UK now has bookmarks and mooch cards

February 25, 2009

Bookmooch Bookmark Vertical3
There are now bookmarks and mooch cards available in the UK.

That’s right, if you live in the UK, you can now mooch bookmarks and mooch cards.

There was an extended discussion on this blog a few days ago about how much BookMooch costs to run and many of you noted that printing costs are the biggest expense, and wondered if that was wisely spent money. Because of that discussion, Gill (who has volunteered to send these out) and I talked it over, and we decided to that we should send out smaller quantities of the printed materials to make them go longer. Also, I’m nudging people to give a little (if they can) when mooching these printed materials, in order to help cover the printing costs.

It’s also my hope that many of you will offer the bookmarks you receive in smaller quantities, for mooching by people on the European Continent. I’d like it if the cards spread there as well. There are also a few boxes on their way to France right now, where they’re be available for mooching in a week or so (I’ll blog about that).

Be sure to give Gill a smooch to thank her for mailing hundreds of packages, as she is going way beyond the call of duty! She also helped find this printer and picked up the boxes herself, to help avoid shipping costs.

Also, thanks to everyone who has given a little, as your donations are paying the postage to send these out, so that more Europeans (and Brits!) can join in the big mooch.

51 Responses to “UK now has bookmarks and mooch cards”

  1. Gill said

    Thank you to John for the lovely comments. I just want to help spread the word about a wonderful site. My to read pile is now rather tall so I’m trying not to mooch but when you guys list books I’ve been trying to find for so long, it’s difficult to resist!

    For the non UK and non US moochers, I have added some packs of 50 Bookmarks to my own inventory. I’ll add some bookmooch cards as soon as I can parcel them up. If I parcel them before listing, you’ll get them quicker ;-).


  2. sue said

    hi there , i live in australia and a moochier i resently got a book of from in america sent with it some of your book marks. they are great so what i have done is give to 3 of my friends who joined up to mooch . is there any chance we can get a deal going in australia or some mooch bookmarks sent to me so i can give to people . but anyway tys for the chance to mooch books it is sach a grat idea .. grey.

  3. Crystal said

    Do you know if the bookmarks/mooch cards are even effective?

    Do you have any way to track that people join from the bookmarks/mooch cards?

    Just something I’m curious about since they’re such an expense. 😉 Because if there aren’t a lot of people that sign up for bookmooch from them, why go to the expense to print them. The money might be better spent on improving the site.

    My apologies if this has been asked before, but I’m curious about it. Maybe just Don’t print anymore this year and put that money into the new server. Because what good are new members if the site is unstable enough to chase them off before they figure out how useful the site is?

  4. re: “Do you know if the bookmarks/mooch cards are even effective?”

    It’s an excellent question, and I really have no idea, other than the anecdotal evidence, such as the previous comment: “they are great so what i have done is give to 3 of my friends who joined up to mooch”

    However, now that I’m actually paying attention to what I’m spending money on (sigh, yes, very irresponsible of me, that was) my plan is to not print any more materials for at least a year, and let the current batch circulate for a while.

    I just sent out 700,000 cards and/or bookmarks in the USA, and there are about 200,000 cards and/or bookmarks now printed and being sent in the UK, so that should last a while.

    I still have another 200,000 printed and sitting in my garage in California, which I’m reserving for book fairs; that’s someplace where a handout really is essential.


  5. Chris Bowyer said

    This is a fabulous site, and by far the best for exchanging books.
    I agree that it is in every members interest to advertise the site to encourage more people to join, but your printing charges are crippling.
    Most members have printers, and I wonder if it is possible for you to give some type of link to allow us to actually print our own cards and bookmarks.
    They don’t have to be too sophisticated—maybe just one sided. The mooch logo could occupy perhaps half of the card, with all the necessary wording printed on the same side of the card/bookmark.
    Card is readily available at all stationers, and the price is very reasonable. That way, members could print maybe 100 or so at a relatively small cost, and reach just as many potential members.
    I realise that this would mean a change to your program, and I don’t have any idea as to the cost that would incur, but I would think that your printing costs would be substantially reduced, without much reduction in the actual advertising.

  6. Gill said

    “Are the bookmooch cards/bookmarks effective?”

    I joined because someone on another swapping site sent me a card. So yes it worked for me and also for 2 people who joined because of the card I sent to them.

    Chris – John put the links for the files you need to print your own on a previous blog entry.

