Santa Barbara Book & Author Festival

September 30, 2008

Back in July I blogged about the MoochStand Project, an idea my friend Teresa had to have mooch fans staff tables at book fairs around the world.

I asked Teresa to coordinate with everyone who wants to help out.

If you’re interested in helping out, check out this MoochStand Project Page.

MoochMember Caron (send her a smooch!) ran a table at the recent Santa Barbara Book & Author Festival. Here is an action photo of her table:


She had this to say:

I took with me the kit you sent (of course) and: several books that I’ve received from the site, a book that was wrapped and ready to drop in the mail, and screenshots of several pages of the Bookmooch site. (the ones that I used the most were my Member page, showing books to send, books sent, books to receive, etc. but I also had screenshots of my Inventory, Wish List, and a screen that showed the results of a search and how to “mooch” a book.)

Lots of people seemed very excited to learn about the site, and I think they’ll be checking it out in the near future.

Thanks for the opportunity to talk about something I truly enjoy.

A big thanks to Caron !

13 Responses to “Santa Barbara Book & Author Festival”

  1. Hi, I did the Baltimore Book Festival this past weekend. It was a lot of fun! It would’ve been even more fun had we not had a torrential rain downpour on Saturday. However on Friday evening and especially on Sunday the weather was good. We gave out hundreds of cards and explained Bookmooch to very many folks! I also met David, Donna and Camy- fellow local moochers. The kit was very helpful. How about a doll or toy of the Bookmooch characters from the site artwork? Expect to see more Baltimore moochers online soon! πŸ˜‰ Photos should be forthcoming.

  2. Joelleb said

    I also received a mooch stand kit. I used it in my school, where I’m a french teacher, when it was parent night interviews. I distributed lots of cards and parents showed interest in mooching child books for their kids. I plan to do it again at the book festival we have in October. Thank you!

  3. . said

    Sorry to be of topic but I cannot find contact details on bookmooch.
    It is possible to opt out of the search by email function? I had no idea my books and thus my address would be searchable in this way when I registered.
    Many thanks.

  4. beatface said

    I have to second Joshua’s suggestion about the dolls! I think it’s a fabulous idea in so many ways. A doll would make a nice addition to the kit and, if they were being sold, I would totally purchase one, especially knowing it’d be in support of Bookmooch. They’d serve as a good conversation starter (about Bookmooch) and a nice gift. What if children that Bookmooch helps to receive books through charities also received warm little dolls to snuggle and play with? I see possibilities here… I imagine they’d be adorable as little knit characters. ^-^

  5. Heather19 said

    Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but from my understanding, no one can see your address just by searching. The only way for someone to see your address would be if you mooched a book from them.

  6. I love the doll idea, and I did some research.

    I found a company who would design a plush dolls

    that should work really well.

    However: the cost.

    It would cost me about $1000 to make a prototype, and then I have to order at least 500 dolls to be made. I image they would cost at least $5 each, maybe $20, I don’t know.

    So… is this a good way to spend $2500?

    Perhaps, if I sold them at $50 each and had 50 pre-orders, I could do it, if there were enough interest to pay that much for a BookMooch alien plush doll.


  7. Pixie said

    I love the idea of a plush doll or symbol. I found a cute idea…….it’s a cloth book mark. Lots of choices and perhaps the manufacturer would consider making one for us.

  8. mmweave said

    Why not ask BookMooch members to come up with ideas and do a prototype of a doll, a bookmark, etc. Of course you would permission from BookMooch to make sure there are no copyright problems. I am sure there are some “creative types” out there who would jump at the chance to create.

  9. Carrie said

    I second mmeave. Put out a call for knitters, crocheters and crafters to put together a pattern for the Bookmooch characters, if no one comes up with a pattern, put an ad on (a large crafter site), there is space for people looking for a certain craft/pattern/item. I believe its found under “Alchemy”

  10. beatface said

    Agreed about Etsy, that’s exactly what I had in mind. Etsy is full of talented people gifted for this sort of thing. It would surely be much cheaper than the plush company.

  11. . said

    I feel ever so rude posting this as I am very much enjoying using bookmooch but I find the site very confusing to use.

    A FAQ that actually lists and explains all the site’s user features would be very useful. I do not believe I am the only person scrabbling round the net to find out what to do everytime sometihng new happens to me using bookmooch.
    I has taken me a long time to work out who leaves feedback and when, how a book is considered lost or even how long I am exected to wait to cancel an non responding mooch request.
    I find it very unusual to have to google to discover how to use a site!

  12. Eva Marie said

    I’m using my mooch stand kit Nov. 1st and can’t wait! I’m glad this was put up however because I don’t know if I’d have thought about taking some print outs and books along- great idea! I’ll be doing the same thing! I’m going to smooch Caron right now! πŸ™‚

  13. amberlianne said

    Unnamed person who keeps posting about wanting a FAQ:

    This can be found by going to your Member Home, which is the tab on the far right, then clicking “About Bookmooch” —

    It should answer most of your questions. Additionally, there is a link to the Bookmooch Forums on that page, where you can ask specific questions that those of us who have been around awhile would be more than happy to answer for you.

    Hope that helps.

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