Fave BookMooch Youtube videos

August 8, 2008

I noticed a few BookMooch-related YouTube videos today.

Here are some I thought were great:

He’s totally adorable.

Funny throughout. Starts with a hilarious segment about a high tech winery.


This is me doing a “lighning-presentation” at a conference in Copenhagen. The slide automatically changes every 20 seconds, and you have exactly five minutes to speak. I manage to almost injure myself by flailing about at the beginning.

12 Responses to “Fave BookMooch Youtube videos”

  1. yamil said

    It has been a little bit difficult for me to understand the way how bookmooch works…
    but I know that the day will come soon…
    congratulations for the website!!

  2. onewordsmallm said

    I love the Smoocher! He should check out my inventory. Maybe he will find something he would like to mooch!

  3. Donna said

    I love the Smoocher, too! 🙂

    John, have you thought about offering BookMooch logo items for sale? Those cute little Moochers would look great on t-shirts and tote bags!

  4. Grace said

    I would totally wear a BookMooch tshirt! I pass out cards and recruit all the time!

  5. Tipsymacaroni said

    I love this site and I thank you John for all your hard work! I have to say tho, that in your video you really gloss over our end of the bargain. If we are keeping up our agreement, and most of us send out much more than 1 book for every 5 we get, then we are paying to mail all those books, thus we are not actually getting books for free. We are getting them for the mailing costs we’ve already paid. I think its important that potential new moochers are aware of this, because it is misleading to say its free. Some people may find hardship with the mailing costs – even with the ‘book rate’. Thats my rant and I’m sure other people will weigh in with their thoughts!

  6. Lix said

    I just read what Tipsymacaroni said. I agree it’s not free but it is generally much cheaper than it would be to buy them so it is still a great deal! I don’t understand why more charities don’t sign up though.

  7. My Sister-in-law turned me on to bookmooch and I thank her every day for it. We both love it. Most of the books that I order to read myself go back into my inventory but For my daughter who is in college I have ordered all the Nick Sparks books because she loves them. My 16 yr.old granddaughter(who has trouble reading) is now reading “The Child Called It” books and The Chicken Soup books. Then, my 10yr. old grandson decided he wanted books by Jim kjelgaard. I have 9 grandkids and can’t afford to by much for them for birthdays and Christmas so they will get books they want to read. What better gift!! And as soon as they have enough books to get their own inventory going I will turn them on to BookMooch too! Promoting reading and saving trees, and gas and money. This is the most intelligent program I’ve seen in years.

  8. Mary said

    We watched the videos, and my three year old son, sitting on my lap is now chanting: Bookmooch again, Bookmooch again, I want Bookmooch again! We love Bookmooch! Thanks!

  9. Beverly said

    I also love bookmooch! I have only been a member for a couple of weeks, but am already thrilled with everything I have seen so far. The only problem I have had is people “refusing” a mooch. It seems as though if you can’t send books for awhile, due to financial or whatever other reasons, you should probably inactivate your account until you can. It’s disappointing to think that you might get a book that you’ve been wanting to read, and then have it taken away. The high cost of mailing, especially to other countries can be tough. It is worth it to me, though, to know that someone who might not otherwise be able to read a great book will, with my help, get the chance. It cost me $15 to mail a hardback book to England last week. But it was worth it.
    I hope that someone else would do the same for me.

  10. Claudia said

    It’s true about the false sense of free books. I’ve only been doing this for one month, and I’ve sent out 12 books – two of them internationally – and have received 5. I’ve paid out more than I’ve received. At first I startd to re-think this whole option, but then I still find this a great site because this is great for the environment. Reuse is one of the three Rs and we don’t do that enough. I could just donate my books to the nearest Salvation Army or Goodwill, but I like the idea that they are going to someone who specifically requested them, and not to some bin where they may never see the light of day again.

    I’ll definately keep using Bookmooch.

  11. melann007 said

    I am DOWN for Bookmooch T-shirts as well – I have about 10 people right now who use BookMooch and would wear them ALL OVER THE PLACE!

  12. Shary said

    Would LOVE bookmooch stuff!!! Please get T-shirts, book bags, tote bags, visors, hats etc … please please please ! Make the cards in a bookmark format too!

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