This weekend: BM at Los Angeles Book Fair

April 21, 2009

BookMooch will be exhibiting at the LA Times Festival of Books on Saturday, April 25 and Sunday April 26, 2009 in Los Angeles, California.

The festival will be held on the UCLA campus and it should be a fantastic event! If you would like to come help with the BookMooch booth or have questions please email Teresa

17 Responses to “This weekend: BM at Los Angeles Book Fair”

  1. Oh boy! I smell fresh inventory. Thanks!
    I think Teresa deserves a smooch.

  2. Alisoun said

    Yeah but will they be willing to send overseas!!!!??

  3. ejhahn said

    Wish I could be there to help.

    Alisoun: Blame the USPS for the high cost of U.S. moochers sending books overseas. I use a U.S. address and pick them up when I’m there. BTW Canada and Australia are even worse.

  4. Jackie Nusz said

    Best wishes for a successful showing at the Book Fest in L.A. Lots of new mwmbers! Oh boy…. ! Have one in Denver soon and I will be there to help.

  5. Margot said

    Sounds excellent. If we get enough members, can we force the Post Office to re-instate book rate? I vote in the U.S., even if I live abroad.

  6. Every time I try to open anything on Bookmooch it’s encrypted. Does anyone know why? What can I do?

  7. Susan K said

    LA . . . A Festival of Books . . . what could be more enticing.

  8. Billie said

    I live in LA and I don’t plan on going. Mainly because it is such a great festival and I just cannot control myself. I don’t think my wallet could take it. However, I am very thankful to those brave souls who will venture there to promote bookmooch. You are brave…very brave!

  9. Em said

    I was there today. (It is fabulous. Simply fabulous. A bibliophile’s dream.) I did see the BM booth, but didn’t stop by as I was running for a panel I was attending. I’m going tomorrow too, and if I see the booth, I’ll say hi. 🙂 (It’s easy to lose the locations of things since there is so much going on at this festival.) Many thanks to the person who’s doing this. You rock.

  10. I was there!
    (just noticed the link while marking in a book)

  11. Penny said

    I was at LATFOB, too, working in a Women Writing the West booth. Sorry I didn’t have time to visit the BM booth. What a mob of attendees ! I came back very tired from talking with thousands. How about you? Hope you survived the LATFOB and made many new members for BM. Since I worked a writers’ org booth, I displayed members’ books & suggested they go to BM to obtain them. Have a great week.

  12. animlgrl said

    I was there! Picked up more bookmarks and got my friend interested in it! 🙂

  13. sue phillips( greywarrier) said

    hi there, all i can say is you are lucky people- you are, to be able to go to big book fest style weekend.( i love to do that at least once .) about post costs- guys and is a sad fact of life that people(moochers are unable or unwilling to send overseas.but the facts are the costs involved are costly from everywere. simple as that. .)it does not matter were you live.i have currently 6 books on my wish list i really want but cannot mooch because of they will not send out to overseas places because of cost.while frustrating,it is a fact of the same time i have on my bio that i will not send hardcovers overseas myself,once again cost,so i do not expect people to send them to me i ask them but i do not wory if they do not..haveing mooch angle partly solves this problem but not fully.
    any way have fun enjoy reading sue.

  14. John Gear said

    I have an idea for promoting bookmooch that might be a good supplement to the business cards —

    Bookmooch shipping labels! Self-stick labels that provide a place for the moocher’s address, the sender’s address, and lets the sender check “First Class” or “Media Mail” or “Media Mail (under 13 oz)” and says “Bookmooch.Com” and maybe includes the bookmooch aliens.

    What do you think?

  15. Kit Sunde said

    In reply to a few of the comments here: There’s an Angel network that will help you get books from people who don’t send overseas.
    I’ve used it myself, works great. 🙂

    *hints to John* Maybe a promotion is in order like with the unofficial bookmooch bank? 😛

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