Radio interview on Litopia Daily

July 8, 2009


Literary agent Peter Cox interviewed me for his publishing-industry-news radio show. Peter is a great interviewer, making me feel relaxed and asking just a few pointed questions that steer the conversation and make it move naturally to interesting topics.

16 Responses to “Radio interview on Litopia Daily”

  1. sue phillips( greywarrier) said

    hi there, i listend to the interview you did john and yes i think it was a good interview.and yes book publishers should have a listen and take note of it. 140,000 people mooch, even i did not no mooch was that large and that 2/3 were on mooch daily. woow. yes i have friends that i chat to regularly through mooch and i have given nearly 100 books and received nearly 140 back since january this has opened up a way for me to get books i would not of been able to afford and as i have several issues with my health a way to relax and think of other things except my pain i can not always get out of the house.i has helped me in keeping contact with a lot of overseas people i would never had the chance to know and also do a bit of charity work great thing mooch tys john and the people who help you run mooch sue australia.

  2. Joyce said

    The thing that Amazon has not yet realized is that it is the thousands of book swappers who are buying the new books in the first place! I have purchased more books from Amazon, and other online bookstores, since starting to swap books, than in all the combined years of my life before hand. Something for book distributors to think about.

  3. Vagabond said

    Shouldn’t Amazon just be happy that you are linked up with them and many times we purchase from them anything we can’t easily get on bookmooch? I don’t feel sorry for them at all. They get the lion’s share of my online purchases. I love the premise of bookmooch because you can feel good when you send someone a book for free and they are really excited to be getting it. Also, I’ve listed books on bookmooch in less than stellar condition and clearly state that in the notes. People are still happy to be getting the book that I wouldn’t be able to sell on Amazon, anyway. Apples and oranges here.

  4. Joyce said

    I tried to submit a comment on your radio interview at, but the comments never show on the site.

  5. Ren said

    Great interview John. Way to get the word out. Amazon continues to disappointed me with it’s shortsightedness – first the whole issue a few months back with LGBT books and their continued stance on BM and other sites…

  6. Lisa said

    Really enjoyed the interview and the introduction to the Litopia web site – thanks for both. I agree with Joyce’s comments regarding BookMooch fueling a lot of new book purchases rather than the reverse.
    I hope Amazon and other book marketers realize we’re all on the same side – more great books for more people! IMHO, Book mooching/swapping keeps the reading community thriving, generates interest in new (and old) books, which in turn helps Amazon and the publishing industry as a whole. Thanks again for sharing the interview and for all your dedication to BM–it has enriched my library AND my life. Off to read :0)

  7. Rosemarie (Freecyclor) said

    Interesting interview! I didn’t know Litopia, but have signed up for their feeds on Itunes.

    Mooching has offered me the opportunity to read new authors and topics “on spec”; and Amazon has been a major beneficiary of that, when I fill in a series or look for other books on a new topic.

    I wish Amazon, as the world’s largest bookseller, could see beyond the immediacy of next quarter’s profits to understand that the entire reading community (BM, LT, review and discussion sites, etc.) ultimately support it. How disappointingly shortsighted!

  8. MurdererDelacroix said

    That was a great interview, really. ๐Ÿ™‚ You guys brought up a lot of great points about readership and the publishing industry.

    I think what Amazon doesn’t realize, is that thanks to my time on bookmooch, I’ve actually PURCHASED more new books! I’ve bought books for myself, books for friends, and perused sections in Barnes and Noble I never would have gone to before. Besides, sometimes when a book is on hundreds of bookmooch wishlists, I sometimes just give up and purchase it on amazon anyway.
    (Not to mention Angeling books for people makes me want to read other stuff too.)

    I really hope that mooch-before-you-buy works out too, because then authors would benefit from secondhand book trading too.

    • Peggy said

      I mirror your comments! I have read many authors that I would not have it I had to purchase all the books I have read. But now, when I read an author I have never read before, I look for other books by him/her and if the wait is too long on bookmooch, I go purchase them. I have been a member of bookmooch since 2/6/07 and to date have given 478 books away with 16 pending and received 423! That is alot of books that I never could have afforded to purchase! I love bookmooch. Keep up the great work John. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Macie said

    keep up the good work

  10. Josh said

    HI!its a great interview and i think publishers should seriously listen and take a note of it.

    Btw, I really like your blog so I submitted it to will help more people discover it!

    If you want you can claim your blog at which will also help your ranking.

    Hope you get more traffic through that!Anyway, I hope you have a great week and that you will be successful in every activity you engage in!

  11. Jill said

    I agree with others that Amazon will continue to receive my business despite my book swapping. I wanted to read a book that’s tough to get on Bookmooch, so I bought my own copy from Amazon. I loved it so much I couldn’t give it away, so I bought another copy and let an ecstatic moocher have it. I even bought a third copy to give as a gift! Amazon and Bookmooch will both get my attention for a long time to come.

  12. Lottie said

    You have my vote.

    Mooching encourages reading. It promotes literacy. It spreads knowledge. It stimulates thought. It helps protect the environment. And, yes, injects money into the book industry: the writing, translating, publishing, and selling of yet more books.

  13. Cynthia said

    When books were cheap, I tried new authors all the time. Now that books are expensive, I tend to buy who I know. With Bookmooch, I can take a chance on an author who is unfamiliar to me with no risk – if I don’t like the book, I list it for someone else to enjoy. If I like it, chances are I’ll go buy the rest of that author’s work, so the bookstores benefit. Hmmm…the lady I buy homemade jams and jellies from the Farmer’s Market does the same thing-puts out samples of things I wouldn’t be inclined to try and every time she gets me hooked on a new flavor.

  14. Michelle said

    Great analogy, Cynthia and that was a super interview, John. I enjoyed hearing you talk about things that are important to you and to Bookmooch. I agree with the interviewer – your passion is obvious and contagious. I think readers are the most passionate people in the world! Keep up the great work, and I’d also like to thank you again for all that you do for Bookmooch and for its members.

  15. sherby57 said

    I really enjoyed the interview, it was interesting to find out more about the origins of your great site. Perhaps you should start a bookmooch podcast; with 140,000 members, there is plenty of scope for listeners and contributors.

    If even a percentage of members subscribed to a podcast, you’d end up on the podcast charts and bring in even more publicity.

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