Moochstand in Manila

February 4, 2009

I received this great email this morning from Patti in the Philippines. I love the t-shirts, and it’s wonderful that there are so many moochers in the Philippines.

Fantastic! I sent them all smooches, you should too!


I would like to tell you how our BookMooch stand at a high school fair went. Teresa Malango sent us a kit a couple of months ago and we were able to use it for this event.

It was held at the Ateneo de Manila High School (Quezon City, Metro Manila) last January 30, 2009. We were there the whole day.

Before the fair, I was able to get the help of 3 of the high school English teachers who promoted BookMooch to all the English classes in the high school. Those 3 English teachers are also members of BookMooch, namely Honey (fantaghiro23), Joel (professor_lupin_ph), and Karen (patricianrake). They did an excellent job in promoting BookMooch. I sent them the files for the BM posters and info sheets (which I made) and Honey printed and photocopied them so that all 58 classrooms would get a poster and info sheet for their bulletin board. The publicity was great because lots of students (and teachers!) dropped by our booth and some who just passed by would say, “Hey, it’s BookMooch!”

Besides putting up the MoochStand kit Teresa sent us, I also had a BookMooch tarpaulin made. I also made and printed out several copies of BookMooch Information Sheets, which provided more information on how to join, how to send books, and basically, what BookMooch is all about. Most of the information I just borrowed from the About section on BookMooch.

And because we love BookMooch so much, I had my sister (who silk-screens t-shirts) make BookMooch shirts for us. You can see me (and another BookMooch member) wearing the shirt in the photos I attached to this email.

With me at the BookMooch Stand at the Ateneo HS fair was Triccie, another member on BookMooch. She’s libreria. She used to be a bookstore owner, so to help recover the cost of the booth fee, we sold her left-over inventory on the side. Triccie is just awesome. She brought everything we needed to set up, like the tables, chairs, and transportation. A few hours later, Joel (BM id: joelg) joined us to help promote BookMooch.

Our stint at the high school was a success. We met several high school students who are so in love with books. Some already joined and I am helping them get settled in on BookMooch. We also talked to a lot of teachers and parents who are excited to be exchanging books all over the world.

For our next BookMooch stand, we are looking to join neighborhood bazaars and maybe the Manila Book Fair in September. We’ll see how that goes.

Until our next BookMooch Stand!

Patti Platon

with Triccie Cantero

P.S. The photos are a little blurry, though—sorry about that.

Bookmoochstand (1)
BookMoochStand (1) – That’s Triccie (libreria) and me (mournfields) [L-R]

Bookmoochstand (2)
BookMoochStand (2) – BookMooch materials with information sheets that I printed

Bookmoochstand (3)
BookMoochStand (3) – BookMooch tarpaulin that I had made

Bookmoochstand (4)
BookMoochStand (4) – Triccie and me with some of the students and teachers who are interested in BookMooch!

***The photos are also posted on my BookMooch Bio***

P.P.S. We are a close bunch here in the Philippines. In the last 3 months, we have had 4 BookMooch parties held at Triccie’s home. I remember that I was so excited to be meeting BookMooch members in the Philippines for the first time (I joined in August 2007 and only in November 2008 was I able to meet almost everyone!). We spend the afternoon and evening talking about books, playing games — our favorite is BookMooch Jeopardy, having a book swap (like a White Elephant swap), and just enjoying each other’s company. We’ve all gotten so close that we also scheduled book excursions: we went to a city that’s about 1-2 hours away to go book shopping at their warehouse. We also spent another day bookstore-hopping! We always finish the day with bags of books to bring home. Next time, we might go Tagaytay, a popular vacation spot, and just relax and have fun. Thanks to BookMooch, I found so many friends with the same interests as mine. BookMooch is awesome!

18 Responses to “Moochstand in Manila”

  1. Renee said

    That’s fantastic! I lived in the Philippines for 4 years in the mid to late 80s and loved every second!

    Salamat, Po!

  2. Hercules40 said

    That is so impressive Patti! The T-Shirts are beautiful! How many points to mooch one from the Philippines to the USA?

    A fantastic job all around, and you all deserve more smooches (coming from me and others).

    It is great to see that young people in the Philippines like to read even as American kids read less and less. I can’t figure that one out.

  3. Samantha said

    I want a Book Mooch t-shirt! How can I get one?

  4. pitbull friend said

    What a lovely story & great pictures! You are the kind of teachers who make going to school worthwhile!

  5. Wow, so that’s where the smooch came from!

    Thank you so much John!

    I’ve been on bookmooch for a year and almost a month now and I’ve just passed the 500 books given mark. I’ve gotten so many books that will forever be treasured in my collection as well.

    More than that, I’ve made some very good friends, especially in BookMoochers Pilipinas, and we’re all on a crusade to get more Filipinos to enjoy BookMooch!

    We’re scouting for more locations for MoochStands … we all can’t wait to wear our new shirts!

  6. Patti said

    Thanks for the blog post, John! It was an excellent experience and we’re raring to go again.

    Reading my email, I just remembered I forgot to mention two other BM members who helped out later in the event, Czar (cezartigno) and Marie (blackbody). And thanks again to Teresa for sending the kit!

    BookMooch is awesome!

  7. Sharon Rowe said

    Way to go Patti!

  8. Joel said

    Thanks for the smooch, and for featuring this, John! I hope you’ll seriously consider visiting the Philippines and meet the members of Bookmoochers Pilipinas. We can even organize forums where you can talk about Bookmooch (and Magnatune, why not?). Just give us enough advance notice in case you decide to drop by. More power to you and Bookmooch! 🙂

  9. Triccie aka Libreria said

    Thanks for the smooch, John.

    We were hoping to get some bookmooch bookmarks to share during the fair. Maybe next time, we will finally have them here… hint, hint, hint 🙂

  10. artseblis said

    This is a fantastic recap of the Bookmooch Stand event. We’re very grateful to Patti and Triccie for being so passionate about promoting BM in the Philippines.

  11. Marie said

    Fantastic Job! And the shirt is really nice. Until our next event guys! 🙂

  12. patricianrake said

    Thanks for the write-up, Patti! I’m glad several of our students decided to join BookMooch. Just let us know how we can help you for future events. 🙂

    Thank you, John, for the smooch! 🙂

  13. Eva Marie said

    That is so awesome everyone! We can tell you did a great job just by the pics too! You guys are all such active members of bookmooch and I’m sure the people you bring in will feel at home right away!
    (I wouldn’t mind getting myself a bookmooch shirt- I’ll have to look into that around here!)

  14. Kathy S. said

    I’d sure enjoy it if you posted the rules/how it works info for your fun sounding games: BookMooch Jeopardy and Bookmooch White Elephant swap.

  15. Clarice said

    I enjoyed reading this too! I met my husband in the Philippines, so it will always have a special place in my heart!

  16. Hazel Novero said

    Hi Ms. Patti,

    would like to know how to join ur group…i love books and i have alot to swap..have a great day!!! God bless

  17. gaby said

    Congratulations! This is wonderful! I miss the Philippines and wish that we had BM when I lived there 5 years ago.

    Keep up the good work!

  18. thepurplebookmoocher said

    when will be the next bookmooch event in manila?

    can we have like a sort meet up?


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