BM Survey for you to take

June 1, 2009

Please take a moment to fill out a new BM survey.

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7 months ago, there was a BookMooch survey that lots of you responded to. The class that was doing the survey has sent me a lot of interesting info, and I’ll be posting the results in a blog entry soon.

The class and its professor/moocher (Karl Fast) has designed a followup survey. He wrote me to say:

The goal of this new project is to collect useful information for
improving how BookMooch encourages positive behavior and discourages
negative behavior. Our research in the fall suggested the current
system works, but some problem areas persist and the site could do
more to encourage certain behaviors.

Please take a moment to fill out the new survey.

12 Responses to “BM Survey for you to take”

  1. Vagabond said

    The survey was easy to take. No need to be squeamish about this one.

  2. Marielena Viciedo said

    I absolutely love bookmooch.
    1. Allows for you to acquire points: posting, mooching and acknowleging.
    2. There is constant mooching. (I am a member of paperbackswap and i do not get the same feedback or activity as with bookmooch.)
    3. Multitasking: charity, helping other moochers, and great technical support.

    Thanks for having such a website.

    • sally said

      Was not impressed with paperback swap. When you used up the points that you had you couldn’t get anymore books even with adding books to your list until somebody requested books from you. I got more requests with bookmooch.

    • Chrissy said

      I agree, BookMooch is a lot better than PaperBackSwap. I have only mailed out 2 books in the last 6 months from my PBS account, but I sent about 10-12 a month with BookMooch. I always get the books I want and never have to wait long for them to become available on BM, but on PBS I never get books from my wishlist. I love BookMooch!!!

  3. Dovile said

    A very easy survey, really. I just wonder why you have to be over 18 to take part in it.

  4. Emily said

    I’m getting a network timeout whenever I try the link, is this happening for anyone else?

  5. Karl Fast said

    You need to be 18 to take the survey due to ethics requirements for any research involving human subjects. If you’re under 18 you are, according to federal standards, automatically considered a child and the research becomes subject to a whole other level of scrutiny.

    These rules were designed for medical and psychological studies. For the most part they don’t apply to user research such as this survey. But the bureaucratic nature of the modern university is such that we were required to include the caveat about under 18.

  6. trudy said

    I think bookmooch is the very best book swap site. It’s always coming up with new idea’s and the point system is the best I’ve found; allowing moochers to save points for books they really want (other sites (ie: readitswapit) require a direct swap which means that if the requestor does not have books you would like or not much choice you either have to choose a book you don’t want or reject the request). This site is brilliant to browse,very good on the eye and lot’s of choice, fun. I like the bookmarks and business cards, the messages/updates that are clearly listed, the interactive style, the way you can email John and he responds, the friends I’ve made, the fun I’ve had. I love the brand, the look – there’s nothing I don’t like! It’s fab! I’ll keep spreading the word of bookmooch! I’d love bookmooch postcards to snail mail my mates :-> (love the lottery as well!!)

  7. Margot said

    It’s the most useful site going for people outside the U.S., as I am. Even the Post Office’s elimination of Book Rate couldn’t kill it, thanks to the angel network. John’s a good manager — just enough structure to keep things fair and he creates an environment that allows ideas for the site to flourish. Thank you, John.

  8. Becky K. said

    I’ve tried to click this survey about a dozen times now on various days and each time I get “Internet Explorer cannot display this webpage.” 😦

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