Presentation in Frankfurt

October 17, 2008

You can now view my presentation at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

In this presentation, I estimate the size and scope of the book-swap “space”, and explain it in terms that book publishers might find relevant.

A video of my presentation is now available. If you have quicktime on your computer, click here to see a high quality version:

Otherwise, you can watch the video at google video here:

My apologies for the video being taller than wider, I mistaken forgot to tilt my iPhone 90 degrees before recording my talk.

4 Responses to “Presentation in Frankfurt”

  1. Martha said

    Too cool ^^ Yay for spreading the word 😀

  2. crazy jan said

    I appreciate you getting the word out, especially with the recent hype for the Amazon Kindle. BookMooch is a much better way to read!

  3. Mark said

    Jan, I’m glad you mentioned the Kindle. It might be fine for Oprah to spend $300 on a digital reader and $10+ for every digital book that can’t be sold, displayed, or traded, but it needs a vast number of changes, including price, before I’d even consider it. The cost of printing a physical book must be really small if the price difference between digital and analog books is so small. Therefore they’re both priced too high.

  4. I agree with Mark about the kindle. It’s best use might be for college students that can’t find a certain book if they already tryed looking for a used one or can’t afford the new ones at the time. For most of us it’s to expensive all around and a waste of paper. BookMooch is the right idea for what the world needs, sharing and recycling. I also would like to praise my fellow Moochers who reuse their packaging as I do, it saves money and trees!

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