New York Daily News Story

June 30, 2008

A very nice story about BookMooch in the newspaper New York Daily News.


My thanks to fellow moocher Norana, for being in the photograph!

I find it interesting that the one fact they got wrong, is that the article believes BookMooch requires members to send out two books for every one they receive. I think the point system is a bit too complicated to explain, as articles are frequently making factual mistakes about it. I’m not sure how to improve it, though.

16 Responses to “New York Daily News Story”

  1. A. Swift said

    Actually, I thought it was reasonably accurate. Bookmooch does “ask” you to maintain a ratio of trades that isnt aggressively self-serving.I dont know where they got 2:1, though.

  2. Caryn said

    Maybe they misunderstood the mooch ratio maximum of 2:1 – you can’t mooch MORE than two books for each one you send…. good luck explaining that one though…

  3. Eva said

    I think the article did Book Mooch justice, would have been nice to be a little more in depth but like you said, then more mistakes will be made. I think it’s great more people are going to hear about Book Mooch! I just wish I had learned of it back in ’06 so I could have said most of the money spent on books between then and now! 🙂

  4. I did laugh about their goof over the 2:1 (I mean, if everyone gave twice as many books as they received all the time, the system would collapse, because there would be no books left to GIVE!). But other than that, this is an excellent article, all the more because it mentions other options swappers have (all of which I’ve personally found inferior to BookMooch, but which still deserve being mentioned).

    I love it when BookMooch gets publicity! I’m always telling people they ought to join!

  5. Judy said

    I thought the 2:1 may have been in reference to international transactions, but just described a little differently (“give 2 books for every one they receive”, rather than “give 2 points for an international mooch”). Anyway, the publicity is good, and hopefully more people will check out Bookmooch. I tell everybody I know about it!

  6. Aramada said

    They got 2:1 because 2:1 (received vs. given) is the maximum ratio you can have and still mooch. So, not only did they get the statement wrong “Members are asked to give 2 books for every 1 they receive”, ’cause that simply isn’t true, they applied the 2:1 ratio backwards!

    Oh well…the rest of the article was quite good, and the whole thing was quite positive. Hopefully, it will bring in new members and BAM! new books!


  7. alice said

    I looooooove Book Mooch! I want more people to join and I would love for more people to send worldwide 😀

  8. SpaniardX said

    I must have misunderstood then. I was under the impression that I had to keep a ratio of give three for every book I wanted to get. So I have tried to keep an eye on how many I mooch compared to how many I have sent out (breaks own arm patting self on the back for keeping close to the misunderstood ratio 🙂 ).

  9. Stephanie (smoorefu on bookmooch) said

    Nope, SpaniardX, you’re allowed to *mooch 2* for every 1 that you send. You just are not allowed to mooch more than that!

    I did think it was odd that they reversed the ratio, but other than that it was a very good article.

  10. virginia emerson said

    Every time I think I won’t discover any more books I want, I find another surprise out there. I am always delighted to find another title and am rarely disappointed, especially since most members are very good about reporting condition and details. The more people who participate the better . Virginia

  11. poetrage said

    I think the point system is very staight forward, not complicated at all. It is easy to reverse a ratio (that is probably why they spelled it out in the article, eventhough they reversed it). Bookmooch is a great system and an article like this could boost participation. I think it is gerat.

  12. DubaiReader said

    Perhaps John’s graphs will show a jump in new members after this article 🙂

  13. Dianetorq said

    Dont they say all publicity is good publicity? It may not be 100% accurate but it will still draw people in to have a look. They will find out then what the real ‘rules’ are. Bookmooch is still the simplist and most effective way of swapping books in my experience. And the friends I’ve made through it are totally priceless.

  14. Jaccovelli said

    I saw Bookmooch covered last week on my local cable news channel. Excellent idea, and I’ve sent two books and mooched two already!

  15. I just realized that the Virtual Reality book in the picture with Norana is the one I sent her. Was just one of those moments when something looks familiar, but you just can’t place it. I had to go back and look through my history to figure it out. Good to see that book found a nice new home.

  16. KathyS said

    Hi John – I have a suggestion, and this seems like as good a place as any to throw it out there so here goes:

    Can there be a way to group books together? I read a lot of sci fi / fantasy and after I’ve laboriously collected a series, it’d be nice to pass it on that way. It’d also be really nice to be able to mooch a series that someone else had put together.


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