December 18, 2008

Bm Vertical BmYou can now mooch a box of 500 BookMooch bookmarks from me. I will send them out in January. Please, only mooch a full box of 500 if you need that many bookmarks or you plan on offering smaller quantities of the bookmarks for mooching by others.

In the past 2 years, I’ve printed 500,000 small mooch cards and sent them out to fellow moochers. Mostly, I sent boxes of 1000 cards each, and then members could offer smaller quantities of the cards for others to mooch. The last time I sent boxes out, I asked for volunteers to help send them out, which was a terrific help.

The idea behind the mooch cards is that you can put a few in your wallet or purse, and when someone you’re talking to is interested in BookMooch, you can give them the card as a memento, so that they remember to check out the site and become a moocher. They’re also a useful handout when you’re running a BookMooch stand at a book fair.

I’ve asked my printing company if they could print bookmark-sized cards for me at a similar price, and they’re up for it. So, soon I will be doing a large order of bookmarks and sending out boxes of 500 cards each (for free) to whoever asks for them. You can use the bookmarks just as you used the mooch cards, but also you can use them in your books as you read them as just plain old bookmarks.

I asked my graphic designer Claudy to make a vertical layout of the mooch aliens, and that’s what you can see on the right of this blog post.

Once I’ve sent out a hundred boxes of 500 cards each, I’d appreciate it if people offered smaller quantities of the cards in their inventories, so that others could mooch just the quantity they need (just as people do with the moochcards).

And speaking of the mooch cards, I’m also ordering a fresh batch of cards, so feel free to mooch a box of 1000 cards from me if you prefer them to bookmarks.

For moochers outside of American: sorry! The printer who was offering me a great price in the UK suffered an accident and has gone out of business, so I have to go searching for someone else who will print these things at near-American prices (the UK printing prices are unfortunately about 3x higher).


Several people asked about my printing prices, and have also asked about getting these cards and bookmarks in Europe.

Basically, if I can get good printing prices in the UK, I’m happy to order a bunch and send boxes around the UK. I’ll have to check on how expensive postal mailing these boxes is from the UK to Europe: it may be doable.

If you’d like to see the bookmarks or cards widely available in the UK, please try to find comparable pricing to what I’m paying in the USA. I had a printer lined up in the UK, but he was a small company, suffered an injury and shut down his business (sigh).

I am currently paying:

$1008 for 35,000 cards, that are 2″x3.5″ (inches) in size, color on both sides, laminated on both sides. That comes out to $0.0288 per card.

$3698 for 100,000 bookmarks, that are 2″x7″ (inches) in size, color on both sides, laminated on both sides. That is $0.03698 per bookmark.

In the UK, I was told that laminating was a very, very expensive option, so I’m willing to live without that.

You are welcome to get the bookmarks or cards printed on your own, in your own country. I have posted the adobe-illustrator source files to both the cards and bookmarks at

49 Responses to “Bookmarks”

  1. Kathleen said

    Wow! Thanks again for such great support materials, John. I’ve just mooched another box of cards, thanks for making them available. I offer them as mooch-ables and enclude several in each mooched package sent out. I also hand the cards out at yard sales, grocery stores, etc., etc., etc. You get the idea. I really appreciate this site and all the fun it adds to my days. Tried to mooch these bookmarks, but was unsuccessfull, so added them to my wish list. They will be fun to put in books, and give out everywhere. I hope everyone else has at least as much fun as I do with bookmooch.

  2. Hercules40 said

    Yes John! I would be more than interested! I already added them to my wish list since I couldn’t mooch them. My BM “business cards” have been distributed far and wide across the globe, with someone even mooching 100 from oversees. Not a bad idea to do these. I would start including one with every book that goes out. But since I also donate books to the Friends of the Library locally, they would be fun to put into those books as well!

  3. Alicia said

    What a great idea. Thanks, John, for offering these.

  4. I tried to mooch a box of 500, but it currently says it is reserved for someone. Please let me know when I can get a box. I ship international and will be happy to put some in all of my shipments.

  5. tennantfamily said

    Hi John, Can you give us an idea of the US printing price (in £ or $ if not), as we know of a couple of good price printing places and will enquire for prices for you if you approve. They have done small runs for us in the past, good quality, they also do book and newspaper printing. Gill & Mark T.

  6. Joanna Collie said

    Yay! Just what we’ve been waiting for!
    Thanks John. And good to hear from you again – the blog’s been quiet for the last few months.

  7. booknutzz said

    I always need bookmarks. These would be great. I’m constantly giving out the cards in the grocery checker line.

