UK Mooch cards almost ready

May 24, 2008

Bookmooch Card Front

In about a week, I will be printing mooch cards in the UK, and having volunteers send them out to people who want them. These are the little cards you can give to your friends when you tell them about BookMooch.

If you live in the UK, and want a box of 1000 mooch cards, please go ahead and mooch a box of 1000 cards now.

By mooching now, you can help me predict how large a print run I should order.

I will only be sending out boxes of 1000 cards each, because I want people to:

* include cards when they send books to others
* make little envelopes of 25 or 50 cards, and offer them to others for mooching

in this way, the cards should make their way around a bit.

29 Responses to “UK Mooch cards almost ready”

  1. Marion said

    Hello !
    I would like to know when we’ll be able to get it in France !
    Many thanks.

  2. Kay said

    I requested cards when they were made available in the U.S. When will they be sent out?

  3. re: France

    In the near-term, the best solution is for you to mooch cards from someone else who is willing to send them to you in France. There are plenty.

    re: USA, it’ll be mid-June, as my bio states, before most of the remaining boxes are sent.

  4. Sandy said

    Thanks John! I have already made a request for cards and will most definately be sending them out in batches of 25, 50, and 100 if I am lucky enough to be selected to receive a box for distribution.

    Just one question, as the USA are getting a ‘drop’ would I be expected to ship to the States/Canada (my settings are Worldwide) or can I concentrate on Europe, ROW ? As more and more US members are only shipping to their own country and international members may not get a look in if USA members request cards from international sources. I ain’t gonna be mean and refuse anybodies request, but……….

    Thanks John!!

  5. Gill said

    I belong to a couple of other swapping sites and aim to send one of these with every book. I am also happy to re-distribute these to other moochers if they want to mooch some with a book.

  6. Kelly.L said

    RE: can I concentrate on Europe, ROW ?

    Personally, I’d like to see them air dropped over large crowds in a number of exotic lands… so I had a similar thought, and decided to state a strong preference to send to Canada and overseas in the condition notes. A USA mooch would still be accepted, but it seems likely that moochers will respect my intentions; we’re a pretty easygoing lot, all in all. Should the supply here get short, the note would be removed… but in the meantime I’m pushing for BookMooch globalization!


  7. Trisha said

    Hello !
    I would like to know can I get them in Ireland
    Many thanks.

  8. jemecca said

    Hi I would like to get some cards too.Can you get them in Ireland Thanks

  9. Hi! I think it would be a good idea to maybe upload your Mooch cards design so people can download it and print them at home. So, when sending book you insert few cards and send them to somebody who doesn’t have printer.

  10. re: downloading the card design

    You can download the source file from this page:

    re: Ireland and other countries

    Plenty of people will send you cards, wherever you live, if you mooch them. Check out this url:

  11. Miriam said

    Jemecca, if you want I can send you the cards I received from another moocher. I have 14 of them. I’m in Canada and willing to send to Ireland.

  12. rachelsmdai said

    I was also thinking that there could be a mooch card that is used as a return address…I usually put my return address like this:

    From your BookMooch Friend, Rachel’s M’dai
    Karen Anderson Keith
    3 Sumner Avenue
    etc, etc.

    Is there a way that return address format could be set up so a person could type in their own information and then download the file to be printed on labels?

    Also – let me know if you need cards – and I send anything I have anywhere in the world. I think this is a major advantage of joining of BookMooch – the opportunity to “talk” with folks outside the US.

  13. Lix said

    If there is anything I can do to help let me know. Think this is a great website. Am in London.

  14. Glenda said

    Anyone in France: if you don’t want to wait for the cards, let me know before June 15th and I’ll bring a batch of them to France and mail them out to you locally. I’m going to France for my vacation and will be there for three weeks. Notify me at and i’ll stick them in my suitcase and mail them there. They are really great for passing out to friends and anyone else interested in the website. I’ll also post this message on the forum.

  15. Helen (Beachcomber) said

    Yay for cards in the UK!

    If anyone in France wants some and you live in Paris, I will be visiting between June 5-9 and June 30-July 2nd, so the cards should definitely have reached me by the second visit.

    Send me an email (via my profile – I’m Beachcomber here on BM) and hopefully we can sort something out!

  16. anne said

    I couldn’t find a place to mention this so I’ll do it here. In the US, I just got my enormous box of Mooch cards, and I plan on giving them out to as many people as I can. Thank you!

  17. Michelle said

    Hi there,
    I was wondering if i can mooch the UK cards for use in Ireland? I love Bookmooch and have told the people i work with about it, as we are an environmental company, and not only is bookmooch great, but i think its environmentally friendly too, recycling the books as such!! I want to spread the word a bit more!

  18. Denise Jo - whinendine said

    How do I mooch from the U.S.


  19. jemecca said

    Thanks Miriam I’d love to you to send me your cards

  20. DubaiReader said

    Thrilled to get hold of BM cards via my UK account!

    I think though that some folks may not want to Mooch them internationally and use up 2 valuable points, especially those new to the site who haven’t built up a stock of points.
    Once I have my cards I shall advertise them on my bio as free to anyone who mooches from me, you never know, might move a few books!!

  21. jmargethe said

    i am in northern ireland but had a box sent to my relatives in the states, brought a bunch back with me – so i have cards to give away. let me know and i will send a handful to you in ireland or the uk. email me via my profile – jmargethe.

    a suggestion for any future printings? i left a pile of these at the public library, but they were hesitant until i explained that it was a FREE site and not a for-profit thing. I think if this were spelled out on the cards, people might be more inclined to make their first visit.

    anyway, thanks for the box of cards! i’ve already given a few away…

  22. Sandy (Sterile) UK said

    I must admit that I was going to send out the cards free! Mooching did not come into it! I was thinking of sending packets out with books mooched. I could also send out packs of 25 and 50 UK and 25 and smaller to other destinations depending on cost of postage.

    When and if I get a batch of cards then I will pop it on my profile and make it known in the forum.

  23. For people living in IRELAND:

    I live in Ireland, but my mum lives in Northern Ireland. I’ve requested a box of 1000 from John, which I will have delivered to my Mum’s address in the UK.

    These cards will then be transported to me in the Dublin area and I will be willing to send out batches to anyone in Ireland that wants them

    Keep an eye on my account to see when they are available:

  24. Denise Jo - whinendine said

    Thank you very much.

  25. Graceann said

    Who else can be sent these cards (I’m looking for suggestions here). It seems rather redundant to give bookmooch cards to people who are already using bookmooch – isn’t that preaching to the choir?

  26. Gill said

    I belong to several swapping websites and include a Bookmooch card if I have one. I know of one person who has joined up as a result of this. If you send a card with a mooch, it gives the recipient the opportunity to send a card to someone via another swapping site or to another moocher. We could end up with some well travelled cards!

  27. Claire said

    Any idea when the UK cards will be out? I requested some ages ago and was just wondering …..

  28. re: “Any idea when the UK cards will be out?”

    Sorry about that, just as I was about to order the cards, the person I work with for printing them had a bad accident, and has been away from work. I’ve been waiting for him to come back, as he comes personally recommended from a friend.


  29. Claire said

    Thanks for replying – not a problem, I was just curious. I’ve had some sent to me tucked in books from the States so I’ve been handing them out and popping them in my BookCrossing books. I can’t wait to get my own stash, then I can put some in the University library coffee area!

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