Chrysalis School of Madagascar

July 4, 2008


BookMooch user Kirsten, writing to me on behalf of the Chrysalis School of Madagascar (a BookMooch charity), had this to day:

I just wanted to pass on some praise from the director of the Chrysalis School in Madagascar. She told me today that bookmooch is one of the best things that has ever happened to her!

The school has been able to collect more than 100 books already from bookmooch users, and we’re on our way to 200. For a library that started out with under 20 books, this is a huge improvement.

Thanks again for your support, and for the great site!

Thanks to everyone who has given this charity their points. They are now fully funded with enough points to get the books they need.

You can read more about them at the Chrysalis web site.

If you would like to help out with this sort of charity, please consider giving some of your BookMooch points to one of the charitable funds I run. That’s how I initially help these charitable causes get started, and fund them with enough BookMooch points to get the points they need.

9 Responses to “Chrysalis School of Madagascar”

  1. Mark Williams said

    I’m glad to see Chrysalis School in the blog as they are one of my favorite BM charities. Kirsten does a particularly good job in managing their account as she is always friendly and communicative. I hope you will all consider sending books to help out, even if you do not generally send overseas.

  2. What a terrific way to pass along points, and books! Thanks for blogging this info. 🙂

  3. HelenaPage said

    I totally agree Kirsten has been wonderful in keeping me updated in a lovely cheerful manner All the books I have sent there have turned up even if it took a while .This is a very worthwhile cause .What a great charity for Bookmooch and Bookmoochers to support

  4. dew said

    When this school recently mooched some French-language books from me, I went to donate points but noticed how many they have! I think it may be hard for them to use all their donated points because not many people list French-language materials. I contacted Kirsten, who said that they can use school and office supplies, as well as other French language materials. I would like to suggest that those who would like to help this school consider sending them some school and office supplies, or contacting Kristen to see what else they might need.

  5. Carolyn (AU) said

    It would be great to have other schools like this in the program. I have some points I’d like to donate to a good cause, particularly in the developing world but I’m having trouble finding a group that looks as if they need them. Any ideas of how to raise awareness of BM charity (perhaps not too widely as it wouldn’t work as well if diluted out too much)?

  6. Jeremy said

    Great stuff. I grew up in Madagascar, and our school library had about 20 books. I read all of them, several times.
    Are there any plans to resource school libraries in English-speaking Africa? I’ve visited some Kenyan schools that could put bookmooch points to amazing use.

  7. Ali said

    My praises to you Kristen~
    I’m wondering if you could please supply me with an address to send supplies and or books to.
    I’d love to give of my abundance wealth here in the US. Books are miracles they gave and still are to me. Bringing such inspiration, entertainment and enlightenment.


  8. Ingrid said

    I just finished reading “Three Cups Of Tea” by Greg Mortenson. He’s building schools in areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan, especially for girls, where the children have no schools. He stated that the number of madrassas popping up compete with regular schools that can provide secular well-rounded education for these children who are growing up in the backyard of the Taliban.

    What if some of his schools could receive BM charity points? He can be contacted through either or you can also go to which is the website for Central Asia Institute, the organization he started and runs. I’d like to donate some of my points to his schools.

  9. Thanks again to bookmooch and all the members who have sent books and donated points to the Chrysalis School. It has been a huge help!

    For more info on the school (and our mailing address), check out the school’s web site:


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