    For Sue in Australia, look at my inventory – username brownbear – it has bookmarks for nonUK and non US people to mooch.

    2 lots went to Italy this morning!


  7. June said

    I’d love some bookmarks to hand out in France ‘brownbear’ but which part of the UK do I search?

  8. thepinkegobox said

    Whenever I pass books around, either through BookMooch or friends, I always include a BookMooch card. Handy book mark and after they’ve seen it for awhile, they join up.

  9. Laura said

    I think there should be some discussion about how the cards and bookmarks are used. I have received a small number in my mooched parcels, and if I only put them back into my parcels they are not “spreading the word” as anyone receiving parcels is already a member! I’ve recently put mine on the counter of the local charity shop (where I volunteer), which is tiny and is refusing book donations at the moment as we receive so many and don’t have the space to store them. I’ll let you know if they go/how quickly/if any of the customers ask about them.

  10. Laura said

    Forgot to add – it’s been a while since I joined but shouldn’t there be a part of the form asking how you heard about BM? One of the options could be card/bookmark. That might be useful.

  11. Kathy Arkwright said

    Dear Gill and John,

    I am so looking forward to receiving my bookmarks. My hubby and I belong to several bookgroups and libraries and we intend to ‘spread the word’. So many people ask about Bookmooch and they will all get bookmarks. The little cards tend to get lost but a bookmark…………well all bookworms need those!!

    Thank you for all the effort you have both put in to distributing the bookmarks. Well done Gill, our admiration for carrying all those boxes!!!

    Will try and keep an eye on the number of bookmarks given out and the ones who actually join. I know Chris and I have got a new interest in life through joining Bookmooch. Yes really!!

    Keep up the good work!!!

    Best Wishes,

  12. Katie said

    Having them in the UK is a great idea. Now if ANYONE would be happy to send me some (I live in Germany), that would be even better. We have two publi bookshelves in our city ( I explain about those in my profile) and I was going to leave some cards / bookmarks there.

    Could somebody send me a few dozen crads / bookmarks please? I’ll be happy to reimburse the postage.

    Thank you!!! For the Love of reading, Katie xx

  13. Nina Wendt said

    I visited because I was sent a card with a book from another site. I visited a couple of times before I decided I could handle membership in two sites. It became almost mandatory to join as membership has driven up my book supply – so many books, so little time. I don’t know if you could do a poll to see how people joined. I pay attention to the blog list on my home page so I can check things out, maybe other people would also.

  14. Triccie said

    Hi John, just wanted to let you know that the bookmarks have reached the Philippines. Googlebutts [thank you so very much!!!] sent them over to me really quick, mooched last Feb 17, received Feb 26.

    The bookmarks are lovely, and we will be making more of them here to share.

    Thank you again for making bookmooch such a great community and a wonderful warm family!!!

  15. Maxime said

    What a great idea! Will it be available for other countries eventually (Switzerland for isntance)?

  16. Gill said

    I’ve now put some packs of 50 cards in my inventory – username brownbear. I’ve put for non US moochers only in the condition notes so that we can try and spread the word about bookmooch to the rest of the world


  17. Katie said

    Hi Gill, I have just mooched a box of bookmarks from you. Thank you for sending internationally when so many people here won’t!!! 😀

  18. Jacquie said


    If all goes to plan, we’ll have cards and bookmarks in France next week.

  19. Charlene said

    I too try to include at least 10 or more Bookmooch cards/bookmarks with every mooch that I send out. Even more when I ship overseas. I also leave a few cards behind with friends when I travel! So happy to see this wonderful Bookmooch community continue to grow. I absolutely love Bookmooch!!

  20. sue said

    tys. to Gill, i mooch the box of book marks of you. i look forward to spreading the word on book mooch and i will only give to those who have not join so i can encourage them to join, i now who they are and soon they too will be moochers …. laugh they do not no it yet but they will.. once again tys to you all for the chance to get books i would not of got any other way ..

  21. I belong to two other bookswap sites here in the UK, and I always send out bookmooch cards with each swap, so if you came here because of a card you found in a swap from one of those two other sites, chances are you might have got it from me!! 🙂

    I also send out cards with the books I sell on my website (these are NEW books I sell on behalf of a publisher, NOT swapping material!) and as many of my customers are in Singapore, Canada and Australia, I hope I’m doing my bit to ‘spead the word’.

    I heard today that my bookmarks are on the way, so now I’ll be able to make up packets of cards AND bookmarks.

