Reader to Reader says thanks

February 20, 2009

I received this very nice email today from Reader To Reader, which is a registered BookMooch Charity. They’re simply saying “thanks!” and I thought I’d share their message.

They don’t need more points, however, as moochers have been very generous to them and they’ve received over 2200 books from the mooching community. It’s amazing and wonderful that we can help in this way!

From: Sara at Reader To Reader

I just wanted to write and thank you on the behalf of Reader To Reader. I have been SOOO impressed at how generous bookmoochers have been to us.

As you know, we are a non-profit and we get books to the neediest schools and libraries in America. We like to match specific needs and we use Bookmooch to find particular books that they need. If possible I always try and mooch more than one book from each member since I am very aware of mailing costs. But in the last few months I have been just amazed at how generous bookmoochers have been–donating back points, sending extra books, sending heartfelt messages. There are many really wonderful members. And thank you to you especially for this wonderful site that has been such a huge help and inspiration!

10 Responses to “Reader to Reader says thanks”

  1. Cheryl said


    I have a policy to give back at least half of the points paid to me by charities mooching my books (minimum 2). If a charity is particularly near to my heart, I often refund all points. It’s one of my favorite things about BookMooch that this kind of policy is not unusual. :^) I’m very glad that BM charities are here, that even little charities can get useful resources, and that moochers are so generous.

  2. Megan said

    That’s a wonderful story! BookMooch members are usually so kind and overwhelmingly generous — I can’t say enough about our great Mooching community 🙂

  3. Georgia said

    I agree with Cheryl. It is nice to hear the thanks from the charities. I also like to say Nothing is sadder then a book without a home. Especially children’s books. So whenever the opportunity arises be it giving a point back or donating an extra book it is the right thing to do and makes you feel good too.

  4. Myrna said

    I also agree with Cheryl and Georgia. I donate points to a small library in South Dakota and they are very good about thanking me and I feel that I have helped some one else get a book and read. What a great feeling

  5. Eva Marie said

    That is a great message fron Reader To Reader. It’s nice to hear that sometimes and know that what you do is appreciated. Any charity that helps kids is great in my book- if books are involved that’s all the better!

  6. Donna said

    I’ve donated points to Reader to Reader (they are one of my favorite charities on BookMooch!). They always thank me and I always receive an enewsletter from them each month, telling me about what they’ve been up to. They are a wonderful organization and glad that I can help them in some small way!

  7. Thank you so much for sharing this note on the blog! Reader to Reader sounds like a really terrific charity, and so it’s particularly nice to know that they’ve been impressed by us too… 🙂

  8. Alison said

    Isn’t bookmooch great….I cannot think of any other group with so much heart and goodfeeling 🙂

  9. rochanah weissinger said

    I hope it is o.k. to share this: I am not a “charity” but I send books in Spanish to friends there who are VERY poor. They lend novels to friends and neighbors for a fraction of a penny and it helps them buy food. I have been fortunate to find a few people in Spanish speaking countries willing to send them the books directly, since when people send them to me and I send the books to Cuba it doubles the expense. Anyone with Spanish “romantic novels”, Reader’s digest or magazines in Spanish willing to help out with this project, please let me know.

  10. Anna said

    I gave about half of my remaining points to this charity because it has become clear to me that it will take far longer to receive books than to send them to those who want them. As it happens, I am happy to downsize my collection in this manner, but I am also a little sad to realize that the rest of my points will likely follow suit.

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