  8. Count me in! What a fantastic idea and a fun thing to share the news. I love BookMooch!

  9. Philipa said

    Yay! The end of Bookmooch card rationing is nigh! I’ve been doling them out rather parsimoniously for some time now. 😉

  10. Eva Marie said

    Thanks so much John! I’ve been waiting for the cards to be available and the bookmarks are a superb idea! I love handing them out wherever I go and I even have family members handing them out whenever we go anywhere, locally or abroad! I’m so exicted to get these now! You’re the best and BookMooch is awesome!!

  11. Paul Collinson said

    Sounds like a great plan. Count me in!

  12. Fantastic! I’m one of those who got a box of 1000 cards way back when, and found myself dealing with Philipa’s situation lately…!

    The cards were great. I handed them out to my literature classes at school, grad school students, sent them in mooched books worldwide, and even had a couple of larger quantities mooched by other BookMooch members. I hope to request a bunch of those bookmarks soon. 🙂

  13. I’d like bookmarks too… I added them to my wishlist. I’ll give them out to my prize winners on my book blog that launches on January 1st. 🙂

  14. Heather19 said

    Awesome idea! YAY bookmarks!!
    Dang, the box of 500s are all gone! Guess I’ll wait until other people get them and start offering smaller amounts. Must. Have. MoochMarks!

  15. Donna said

    Glad that you are now offering the bookmarks! I, too, had to add them to my wishlist, as none were available.

    I ran out of cards and these will be great to hand out… I could have used some today while I was perusing books at the local Goodwill. I was chatting up Bookmooch as an alternate source to dispose of/acquire books, to some other customers!

    I also ship internationally and would be happy to send a handful when shipping overseas.

    Thanks John!

  16. Triccie said

    Looks like I was too late for the bookmarks… anyone who can send a smaller batch of bookmarks to the Philippines please?

    Happy holidays, John and thanks for another great bookmooch thingie!

  17. Finn said

    Yay! Right now I use the Bookmooch cards for bookmarks, so this should be very useful for me. Hopefully they’ll make their way to the UK soon enough!


  18. Giz-angel said

    I’d love some bookmarks but I can’t mooch them as I am in the UK – I am happy to add them to my inventory as well.

  19. Caron said

    Awesome! I’m always looking for a bookmark! And I LOVE the BookMooch graphics! These’ll be great to give as gifts and to give out to people when telling that what a fabulous site this is!

    Thanks for all you do, John!


  20. Jacquie said

    Would be interested to know what printing prices are so I can ask my printer here in France for a quote. We need these in Europe!

  21. Sterile said

    Good Afternoon John! Did I miss the boat by a couple of days? I would be really interested in some bookmarks as I seemed to have missed the cards that you offered in April as well. I have looked in your inventory but cannot find a reference to mooch anywhere! Cheers and have a peaceful Christmas.

  22. Rosalie said

    This is great; as it is I include a card in all packages I ship out for eBay and the shirts I trade through Spread the good word!

  23. calmdogs said

    I’d like a bog of bookmarks, also. I’d be happy to include some with each mooch I send out, and hand out to friends. I’ve done that w/ cards and am nearly out.

    How do I order them?


  24. Jo said

    I’d love to mooch some of these, how can I get them in the UK?

  25. kim said

    I’m actually wondering if you could get posters (8.5×11) made like the bookmooch stand project with the little tear-off sheets with the URL on it. I have tons of places I could hang one of those around town. I’m also constantly leaving little stacks of business cards at the various coffee houses I visit for a little random happenstance. I’d happily just take a pdf file of the posters and print them off on my color laser at work. Thanks!

  26. kim said

    Well I should have looked at the promo page first. I just found PDF posters. Thanks!

  27. Celeste Achterhof said

    I would love to have some of the bookmarks when they become available. I’ve received some of the cards from different folks included in some of the books I’ve ordered and give them out to everyone. I am a member of another bookswapping site and always include a couple of cards with every book I send out to swappers on that site along with a note telling them about Bookmooch. My daughter gives them out to her dog training clients and I’ve asked all my doctors to put them out front for their patients. I also leave them in restaurants and at the vet’s offices. Having bookmarks to offer would be wonderful. Thank you so much for your generosity.
    Best Wishes,

  28. Eva Marie said

    Jo- John is trying to find a printer in your country where it wouldn’t be super expensive to have them printed. Until then the only options as I see it are to mooch a smaller batch from someone in the States (I’ll be happy to send to any countries once I get my cards and bookmarks in and I’m sure you’ll find others as well very soon) or to have them printed yourself. I know nothing about this but John mentions above what is needed and that he has made it available.
    Sorry you can’t get them right away Jo!

  29. i have a mail order business. we process a dozen orders a day and i would be glad to put them in every order. just email me back if interested! thanks for the great work!


  30. Sue said

    Have you tried They promise always the cheapest prices.

