Wordstock in Portland (updated)

November 6, 2008

Teresa sent me some notes and photos from the Wordstock Festival last week.

Teresa writes:

Jeff and Sara Coleman helped out at the booth both days and are fantastic folks. Even their darling daughter, Lucy, who is only five year old, was not shy at all and got in the act by handing out flyers! More than a few Moochers stopped by the booth to say hi and pick up cards to hand out.

Andrice Arp, the wonderful designer who created the BookMooch artwork, was at the festival too. Her boyfriend Jesse Reklaw, who is a well-known comic (Slow Wave) and fine artist, found the BookMooch booth and let us know Andrice was expected later. They flipped over the lifesize Momma & Baby Bookworms.

It was a great event and many of those who came by the booth loved the idea of BookMooch & wanted to join. As was explained a number of times, the winter is long in the Pacific Northwest, so books are well loved!

I’m *really* pleased that Andrice Arp, who did all the BookMooch illustrations, just happened to be at the festival! Here are two pictures of Andrice at the stand:


and of some of the people who helped out:

Sarajefflucyatwordstock-1 Sarawordstock-1

Wordstockfestival-1 Bookmoochhatwordstock-2

BookMooch will have a stand at the huuuuuge Wordstock festival in Portland, Oregon, and which runs November 8th & 9th. 55,000 people showed up last year!

This is part of the MoochStand project run by Teresa Malango. Thanks to Moocher Jeff Coleman for suggesting this.

If you’re going, come by and say hello to our booth. Or even better, help out for an hour to give others a break to enjoy the festival.

9 Responses to “Wordstock in Portland (updated)”

  1. Bukwyrm said

    I’m glad it went so well! The pictures are great. The white-haired gentleman in the hat looks like a professor I knew . . .

  2. Justjoyce said

    You did a wonderful job with the illustrations they are really great. Looks like you had a great time. I can’t say enough good things about bookmooch. I tell all my friends, coworkers,family ect… Keep up the good work your making a lot of people happy 🙂

  3. Dottie said

    All this time I didn’t know those were bookworms!

  4. Sara said

    If I had known that you guys were there, I might have gone. I’d love to help table next year.

  5. SallyHP said

    I just moved to Mass from Portland, and hadn’t heard about Wordstock before…I’ll have to check it out when I move back. I, also, didn’t know those were bookworms! This is such a great resource, I have been telling everyong I know about it!

  6. Evelyn MacPhee said

    The pictures are great.

    I didn’t realize they were bookworms, either. Learn something new every day.

    I love bookworms.

    I am a bookworm.

    Wonderful festival story/pictures.

  7. Jeff said

    Awww, figures that this would happen when I’m off in Vegas for a work conference. I’m bummed I couldn’t make it. Maybe next year!

  8. Robert Gable said

    Thanks for posting the photos. I had never seen the large bookworms.

  9. We were so happy to be there. We will definitely do it again next year. It would be great to have more Portlanders working the booth. I still have a pretty robust mooch-kit here at home if anybody has any ideas about where I might set up another table around town.

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