France now has cards and bookmarks

March 10, 2009

A few boxes of bookmarks and mooch cards were sent from the UK to France, and fellow moocher Jacqui is now offering packages of these to our fellow Francomoochers.


Mooch cards:

5 Responses to “France now has cards and bookmarks”

  1. Jacquie said


    Various people have been asking how to get BookMooch cards and bookmarks, whether they’re of any use, and what to do with them once you have them.

    1. you get them by mooching just like any other book. If you’re from outside France I’ll smooch back a point.

    2. I think they are an excellent means of spreading the word. Existing moochers often put a card in with a book they send, but I think we need to spread the word outside the existing community:
    – leave a card on your desk if you have one – there are always nosy people around an office!
    – put a card on a noticeboard wherever there is one: work, school, sports hall, community hall
    – write something for a local newspaper, parent association, sports association. Most of these items are desperate for any copy, so you’re bound to be published
    – slip a card in any envelope you send whether it be with a greetings card or you’re sending something to the bank, tax office, utility company, etc. We all write fewer letters than we used to, but there are still plenty of opportunities for using a BookMooch card to spread the word.

  2. Rachel said

    Will they be available to people in Ireland??

  3. Jacquie said

    Hi Rachel, sure, why not. From me or from Brownbear in the UK.

  4. atch said

    Hi I received cards from Jacquie today (thanks), so now you can mooch cards from Germany 😉

  5. erwin mcgee said

    The best use of the cards is to give them out at garage and/or estate sales where people have a lot of books and are obviously readers. Readers have books and most readers spend a lot of money on books. At garage sales, they are virtually giving their books away and will have dozens of books, still in inventory, when the garage sale ends. That remaining inventory is specie in BM.

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