BM had a problem for 10 hours

April 9, 2009

BookMooch had a technical problem for 10 hours, from about 5pm Pacific time to 3am Pacific time, and the web site was giving an error message in response to most things.

Everything should be back to normal now, but if you have any problems please do contact a tech support volunteer.

Sorry about that!


33 Responses to “BM had a problem for 10 hours”

  1. whitecatspirit said

    Thank you for fixing the problem it was hard not having bookmooch. I just love this site.

  2. Evelyn Steinberg said

    Welcome back and it’s looking great. will take some time to check out the changes. Thanks for such a fantastic site! Ev

  3. Erin C said

    I wouldn’t call it outrage LOL!
    I noticed but assumed it was a kink due to the new changes you made to the system. This was nothing like the Great Crash awhile back. Sure I missed Bookmooch for the day but I knew you would have it up in no time. I did notice though that today I have no book recommendations….

  4. akaRuthie said

    Absence makes the heart grow fonder… Thanks for all you do to keep us mooching.

  5. Andrew said

    One thing this blog needs: a link back to Bookmooch!
    How about adding one in the header navigation?

  6. Rosemarie (Freecyclor) said

    It’s up and much faster this morning! Of course, some of us were sucking our thumbs and whimpering in corners on all the BM forums last night…

    Thanks, John.

  7. Julie said

    I was going into withdrawal…must….have….books! Running much smoother, and I too assumed it was due to the new changes to the system, but maintained hope it would be fixed. Voila, and thanks again!

  8. michellereads said

    I thought that I was the only one desperately missing my bookmooch for two days in a row 🙂 I am addicted. Thanks so much for this wonderful website and service.

  9. Barb said

    thanks for getting it fixed – LOVE MY BM! hate not having it!!! LOVE BOOKMOOCH!

  10. mariahj said

    I wonder why I was down for about 10 additional hours?
    Anyway, I’m so glad we are all back, I think that everyone was having withdrawal symptoms!
    Thank you John.

  11. Gina said

    I was heart broken! LOL

  12. Wendy said

    Great! I was thinking it was my computer! I was about to email someone from the site for help.
    So glad its back!

  13. Ilana said

    Life without Bookmooch was unbearable. 😦 So glad to have it back online. These little outages only make it clearer how wonderful the site is!

  14. tennantfamily said

    Hi John, BookMooch was down on Tuesday evening, all day Wednesday and first thing this morning here – I was so pleased to see it back after I had done my daily scan and virus check when I looked again at 11 am. I had withdrawal symptoms, and many others must have done as we got a rush of mooches! It followed a day when our broadband connection failed too, and I had to use dial-up, so I was hell to live with and had to go and clear horse manure instead! Thanks for the message and the restoration of normal service! Gill (& Mark)

  15. charlotte said

    Hi John,

    thanks a lot for creating BM, to take care of it and specialy for the attention you put in each of us.
    i am completely addicted to BM (funny things is that I never read so much since I am a member of it!!!)



  16. HEIDI said


  17. Todd said

    I wasn’t concerned at all while it was down. After all, I had a few good books that I could indulge in!

    Like many others, I want to thank you for your efforts on Bookmooch. It is a great community resource.

  18. genieh88 said

    Wow!! the site is lightning fast! I am enjoying the new features…thanks so much for a great site that I am totally addicted to!

  19. wimbittworld said

    OMG Don’t do that to me again! I can’t go that long without a hit. I was refreshing and clearng cashes and all kinds of stuff. The panic attack was not abating. I am so glad to have the site back.

    Hello. My name is sevedra w. I am an addict.

  20. Marc said

    lol Sevedra W. I too am addicted. And I was worried about bookmooch going down, because I have so many points invested with you. I really need to start using those points. Please don’t go Madoff on me! 🙂

    My name is Marc D and I am a bookmoocher.

  21. foggylady99 said

    I had reluctantly installed Service Pk. 2 on my old XP just before I tried to access BM . Wow.
    It felt as if a lifeline had been cut. I found myself holding my breath.
    Yeah….addiction thingy.

    Can we start BM Anon?

  22. Caitie said

    Hi John,
    Glad to see BM up and running again, thanks for all your work on the site lately. One thing I miss since the changes is being able to see why a moocher won’t send to you…if it is because it’s reserved for someone else or because they are set to my country only. Just a little thing:)

  23. Karla said

    I was going insane. **must have BM** Now I know how an addict feels. Thank you for the wonderful site and all the time you invest to make it an awesone site.


  24. Naomi said

    Thanks! great to have it back, the new changes are great, thanks again for all the hard work. panic over!!

  25. Bagzlightyear said

    thanks, bookmooch is okay now, i was really scared… never had been scared towards a loss of website before… Bookmooch really rocks!

  26. porlock said

    Whew!! Thank you. The outage corresponded with my Mac rebuilding its brain, and I figured it was MY fault!
    Thanks for the great website.

  27. Anne Adams said

    I love Bookmooch!!

  28. Ailsa White said

    Thank you. Everything is okay now.

  29. Tria said

    Thanks for fixing it.

  30. Jax said

    Glad the new server is up and running. I really missed it, but knew you would pull it through. We had fun on the forum commisserating with each other. The changes, except for the longer time to wait until an international book can be marked lost, are awesome. I have one book I was waiting to mark lost and had one more day until 12 weeks were over, now I have to wait another umpteen weeks? bummersville. I’m sick of looking at it. I want that thing off my pending page and so does the other member. I think the admins should be able to mark a book lost if the member requests it. Mine was from USA to Canada, not to Somalia!

  31. Kylie said

    You never know how much you’ll miss something until it isn’t there… I was so happy when BM came back to me.

  32. sue phillips( greywarrier) said

    hi guys and girls. while it was annoying to have the site down ,it reminded me that we should not take this site for granted. and it does not matter how many changes john makes to this site. ONE THING IS REALLY OUT THERE… HE CANOT PLEASE EVERYONE…AND BECAUSE THIS SITE IS FUNDED BY SEVERAL DIFFERENT private means-moochers included,it is not a commerical pay as you use site. WHILE I THINK WE SHOULD EXPECT A CERTIAN QUALITY,IT MUST be rembered what mooch site is… it is A FREE well run SITE. grey.

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