LA Book Festival Photos

April 28, 2009

Teresa wrote me today, having come back from the LA Book Festival:

I wanted to report in on the LA Times Festival of Books – wonderful event.

As one of the larger book festivals turnout was very healthy — organizers estimated about 170,000 attended. The BookMooch booth enjoyed a constant stream of visitors who expressed interest & appreciation. Folks understood the concept right away and were very enthusiastic. Most overhead comment was “Great idea, I will definitely join!”.

BookMoochers Margot and Veronica came to help out with the booth. Several other Moochers stopped by specially to say hello and thanks. The Festival was on the beautiful UCLA campus and I’ve attached some shots in a zip file if you want to post them on the blog.

Moochers Bookworm

Latimesfest Moochervee

Bookmoochbooth2 Latimefestivalwbooth

Margotatthebooth Bmbooth

2 Responses to “LA Book Festival Photos”

  1. Ooh! I love those standees!

    Nice work you guys, and what a great event!

  2. Megan and Megan said

    BOOKMOOCH!! I cant believe you posted me and my friend Megan at the top of your blog page!! Thank you so much! As I told Theresa I am HUGE fan of your site and tell all my friends (readers or not) how this great site has helped feed my unquenchable hunger for books. You are all doing a great job, I know it is a lot of work!!…and when you need me to start working for you, you know where to find me!

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