BookMooch was down 12h

July 30, 2009

Sorry about that! BookMooch was unavailable for the past 12 hours. The computer it runs on ran out of memory, so I had to restart it.

I have a new server, with 3 times the memory ready to go, however I am currently on vacation (camping in Europe) so I don’t want to switch to the new machine until I get back.

BM admin Mark has my mobile telephone number and texted me with the problem, and I worked on it when I woke up. There was no data loss – the machine just needed to be restarted, that’s all.

-john (in a sleazy netcafe outside Frankfurt, Germany)

41 Responses to “BookMooch was down 12h”

  1. ary29 said

    Enjoy your European vacation, John 🙂 Thanks for BM!

  2. r1hard said

    thxs for the information – enjoy your vacation and have a great time in Germany

  3. jimmyejohn said

    Thanks John for keeping us up an running even while on vacation. I hope the rest of your time is smooth and enjoyable with no more interruptions.
    Thanks again!

  4. Sleazy or not, I wish I was there! Enjoy and return safely.

  5. justelise said

    Why is it that there is no way to report that the site is down from the BookMooch Blog?

    • Mark Williams said

      Hi Justelise,

      We get reports from the very active members (BM addicts 🙂 whenever the site goes down, so no need to worry about letting us know.

  6. Terri Loeffler said

    I’m so glad it was you and not me! I was worried for a while! Thank you!

  7. Rosemarie (Freecyclor) said

    These occasional outages are part of BM’s “clubby” feel, and remind me of why I enjoy it so much (after the initial panic attack passes!) Nice to know that real people like you and Mark WP, who posts updates on the various associated forums, are on the job.

    Enjoy your vacation!

  8. SueTX said

    Thanks for the restart 🙂 Any chance of considering a ‘status page’ somewhere off the main site IP eg (like, which was up even though was down). Even a message like ‘Yes, we know it’s down’ or ‘Maintenance in progress, be patient & take a coffee break’ or some such would help us not keep hitting refresh sometimes (I’m speaking for myself 😉 ) and might reduce load if site is undergoing maintenance and/or slow because of a known cause.

    Anyway – thanks again! I certainly hope the weather there is better than here for camping (heavy rain and storms for us), Happy Holiday.

  9. Macie said

    Enjoy your vacation, Mark has your back. We know these things happen now and then.

  10. Barbara said

    Sleazy netcafe outside Frankfurt sounds very interesting…

    Glad it wasn’t anything serious, though, and BM is now up and running again. Was getting worried! 🙂

  11. Hello John:

    I’m glad that nothing serious happend to the site. Enjoy your vacation and thanks for fixing it all. Best wishes from Mexico (and give my warmest regards to all Germany),

  12. Sheri said

    Thanks so much for fixing BM even on vacation! I was missing my bookmooch. 🙂 Thanks for all you do. It is a great site.

  13. thepinkegobox said

    Thanks for getting it back again! I figured it was a server issue again since the site is growing in leaps and bounds.

    Enjoy your vacation!

  14. Joyce said

    The price of growth. We do love you you know.

  15. James Fennell said

    Be sure to try the Binding Beer in Frankfurt, its the local specialty, and its unbelievably delicious (if your into beer!)

    Kudos again for all the work on BookMooch!

  16. Barb said

    Glad to hear it wasn’t anything too serious. Just glad it is up and running again. I missed it.

  17. Christa said

    Thanks so much for fixing it while on Vacation- enjoy the rest of it!

  18. Jaymee said

    Thank you for all your hard work! 🙂

    –Jaymee (heterotopic, Philippines)

  19. Teresa said

    Thank you for all your hard work. Enjoy your vacation!

  20. Crystal said

    No worries, I’m very glad it wasn’t another drive that went out. Every machine needs a reboot once and awhile. Enjoy your vacation John!

  21. I almost had a heart attack 🙂 Enjoy Europe, wish I was there with you!
    BTW.. Is there a secret to get the forums to work? Of all the time I’ve been here, I have never been able to pull them up 😦

  22. m said

    Does bookmooch have a twitter account for just such occasions? There does not seem to be an account called “bookmooch”.

  23. Pat said

    These things never happen until you’re on vacation. Glad you were able to get it back online so quickly! Enjoy the time away.

  24. Osha341 said

    I hope you’re enjoying the German beer and don’t forget to buy a cuckoo clock from the black forest, it would look great in your office.

    Thanks for getting us going again, received books, couldn’t post, needed oxygen!!! LOL Linda

  25. Laura said

    Glad the shutdown was nothing serious. Have a good vacation!

  26. Jessica said

    Welcome on our shores!

  27. RidgewayGirl said

    I’ve used an iffy internet cafe just north of Munich. Good times, eh?

    Thank you for interrupting your vacation (maybe leave the mobile phone at home next time?) for our favorite addiction. And thanks to markwp for his tireless labor on our behalf.

  28. Ren said

    It was scary and frustrating but things happen ^_^

    Enjoy your vaca! Lucky ^^

  29. Mark Williams said

    Thanks for the kind words folks,

    But I just tipped off the Big Mooch this time, he does all the heavy lifting 🙂

    I’m just one of a team of current or semi-retired admins/techs and those who help us so much every day through their essential tech and abuse reports.

  30. Judy said

    If you come by central Norway, you’re welcome to visit us!

  31. Lisbon Hepburn Library said

    Thanks for BM! You have no idea how much it is saving NYS Public Libraries with our funding cuts!!!!!

  32. AkaShy said

    john, really appreciate that you still work on bookmooch even when you’re on vacation. your effort is much appreciated by the BM addicts (count me as one of them!) 🙂 take care, and enjoy your european vacation! 🙂

  33. Miriam said

    Thanks for interrupting your vacation and handling the problem. All of us addicts can give a sigh of relief! :o)

  34. sue said

    It was kind of nice to get books and not being able to post books. I was finally able to get caught up with my packaging. Although I’m one of the addicts that can’t stay away from the site.

  35. Aaron said

    I’m still having trouble with the Data API. Is it currently down, or is the problem on my end?

  36. Jasmine said

    I’m still having trouble as well, any time I click on a link, it opens up a download box for application/ octet-stream rather than going to links.

    Is this a known problem? Does it have a workaround?

  37. Donna Jade Lacy said

    Thanks for taking time to fix it. I do so enjoy checking it every day. I’m a devoted fan of bookmooch. Enjoy Germany. I would like to be there too.

  38. Laura said

    Hope you enjoy your time off. When you get back, could you work on the forums a little? I thought my computer was too slow or maybe the net was too congested, but I bought a new computer and I’m writing this at 6:22 a.m. and I still can’t access it. hmmmpf.

    Anyhoo, I love Bookmooch and recommend it to strangers even. Thanks for letting me vent.

  39. Helen Simer said

    Hello out there!
    Does anybody know that when the “Mooched” button in “My Account” is pushed, the page returns to the Frontpiece where the little bookies are tossing books around? I’m not complaining, only worried that some creeping computer sickness is at work.

  40. Bobby said

    Is anyone still downloading “octetstreans” when they access the site?

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