  31. Julie said

    Hi John
    Have you considered looking for a printer in France instead of the UK?. I’ve no idea if printing is cheaper, but postage certainly is. They have a special rate which I think is for paper goods, or similar (Maybe a french moocher could explain it better) and it works out incredibly cheap to send books from France, within Europe anyway.

  32. Would love to go on a waiting list to receive these in the UK.

    I still have Bookmooch cards for UK readers if this helps – I’ll also send cards anywhere in Europe.

    Watch out for my Bookmooch stand which tonight will be at The Dance Bank Dunfermline, Wednesday 7th will be at Dunfermline High School and the last Saturday of every month at Kinross Car Boot Sale – I have pictures but just don’t know hoiw to post them here!!

  33. Sharone said

    What a great idea. I work in a library and I have told several of our patrons about bookmooch. I have given out cards to those who wanted them. The bookmarks would also be very useful. I would like to mooch a box of them, but am unsure as to how to put them on my wishlist

  34. Theresa said

    I’d love some to hand out to people. I just joined and LOVE bookmooch! I can’t wait to tell all my friends! Thanks for a great site!

  35. Carol said

    Hi John,
    I would love to pass these mooches out. I do alot of correspondance so it would be great. I love book mooch and would love to get the word out. This would be a great way.

  36. GH said

    AAAAARRGH I am in Canada so I cannot get these. John has it set to ‘my country only’ . They look amazing !! Oh well like french canadians say ce la vie (that’s life).

  37. i would love to mooch some bookmarks if they are still available…

  38. Hi John,

    I’ve been getting our bookmarks for our site Simply Charly ( printed at I believe you’ll save yourself a tiny fortune using them. In fact, they have a nifty tool on their site which calculates how much it will cost you to print a certain quantity. And their work is of impeccable quality.

    I ran your numbers for printing 100,000 2.5″x7″ bookmarks and the price was $2,313.95. That’s a savings of $1,384.05. A big difference!

    I hope your current printer doesn’t see this post because I’m afraid he’ll send some goons after me. Ha ha ha.

    I hope this helps.

    – Charles

  39. Thanks for offering the bookmarks. I would love to have some if they are still available.

  40. Sherry said

    This is great. I would love to get these cards. Please let me mooch them from u.

  41. Danielle said

    I would love it if the bookmooch cards (or at least the backs) were not glossy. It would have been great to get a stamp with my inventory/username on it. It is even hard to write on it with a pen to add that info! That way when I pass out cards to people I am chatting up they can easily find me on bookmooch.

  42. Sheelagh said

    Is anyone in the US willing to send me a box (or more) which I will then pass out to other UK members? I would be happy to smooch you some extra points for doing so

  43. Sue said

    Please note – the 2 A4 posters are cross-linked on the website. I downloaded what I thought was the white one and got the blue one, and vice versa.

  44. Barbara M said

    I’m not sure if any more cards are available, if they are, I would like some. I am proof that they work! I was sent a book through another book trading web site, and inside was one of your cards! I came here to check it out, and POOF! I’m hooked! I volunteer at a local thrift store, and would love to put up your card, or offer cards, there. This is such a great resource, especially up here in the Great White North, where we have winter for 10 months, and places to trade and acquire books are severally limited. I feel I must share! Thanks so much for everything you do here, your time and effort are greatly appreciated! How do you feel about us copying your card and printing our own to hand out?

  45. Jesse said


    I am interested in promoting Bookmooch in Japan, where I live. What if we had a multilingual design?

    Of course, the problem is that printing happens in big batches and I don’t think we need thousands of English/Japanese bookmarks….so maybe this idea is dead in the water before it even goes anywhere.

    Even in Japan, we have quite a few English-speaking readers (English teachers, military, etc.) But so many Japanese folk are of the “aaaaaaaa eigo ga dekinai!! ” (ooooooohh, I can’t handle English!) So it seems like if we want the Japanese part of the site to grow, we would need to show them that it’s there in Japanese and that Japanese language books are also in circulation here.

  46. amber said

    I mooched 1000 cards last year and have been sending about 15 out w/ each book that is mooched from me. I’m getting down in #s but it’s amazing to think of them being passed around and sent all over the world! Mooch on, my fellow moochers!

  47. Dawn Dayton said

    I’ve always been confused about the purpose mooch cards and now your bookmarks. I’m surmising That these are simply for publicizing the Bookmooch site, which I would be glad to support. What does mooching these entail? Points? How do one go about mooching these? Thanks for your response.

  48. VenusDoom said

    I really hope they will be available outside of US anytime soon. I really would like to have on of my own and be able to hand out to people who might be interested in BookMooch.

  49. charlotte Jones said

    I would love to mooch some bookmarks as i have a lot of people i have recommended this site to, How do i go about mooching some of these?

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