Short film about Creative Commons Business Models

June 30, 2008

Frances Pinter and David Percy have made an excellent documentary film about business models in the publishing world that use Creative Commons licenses.

Frances has been heading a CC-based publishing project in Africa. It is the Publishing and Alternative Licensing Model of Africa (PALM Africa), is based in Uganda, and South Africa, and she tells me the Ugunda project is going especially well. She also tells me she’ll be soon expanding this idea into other publishing spheres, which is very exciting.

Percy is an award-winning film-maker, and so the production quality of the film is quite high. The film is 30 minutes long, with three 10 minute interviews (to fit into Youtube’s ten minute max).

The interview with me covers a wide range of my background, from Lyris (which went fairly big, and I sold 2 years ago) to Magnatune and BookMooch.

Here is the interview with me:

and the other two interviews…

With Tom Reynolds, the author of Random Acts of Reality:

with Timo Hannay of Nature Magazine:

6 Responses to “Short film about Creative Commons Business Models”

  1. Oh, so that’s what you were doing before BookMooch? The thing you did that you didn’t love, but did to earn money so that you could do the things you loved? How cool!

    I really do have a great deal of respect and appreciation for you, O Great BookMooch Leader. You’ve done so much to improve and enhance all of our lives.

  2. Desirae said

    Ahh, so that is how you make money off this site! I’m glad to hear that you’re getting something out of it and not just doing it from the kindness of your own heart…it’s a lot of work! Although, I know all of us Moochers appreciate all that you do to keep this running!!

  3. John, thanks for posting the interview! It was quite informative and a great history lesson, and you are really well-spoken.

  4. zzzkatzzzz said

    hey great interview John! thanks so much for all you do. i have to concur with Lauri Johnsen…you really are well-spoken. it was great to see you in “person”. keep up the great work.


  5. Rich said

    Thanks for posting the interview, and for building bookmooch. The interview gave me some insights and was inspirational too. Good luck to you, you deserve it.

  6. Rosemarie (Freecyclor) said

    Very interesting interview. Have you ever been interviewed by Charlie Rose?

    I will go over to Magnatunes and take a look. Also will make a point of placing my monthly book orders from Amazon through the BM portal.

    Keep thinking, John. You’re doing great – for all of us!

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