BM hard drive upgrade

July 15, 2008

BookMooch switched over to using an all-memory-based drive today, instead of the usual “hard drive”

Initial results look very promising….

I’ll be taking BookMooch down wednesday night, from 4:30pm (Pacific time) onwards.

I’ll be installing a new server-class flash drive drive from Mtron.

I’m doing this, because the nightly tasks slow down each night that BookMooch is up, beginning at about 90 minutes, and after 3 weeks, taking 8 hours. A restart solves that problem. I’m curious to see if a flash drive solves that problem. And even if it doesn’t fix that problem, it should help BM reboot faster, since currently it takes about 40 minutes to restart BookMooch, loading 20GB of data into memory.

Currently, the hard drive only transfers about 5mb/second, even though it should be able to do 50mb/second. I *think* this is due to random-access drive seeks (ie, the data is all over the hard disk, so the drive head has to move a lot), and if so, a flash drive should speed that up hugely.

On wednesday, I’ll only be installing the drive into the machine, I won’t be switching BM to using it. That, I’ll probably do over the weekend.


14 Responses to “BM hard drive upgrade”

  1. Leah said

    thanks for the update and insight. take care. hope it all goes swimmingly.

  2. Liz said

    Sounds good. I don’t know if this is affected by the above problem but I’ve noticed random books popping up on my wishlist that are attached to a ligitimate account. But when I go to mooch it goes through the process right up to the confirmation page which is blank. If you try going into the person’s inventory to find the book it’s not there. However the book’s details page says there is a copy available. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for the heads up! This way I can get whatever info I might need tonight and I’m not left wondering what is going on tomorrow when I cannot log into Bookmooch.

    Thank you also for your tireless commitment to this website as you continue to improve and improve upon its original design. From the moment I read about it in the back of a Vegetarian Times issue it has become a an important part of my everyday life. I love knowing that the books I have come to love over the years are going to be passed on to another person who appreciates them as much as I do.

  4. Janet said

    The fact that you take the time to explain to all of us exactly what you are doing is one of the most endearing things about Bookmooch. Thank you for all you do for the reading public!

  5. Juliana Bendandi said

    Thanks a lot for taking care of the computer stuff! I love Bookmooch! Best, Juliana

  6. Zjanette said

    I hope that one of these days you can speed up the BM Forum too because it’s really impossible to read it. And subscribing to the mail is also very unpleasend because my mailbox overflows.

  7. Lisa said

    Just know that we realy, really appreciate the time and patience that it takes to make this a winning website and a joy to use.

  8. Kathryn said

    I notice that books that I had listed and removed can sometimes reappear weeks later, then someone requests the book, only to have me tell them it is not available and I didn’t realize that it some how made it back on my inventory.

  9. Rodolfo said

    I’ve had the same problem that Liz described. Hope things get fine.
    Thanks a lot for working so hard to improve everyone’s mooching experience.
    Bookmooch rocks :o)

  10. Mark Williams said

    Liz — if you see books like that, please report them to us so they can be removed (they are not actually available).

    Janette — you can change your e-mail subscription so that you get only one daily digest of al forum posts.

  11. Sianeka said

    John – thank you sooo much for all you do for this site!

    Liz/Mark – I had the same problem occur and sent an email to tech support and later that afternoon the affected book finally stopped taunting me by the Mooch disappearing from my WL

    John/Mark – Please -do- put fixing/speeding up the forums on your To Do list. I would spend so much more time being a part of this community if they worked better. I get a digest report and read them each day, but only feel like a lurker and not a real part of the community since no one knows about me because I never respond…

  12. Yaya said

    Thank you for letting us know.

    But please don’t take too long. You see, I’m addicted to BM 😀

  13. Siva said

    HiHiHi from Singapore!! thanks to BMooch, my books are on their way to the US, Japan, the Philippines and Canada and I only added the books 2 days ago :D!!! unforch, i’ve yet to receive my confirmatory email so tt i can mooch a few.. does anyone know who can help me out please??

  14. Sporenburg said


    Bookmooch has been going on about a confirmatory email these past days even though I’ve been mooching for some months now. Probably something is wrong but I don’t see any mention of it anywhere.

    I’ve sent an email to support. You probably should too.

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