Baltimore Book Festival

November 13, 2008

A few weeks ago, BookMooch had a booth at the Baltimore Book Festival.

Or rather, BookMooch member Joshua Berlow was at the Baltimore festival, telling all the attendees about the joys of mooching. Thanks Joshua!

Send him a smooch to thank him, I did!


Bookmooch3 Bookmooch4 Bookmooch2 Bookmooch1

7 Responses to “Baltimore Book Festival”

  1. Macie said

    thanks for telling people about this great way to recycle books. My husband helps with the mailing and tells everyone he sees with a book about this great way to pass on books.

  2. Lia said

    I go to school in Baltimore County. I wish I would have known about this 😦

  3. Justjoyce said

    Great job Josh. Your helping a lot of people and making them very happy 🙂

  4. misscrb said

    Thanks Joshua for getting the word out, great idea! I had planned to attended the “Baltimore Book Festival” but something came up and I missed it, but I will be there next year!

  5. I always have fun at the Baltimore Book Festival!

    Thanks for all the smooches everyone!

    Thanks Teresa and Donna, who helped make it happen. 🙂

    Lia- it happens every year; keep an eye out for it next year.

  6. lukkiecharm said

    I grew up in Baltimore.. We need a festival down here in Panama City. Reading desperately needed..

  7. zak said

    what does a booth at a book festival cost?

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