Facebook Widget for BookMooch

April 29, 2008

A brand new Facebook widget for BookMooch has been written, and it has some really nice features.

To add the new BookMooch widget to your page, go to this url:


You should see a screen like this below, from which you can click the “add application” button on the top right of the page. You might need to log into Facebook first before you see this page.


you’ll then have to configure the widget to do what you want. My preference is to show 7 recent book covers I’ve wishlisted, mooched or am giving away, because 7 covers is what fits on one line in Facebook. I’ve some problems with the “Random covers” choice today (but it works for Kevan in the UK), so there if that doesn’t work for you, try “recent covers” instead. Be sure to give your BookMooch user name (the one you use to log in with). No password is necessary, since this is publicly viewable information on the BookMooch site anyway.


Your Facebook page will now list information about your BookMooch activities:


Even cooler, books you mooch or give away show up on your minifeed, so that your friends can see what books you’re offering, and what you’re planning on reading:


Kevan Davis, a moocher in the UK, wrote this app. It’s still in beta, and might have some problems still. We’re looking for feedback and ideas. One idea I had, that Kevan thinks is silly (grin) is to show books that I recently gave away. Kevan thinks that’s a “tease” (see what you missed out on, ha ha) and I think it’s interesting to see what my friends are getting rid of. Kevan’s probably right (feature overkill) but I’d love feedback for other features, or ways this could work differently.

Tell your Facebook friends about the BookMooch widget

The easiest way is to share the widget is to click on the “bookmooch” link on your own profile page:


and then on the top right of the settings page, click “share”


Or you can go to this url:

click on the “share” button on the right column:


A popup appears that lets you post a message to your wall:


here it is on my wall. Notice how the wall has a “share” button, which makes it *much* easier.


note that you can also send email messages to your friends about the Facebook widget.


There is a BookMooch group of Facebook, which you can join at this URL:

19 Responses to “Facebook Widget for BookMooch”

  1. Trochee said

    oh, this is fun.

    thanks John and Kevan!

  2. Brooke said


  3. Nice one! Finally, here is a facebook application I wouldn’t mind notifying my friends about. I wish there was an easier way to send them ALL personal invitations en mass…

  4. Rise said

    Super Fun!!!

  5. zzzkatzzzz said

    are you going to offer this for myspace users? i would love to see that!

    thanks for all your hardwork guys! keep up the good work.

    take care,

  6. Taneli T said

    Thanks, Kevan, it’s way better than the old one.

    I found some small glitches: books in your inventory seems to show one less book that you’ve set in the preferences (in both cover and text view), and it has a tendency to lose cover art for some books (it leaves an empty space instead of the cover).

    Nice work!

  7. speljamr said

    Love it. Added it and put it right below my Visual Bookshelf!

  8. sarcozona said

    Hooray! I’ve been waiting for this ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Rachel said

    Cool! I deleted the other application first then added this one. Thanks for telling us about it!:)

  10. Amy said

    I was just looking for this on the bookmooch site two days ago. I was trying to make one of the existing widgets work with FBML and gave up. Thanks!

  11. Graceann said

    This is an excellent application, and I’m hoping it will generate some interest in my admittedly esoteric inventory.

  12. Jeremy said

    Sweet. the missing link between facebook and bookmooch…

  13. Brian said

    I love the app, but it seems to repeat information in the news feed over and over. Here’s what’s in my news feed for the past few days:


    …received a copy of The Creation of the America Republic…

    May 4:

    …received a copy of The Creation of the America Republic…

    …received a copy of The Creation of the America Republic…

    May 3:

    …received a copy of The Creation of the America Republic…

    May 1:

    …received a copy of The Creation of the America Republic…

    April 29:

    …received a copy of The Creation of the America Republic…

    …is giving away The Life of the Pond…

  14. Simon said

    I’m getting the exact same issue as Brian, the last action is duplicated over a few days.

  15. tudorpot said

    I’d love to see one for livejournal. None of the bookmooch widgets seem to work when I tried them.

  16. June said

    Oh dear, I’m too old for all this stuff, I like the old standard bookmooch I could deal with that. Thanks for all your work gang.

  17. Trevor said

    I’m sure this is an excellent widget but I’ve never really got into Facebook. Like tudorpot I’d *really* appreciate a Bookmooch widget for LiveJournal since that’s where most of my friends hang out.

  18. dawn said

    Hey June – me too – love that the gang it doing all this stuff for us, just hope you won’t leave some of us behind in the process !!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  19. Jackie said

    I put it on and like it. I had to cancel it from my newsfeed though because of all the repetition.

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