Canadian charity needs points

March 4, 2009

I received an email this morning from Dawn, who works at the Salt Spring Literacy Center.

Quite a few charities at BookMooch are swimming in points, which is fantastic, but for some reason this one hasn’t gotten much attention, so I thought I’d mention it in my blog. The URL to their home page was mis-typed (I’ve fixed it) in their BookMooch profile, which probably didn’t help.

Home page of Salt Spring Literacy

(see update below: this charity doesn’t need more points now)
Give some BookMooch points to this charity

Salt Spring Literacy is a registered non-profit charity working mainly with adults on Salt Spring Island to upgrade reading, writing, comprehension, and basic math skills.

We have tutors who can help you for free and privately in one-on-one sessions to

1. read documents,
2. fill out forms,
3. pass the written driver’s test,
4. read to your children,
5. upgrade your skills so you can apply for job training,
6. learn to use the computer,
7. enjoy reading more difficult books.


Thanks to everyone who gave points to this charity, as the Salt Spring Literacy Center now has over 500 mooch points. That’s plenty for now.

As one of the comments (from Claire) noted, the group “SNUG” is almost out of points, so they’d be a good one to give some love to. Here is what they do:

Towcester SNUG (Special Needs Umbrella Group) is a support group based in Towcester, Northamptonshire. It is run by parents/carers for parents/carers.

Give some BookMooch points to this charity (SNUG)

32 Responses to “Canadian charity needs points”

  1. The charity doesn’t appear in the list of “Charities by location” on .

  2. Margot said

    Done! Thanks for the heads-up, John.

  3. re: charity doesn’t appear in the list of “Charities by location”

    Whoops, that’s probably why they’re not getting any point donations, they don’t exist in the list of charities. I’ve fixed that now. Thanks!


  4. Gina said

    That sounds like a great charity!

  5. Yaffa said

    Thanks for the opportunity to do good.

  6. Eric said

    Wow! Charity has resulted in this charity receiving tons of points. They are going to be able to touch a lot more lives thanks to the generosity of others.

    Kudos, BookMooch Community.

  7. Sophie said

    Tee hee – just gave them five points and then noticed they had 246 points – because everyone else had beaten me to it! BMers are a dashed nice bunch of people …!

  8. Eylon said

    I love the charities that are on BM. It is just one more thing that makes it more fun to be a moocher 🙂

    My 2c on how I choose which charity to donate to: I look at their current number of points, but also at the number of books on their wishlist. If the wishlsit is very small then they are most probably not going to have an opportunity to use the points…

  9. Janet said

    So glad they will now be swimming in points, too!! Thanks for pointing them out.

  10. Claire said
    Towcester SNUG (Special Needs Umbrella Group) is a support group based in Towcester, Northamptonshire. It is run by parents/carers for parents/carers

    After reading John’s message and seeing how many points the charity now had, I started looking at all the other non US charities to see if any of them were really low on points. Why non US? because of the shipping costs internationally and since it takes 3 points to get books overseas. This charity has less then 25 points. If you want to give, please give a point to them.

  11. Sara said

    Please keep us updated on charities in need. I often donate points, but finding a charity with the right balance of points/wishlist items can take up a lot of time.

  12. Elizabeth said

    Thanks John for responding to the charity and giving us all a heads up. I was particularly moved to help the Towcester SNUG group as I am the mom of a special needs child. I rely on the kindness of so many people, especially other parents in the same boat, that I was so happy to be able to help.

  13. Elizabeth said

    Thanks John for responding to the charity and giving us all a heads up. I was particularly moved to help the Towcester SNUG group as I am the mom of a special needs child. I rely on the kindness of so many people, especially other parents in the same boat, that I was so happy to be able to help.

  14. Julie said

    Hercules Invictus is in need as well.

    Why not have a charity of the month to alert us to points of need?

  15. Heather said

    I would love to help any charity in need, no preference. But after searching I see that some chairties have thousands of points while others have hundreds or less. A charity of the month would be great!

  16. Stephanie said

    I love the idea of the charity a month alert….and because there are so many, it could be more frequent such as weekly or biweekly.

  17. CarolynS said

    Hi John, I have lots of of points I’d like to donate but have trouble finding charities that need them.I was too slow on this one, but it would be great if you (or other BMers)could let us know when other needy causes come up.

  18. alison said

    I totally agree that a charity of the month would be a good idea….don’t ya just love this bookmooch community, its such a win win situation 🙂

  19. Evelyn MacPhee said

    It’s late.

    Please give a step by step on how to give points to Hercules Invictus. I’ve tried several times and I can find it but I can’t figure out how to give the ten point gift I want to give them.



  20. Ed said

    There’s another charity getting low on points.

  21. imliterate said

    WoW Everyone ! – thank you, John, for posting the request for us, and thanks everyone for your generosity – Salt Spring Literacy will certainly reap lots of benefit from your gifts! – dawn

  22. Jeanette (Towcester SNUG) said

    Thank you to everyone who has donated points to us, they are most appreciated. We have over 500 points now, so enough to keep us going for a while.

    Thanks again, from all at Towcester SNUG

  23. Katie said

    Could you ad more UK cahrities, please? Thank you! Lots of Love!! K xoxox

  24. Anne said

    Have given points to Snug in the past as I have a granddaughter with physical difficulties and will certainly give them some more

  25. Thanks for the points fellow Moochers! With them I was able to start gathering books for several of our upcoming projects.

    Starting this month we’re adding three major plot elements from Beowulf into our ongoing Conan RPG campaign. Each participating kid will receive a copy of Beowulf & Eaters of the Dead (aka 13th Warrior), thanks to all of you.

    Next in our Mythic Literacy project: Sir Gawaine and the Green Knight

  26. Carrie said

    I agree! Charity of the month/week/moment would be very cool! and must finish “Sir Gawaine and the Green Knight” in a timely matter!

  27. Rena, the moochvolunteer who handles new charities, suggested to me that a quasi-regular blog entry about charities would be quite welcome.

    I think she’s right, and so every once in a while, Rena will write me with some thoughts on various charities, both new ones and existing ones that need more points.

    The charity aspect is a really important part of what I love about working on BookMooch!


  28. Nanci said

    I like the charity of the month Idea. You could provide a space on the charity page and the assigned group would provide a brief blog saying what they do and how the use points. Great idea!

  29. Stephanie (smoorefu on bookmooch) said

    Thanks so much for letting us know. I agree that a mention to us of charities that are really in need would be awesome. I think once a month is too often, though, and would stop being noticed. How about once a quarter? (And also, letting some of the charities that are “swimming in points” know about this might help, as they might be willing to “re-gift” a couple of points if they really have more than they can use!)

  30. Michelle said

    By the time I actually got round to reading this the mentioned charities were swamped with hundreds of points. So I’m waiting for the “Charity of the Month” or whatever to offer some of my excess points.
    I love Bookmooch. Thanks again for everything you do 🙂 Michelle

  31. Kay said

    Maybe we could publicize to more charities that could benefit from BookMooch? It would be great to have a downloadable/printable flier with the BookMooch information that starts with the words “Attention, charities….” Then I could post fliers on bulletin boards at city hall, the public library, and other public places. What do you think?

  32. becky said

    I’m also always trolling through the charity list to find someone to give points to… Perhaps a statistic next to the charity’s info would help direct points to where they’re needed at that very moment? Something like points/wishlist items? Or points/books mooched? I usually look for groups with a low number of points, a high number of items on their wishlist and a lot of previous mooches.

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