    PLEASE tell people that I am happy send these cards all over, not just UK but Europe and Asia too. Plus you can mooch even heavy books from me if you live outside my country – provided you don’t mind ‘Surface Mail’ (Ground). If you are mooching on behalf of a child or for a class project then please let me know as I will send airmail in these instances. I recently sent a hardback copy of ‘Wuthering Heights’ by airmail and it is SO touching when parents write back and express their child’s appreciation.

    I also promote bookmooch at car boot sales as part of the ‘Bookmooch Stand’ project. I was SO touched when the material arrived in a big heavy box from the USA – bless you John, for your generosity as it must have cost a fortune.

  22. Donna said

    We have a lot of readers in my office, so I took a small stack of bookmarks from the box John sent to me (Thanks John!) to work… they went very fast and I got a lot of questions from my co-workers about BM! I hope it generated some new members!

  23. Gill said

    I’ve put some sets of 50 bookmooch cards in the UK bookmooch inventory. There may be people that do not want 250 plus they go in the post as a large letter and so will not cost a fortune to post.

    I’ll add some smaller sets of bookmarks when I have time to pack and weigh.


  24. Evy MacPhee said

    I should probably put my name in as the cowardly lion…

    I belong to and once in a while send out books to PBS. I’ve been too shy to put in Bookmooch bookmarks.
    Has anyone else done so? Did the sky fall?

  25. Dee said

    Im from the Uk and I mooched bookmarks and cards from claudia from the usa and she was very helpful and they arrived quickly. Have given out most of the cards so hopefully this will generate new members. Even a woman on the bus saw my bookmark and commented so gave her some bookmarks to hand out to friends

  26. Rachel said

    I am willing to send bookmarks internationally also.

    Depending on how much the shipping cost proves to be, I may even be able to smooch back a point.

  27. sharon said

    I had previously received some bookmooch cards (from the US) in with one of my mooches I received from an US moocher so I took them in to work and left them outside our works canteen. They all went the same day so maybe some new members joined as a result. There’s no way to tell whether it worked or not.

    I’ve just mooched 10 bookmarks from another moocher and have started sending these out with my non-bookmooch parcels. So might get some new members as a result. Again no real way to tell if sucessful or not.

    I haven’t got enough points at the moment to mooch any more bookmarks but as soon as I do I’ll definitely be mooching some more.

    Thanks again for now providing these to the UK.

  28. tennantfamily said

    We joined in October 2008, and have sent out 600+ books to a huge variety of places. We call it our “expensive hobby” as we have given away 1000 points in that time, to help us with our target of cutting down by 1000 books in less than a year.

    To help support the hobby we sell a small number of books on Amazon, with a link in our BookMooch bio. Hopefully that brings in a small extra revenue for BookMooch, as well as helping us with our enormous postal bill.

    We always include a BookMooch card with our Amazon sales, and now have some BookMarks from Claudia and Bonnie in the USA to add to our Mooches.

    When we go into Post Offices for large numbers of special issue stamps we always tell the clerks about BookMooch and try to leave them a card – today’s clerks got a card and a bookmark, and as we left they were saying they would definitely check the site out. We even got the call operator at the philatelic bureau to join!

    Also we know of two people (one a friend we had lost touch with) who joined in order to contact us having found something about us and BookMooch on google!

    Gill & Mark Tennant

  29. David said

    Could you change the giving options on the ‘give’ page?

    I’m happy to give, but I don’t want to give monthly or mail a cheque.

    I think you’d get way more donations if you didn’t restrict them to monthly payments.

    There’s a few times I’ve thought about donating, gone to the ‘give’ page, then seen that I can only give monthly.

    This has stopped me from giving.

  30. Madeleine said

    I mooched some cards from Gill, so thank you. They came about 2 days after I requested them. I’m planning to leave some in the library, some in Starbucks and give a load out to friends. I’ll also be sending some out when I post books, so hopefully they’ll be spread around and encourage more people to mooch!

  31. Pippa said

    I’ve just heard about mooch and am going to start swapping worldwide and am so pleased to have found somewhere as here in france, english books are very sought after but what do you do when you’ve read them, i’ve got hundreds of books sitting in the shed !!! so mooch away :O) If anyone can send some bookmarks my way i’ll distribute them to my swoppers and to friends and relatives here who will definitely want to mooch

  32. Jacquie said

    BookMooch cards and bookmarks now available in France! Username Jacquie

  33. Eva Marie said

    Evy- I got a card from a member at PBS and ever since then add in my own cards too- although I rarely use that site anymore to be honest. BM is FAR, FAR better IMO. Nothing happened! LOL I also send a message whenever I get a book order or put one in there telling them about BM- BM is my favorite and I love talking about it to anyone who will listen!

