
  • hand-entered books couldn’t be found by searching for their number, that’s fixed.
  • added info about how you can list your own BookMooch cards for others to mooch: “After you receive your box of 1000 cards, you can offer smaller batches of the cards (such as 25 or 50 cards) to others, who can mooch them from you. Click the “give your copy” button on the size box of cards you want to give away.” more…
  • 20 Responses to “New: “Top Books””

    1. cvalda said

      If anyone from North Korea is on BookMooch I’m impressed. But yes, always nice to have a zeitgeist-meter.

    2. Melissa Collier said

      Absolute brilliance John – thank you πŸ™‚

    3. Taneli T said

      Thanks, it’s good that the lists are now easy to find. “Most mooched books” is also a fun statistic to have. The availability column is a good one.

      One suggestion: Now there are 20 entries on each page, and we need to click “Next page” button to see more of them. To make the lists even more useful, could it be possible to add a button that would show the first 100 books (and/or maybe all 1000 of them) on a same page? Also, a “Show details” button would be handy too.

      -Taneli T

    4. john said

      Great…means that I can weed out any book that a no hoper, find even more books for my wishlist… and work through my UK bookswap site and hit 5 popular books whenever I want to post on Bookmooch. Reduces my swap pile and gives me points for the books I do want

    5. Lottie said

      Fun! Thanks, I approve. πŸ˜€

    6. Dovile said

      Thanks for adding these; now the lists are so much easier to browse!

    7. Danielle said

      Great addition! I know others maintain different lists of top books and its nice that these “reports” are available right there on the site. no need to bookmark anything πŸ˜€

    8. Jackie N. said

      This is great, John. Thanks! Now if I only had some points! πŸ˜‰

    9. Jessica said

      This is a great addition John, so much easier to find than when it was in the wiki, I’d overlook it like 10 times and get frustrated!! LOL. Now I’m going to have to write these titles down and take the time to go in and look at each picture, I always stuck the covers of the books in the back nook of my mind lol..great job on this addition!!

    10. Jackie N. said

      Jessica: I went a step further than looking at the book covers. I copied & pasted ’em to Wordpad and then printed them out to carry with me when I’m a book huntin’. It’s good to know what people love to read and what books are being talked about and wished for. Thanks again, John, for your programming skills.

    11. Leah said

      Love this. Thanks for adding something else useful and fun. Take care.

    12. Martyna said

      “BookMooch mailing question”
      Would it be possible to include the link to the book in the mail?
      When one gets the reponse, there’s only the title and often enough the person contacted doesn’t put their nickname in the mail, which means to research the right book and remember (if there’re several people) where one has asked for the book, to be able too mooch it.
      In short: it would be a lot easier to mooch, if the person is alright with sending!

      Thank you, have fun,

    13. Aaron said

      It would also be cool to have a report that showed the “hottest” books that was more time dependent. Something like the most wishlisted+mooched, but only for the past week or month.

    14. Laura said

      Wow! I love this idea! It’s amazing and makes things much more useful. :]

    15. Susan said

      I’m thrilled. Many times lately I’d thought how nice it would be to see which books are most sought-after. Thank you!

    16. Michelle said

      Just curious, and I thought this may be an adequate place to ask…

      I am just wondering what people would think of Bookmooch becoming a general media exchange (meaning music and movies as well as books)? I’ve seen a lot of inventories listing old magazines and audio books as well as a few exhibiting DVDs and CDs. I would love to get rid of some of my excess DVDs and CDs (especially in exchange for books!), but I do not want to take advantage of the Bookmooch system (basically, are DVDs and CDs worth 1 point as books are, etc).

      Also, if people are open to this idea is there anywhere we could promote it so that people would know that they have the option to diversify their inventories?

    17. June said

      Dito Martyna

    18. amymay said

      You’re always making it harder to resist mooching more books than I can POSSIBLY read!! Thanks so much!

      Michelle, I think that’s a great idea, I’d love to participate in cd/dvd/etc swap as well.

    19. Marlene said

      Love this new feature John. This way i can see which books I have that people really want and the other way around, it gives me ideas to add to my wish list.

    20. Andrew said

      I’m all for that idea, Michelle, and I’d like to include computer games in the mix, too.

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