Google chrome fixed for BM

June 3, 2009

Chromelogo Sm-1
A few of you have switched to the Google Chrome web browser, and reported problems to me (and the volunteer admins) in using BookMooch with that browser.

As of today, I’m pretty sure I’ve fixed the issues with using the Google Chrome Web Browser with BookMooch.

If you still have problems with Chrome and BookMooch, please post a comment to this blog entry, along with a URL to the page that doesn’t work, or any other explanation that might help me recreate it.

I think the changes I made for Chrome will also fix a few small issues there were with the Safari 4.0 beta web browser.

And on a final note, when I was traveling recently in France, when I visited BookMooch from France I couldn’t get past the “choose your language” page that the home page redirects to, if it detects you coming to BM from a non-English speaking country. That was pretty frustrating, and occurred in both Firefox and Safari for me.

For this reason, I’ve disabled this “redirect new users to pick a language” page, and instead the regular home page is displayed (as most people expect) and the language choices are in the bottom right of the home page.

7 Responses to “Google chrome fixed for BM”

  1. trudy said


    I’m not able to display the ‘details’ page.

    Best wishes,

  2. Tim said

    Yeah, I can’t see the “transaction details” page from the feedback pages.

    Not Google Chrome either. Using IE7.

  3. Bruce Dressel said

    Awesome, John!! Thanks for keeping BM current with other browsers!!

  4. Excellent — I can now email members and add new inventory, which I was unable to do while using Chrome before. Thanks!

  5. Lisa said

    Thank you so much. I had to go back and install Explorer to use BM. This saves me from having to remember to login through Explores instead of Google Chrome. Many thanks for the fast response to this

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