  34. Heather said

    I sent some from my batch (bookmarks) out to Polynesia yesterday! I’ve also been adding some to all of the books people mooch from me.

  35. sugarandgrits said

    I joined BookMooch because someone from another site (SwapTree, eBay, Amazon??) sent a Mooch card in with the book(s) I had traded for/bought, so the cards do help attract new members. I’m living proof!! =D

    Also, I’m trying to do my part in spreading the word ~ I sometimes sell Books/CDs/DVDs on eBay/Amazon, so I include a BookMarker/Mooch card with each order. I’m a member of SwapTree as well, so a BookMarker/Mooch card is included with each book I swap. I know of 4-5 people from SwapTree who have joined due to receiving the cards because we’re now friends who email frequently! BookMooch is a great place to make new friends! =)

    Thank you John for all of your hard work!

  36. Katie said

    I received an envelope with some bookmarks from Gill *literally* about two and a half minutes after having mooched them. (My husband thought the envelope contained a new remote control…!) THANK YOU SO MUCH. This is going to make explaining BM so much more easier, and more fun too!! And Gill wouldn’t even accept a smooch or me reimbursing her for the postage. Thanks again.

  37. Katie said

    “More easier”?? You can tell I am swept away by my poor command of English…

  38. Katie said

    Or rather: You can tell, by my poor command of English, that I am swept away…

  39. sue. said

    hi there, just a note to say i have given out several different lots of mooch book marks and cards to new people in australia. none had herd of mooch before and they were interested in joining. as i only give these book marks out to people who are not already members i hope the word gets spread a lot more .tys brownbear for the chance to pass on the word about bookmooch. sue. queensland australia

  40. L. said

    Is there any possibilities to get a hold of a package of cards for other countries in Europe than the UK? It would be so awsome to hand out cards to people that I give books to.

  41. re: cards for other countries

    There are tons of people willing to send cards to other countries.

    Take a look here:

    and mooch away!


  42. Em said

    I got a bookmark through the post with an etsy order, which is how I joined.

  43. sue. said

    hi there everyone, i would like to thank all the different moochers how have help me to get bookmarks and cards, you now who you are.
    what i have done is approached several schools in my area, about puting the mooch site in there school newsletter as as a way to encourage kids and adults to read,and have handed out some book marks and cards for that purpose.i have also spoken to several friends who are teachers in different states. i am also helping a friend out at a flee market and will pass the word on there as well.

  44. Hercules40 said

    Hey John,

    If I have not received my BookMooch Bookmarks yet, should I e-mail you privately, or should I hust hang-on and wait, or are they possibly lost?

    And of course, once I receive them, I will disseminate them widely. I trade books with FOTL and used bookstores. The bookmarks and cards go/will go in there as always.

  45. Ann Maney said

    I’m a substitute teacher and I leave bookmarks in the teacher lounges of the schools where I work (teachers are readers). They have been well received and many people have asked me about BookMooch and some have indicated they are going to join. I think they really make a difference.

  46. Marie Loftus said

    I would love to acquire some Bookmooch bookmarks to distribute here in Ireland or to send along with my mooched books…please advise…where can I get some please?

  47. May said

    I leave my bookmarks in all the library books I borrow and return to the library! I know it’s cheeky but it might help spread the word!

  48. CHERYL12661 said

    Are the bookmarks available in the USA. How do we request them. Thank you.

  49. Hey, I don’t know if anyone said this, and my apologies if they did, but what if we had a nice .pdf or .jpg file of the mooch cards and bookmarks linked right to the blog? That way people could print their own cards and bookmarks at home for zero cost to bookmooch!

    I know that not everyone has a great color printer, but I think at least some of us do, so we might be able to save some money that way. What do you think?

  50. Oh! Another idea!

    If you’re keen on posting a .pdf of the business cards for people to print at home, you could easily format it on Photoshop and/or Word to fit nicely on an Avery (or some other) printable template. Then all people would have to do is buy the correct size business cards and hit the print button.

  51. Adam said

    I help run a show, so I’ll mooch some cards/bookmarks and ask if I can put them on the “promotions” table. You never know.

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