Fundraising update

February 17, 2009

A number of people (including me!) wanted to know how the BookMooch fundraising was going.

Last night, I crunched the paypal logs in order to get a total in US Dollars that has been raised (ie converting Euros and Pounds to US Dollars).

The totals are:

– $1546.93 per month in subscriptions
– $1594.00 in one-off donations

From the emails I’ve received, I’m expecting to raise another $2000 from checks that are being postal mailed.

BookMooch gets about $1000 a month from Amazon for book sales by BM members (sometimes I get $800/month, sometimes $1200/month).

The good news is that I’ll be able to pay off the $10,000 server in about 2 1/2 months, adding together one-time and subscription gifts.

In the past 2 months, I spent about $20,000 printing bookmarks and mooch cards and postal mailing them. I’ve only mailed 2/3rds of the bookmarks: the remaining 250 boxes of bookmarks are in my garage in California, and I plan on making them last the rest of the year.

That means subscriptions for the year and the donations I’ve received so far will pay for the new server in 2 1/2 months, and the rest of the year in subscriptions will pay for the bookmarks. I’m now covering most of BookMooch’s expenses.

However, I have another $10k/year in costs to run BookMooch each year which I haven’t yet raised money for. This expense comes from a variety of sources, such as the server hosting fees, paying for mooch stands around the world, and other miscellany.

So… I’m still looking to raise subscriptions by another $1000/month, or to get $10,000 in one-time donations.

However, I’m *much* better off than I was before asking for your help, and have a comparatively much smaller shortfall now.

Thanks everyone!


21 Responses to “Fundraising update”

  1. Jeremy said

    Glad to hear it’s coming together, and thanks for carrying the cost of it for so long before asking! We’re all very grateful.

  2. Norberto Amaral said

    Bookmooch has literally changed my life over the last year and a half. It is only fair that I contribute back to the creator of this wonderful community. Every single day I check my email and come to this site to see if someone’s asking for one my books, always ready to send some. The best part yet is that so far I received more than a hundred books. So here goes a huge thank you from me!

    I have an idea for you that probably wouldn’t be too hard to implement, which is to create some artwork in the same vein as the Bookmooch Angels, that those people who paid a one off and/or a monthly fee could display on their bio pages. The images would link to a Paypal payment page. When other people saw that they could contribute to this wonderful community, that would bring in yet more people willing to give some money and keep this going.
    I’m not of course suggesting that there should be more services available for paying members, only that they show off that they are what they are.

    What do you think? Sorry, won’t wait for the reply, I’m off to Paypal to send you some money myself!

  3. Angela N said

    Thank you so much for keeping this site going! It is very helpful for me when I am looking for new books to enjoy!

  4. If anyone is interested I have Bookmooch travel mugs available on my website. John gets a cut of the sale so this would help also.


  5. Jocelyn said

    Depending on where you are in California, perhaps volunteers could help mail the bookmarks/postcards? Not sure if it would save you anything (because it might take as much manpower to manage the process as it would to mail them yourself) but financially, it could help reduce the cost of postage (which I’m sure can be a lot for printed material!)

  6. robbie said

    great, idea about the travel mugs, how do I get to your website?

  7. Go to through Bookmoch and search for Bookmooch travel Mugs. That way John gets a double cut. He gets his referral fee from Amazon and a direct cut of the purchase price from me.


  8. Thank you for the link to give a one-time donation! I can’t afford to go with a monthly subscription, but I’ve been wanting to send something to help you with the new server or whatever else. Thank you very much, John. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Heather19 said

    AWESOME fundraising here!! Yay!
    (And you have no idea how giddy I was today, I sold my truck and the VERY first thing I thought was “I can finally donate to BM!!” lol)

  10. Scott said

    This might seem like a silly idea, but I’ve noticed that on the “member home”,”your account” etc. pages that the links are in little blocks with images. Each image is 4kb, with 20 images loading every time someone goes to their “member home” page. That’s 80kb. If you have 1 million users accessing this page every day, that’s 80 gb every day. What if you changed the link color to the greenish color of the background, and erased the images. That would save a load of bandwidth (and money) as these images are on a lot of pages. Like I said, it might seem like a silly idea, but I just thought I would throw it out there.

  11. Norberto Amaral said

    Is there anyone selling those wonderful blue Bookmooch t-shirts like in the moochstand in Manila?
    I wouldn’t mind paying a good buck for a couple of those as long as it also helps John!

  12. Beth said

    To what address can I mail a check?

  13. Beth said

    Found it. For interested parties, it’s:

    2342 Shattuck Ave., #542
    Berkeley, CA 94704

  14. Joelle said

    I would like to suggest that if we make a donation, we could have an icon or a picture saying we contributed, just like the bookmooch angels.

  15. Jenny said

    For those of us not in the US could you make a link through PayPal for a single donation as opposed to the monthly option. I would be happy to give on a regular basis as I would love to see Bookmooch continue to grow and be able to contribute to its running costs.

  16. Linda said

    John: How about setting up a place on the site to purchase postage and printing out the labeling, and delivery confirmation, etc. I’ve used this on other sites and the owner gets a cut as well as the internet site that has the set up for postage printing. It works very well and mooches and moochers can track the book through the web site or USPS and know when a book has arrived. Thanks for your time.

  17. Jess said

    I just made a modest donation using PayPal. It’s not much, but I’m happy to contribute what I can.

    Thanks again for creating and maintaining such a great site!

  18. Hi Jon,

    I guess if it would be poossible to add the option of giving each two or 3 months. In Spain, my country, for instance, most charities use a special range of months to expend recipes of our annual donations. In my case, from now to april, I’ll be giving _my bank, to be specific to my animal shelter, consumers association, and trade union. This is because of Taxes, as General Citizens Tax is dued at spring all over the country, and Bussiness General are dued between spring and summer.

    So, if I could give my part just a while later, making my donations each 2 months, it’d be easier for my purse and at the same time my conscience ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Erein @bookmooch

  19. Jodi said

    Thank you for the one time link, I was able to contribute my little amount to help run this amazing site!

  20. Rayhne said

    I canceled my monthly donation and just paid the full amount at once. I don’t think that option was there when I first set it up. Thank you for setting it up.

  21. Caron Garliepp said

    Hi John ~

    Just signed up for a small amount per month . . . glad to give a little back! I so enjoy being a part of Bookmooch, giving and receiving books, and telling people about the site. Must be great to have a job you can be so passionate about!

    Thanks for all you do!

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