Amazon search works again

August 22, 2009

Amazon Happy
I’ve fixed the problems with Amazon searching on BookMooch, so these things should all work again:

– browse for books, search amazon

– add books with amazon search

– moochbar

– accented chåràctérs such as searching for Émile

Over the past few days, it was possible, if you were persistent, to add a book to BookMooch from Amazon with just the ISBN number, but unfortunately no information was brought in from Amazon about the book. There were a few thousand titles in BookMooch like this: books without author or title information. I’ve written a small program to find all these books and to pull the missing info from Amazon. This should be complete in a few hours: if you still see books without an author and title (in a few hours), please inform tech support about it so I can try to fix it.

The one thing I cannot get to work is searching for Japanese text against Japanese users of BookMooch will need to use the ISBN number to search Amazon inside BookMooch, or find the book at and add it to BookMooch with the moochbar. Note, however, that once a Japanese book is in BookMooch, that the BookMooch search does work with Japanese.

If you have any further problems searching Amazon from within BookMooch, please post a blog comment here with details.


16 Responses to “Amazon search works again”

  1. Kenzie said

    I am so glad it works now! thanks john!!!!

  2. jennifer said

    Felicitations John! I don’t know how you do it or understand how any of it works but I do so enjoy mooching! Thanks for being there! Best Wishes Jennifer

  3. Ann Leonesio said


  4. Nancy said

    Thank you so much John! I love BookMooch!

  5. Michelle said

    Hi John,
    Thanks for all of your efforts. It’s so nice to have those features back. It was especially nice of you to write the small program putting titles and authors in so that book owners don’t have to go back and re-enter either the info or the whole listing again.
    Can you put your feet up now?

  6. Michelle F. said

    Yahoo! I’m happy that I can use the Amazon feature again. It makes searching easier, especially when you want to add a lot of books that’ll be coming out soon.

  7. Sébastien said

    Hi John

    Thank you for all the effort you put into bookmooch!

    The accents still pose a problem for me: it works with words such as “Émile” and for words with accented characters inside the word, but if the last character is accented (e.g. ukulélé, tomié), it is replaced by a left arrow: e.g. ukulél←, tomi←

  8. Aman Singer said

    Hello, John.
    Sorry to disturb you through this method, but all the others have CAPTCHAs. Would you be good enough to email me, or give me a non-captcha method of accessing the tech support or your own mailbox? I am a blind user using a screen reader to access BookMooch and, though I can give books, I can’t request them, because of the CAPTCHAs. The forums don’t seem to be posting for me, either, and tech support is CAPTCHA protected, too. If you could email with any ideas, I’d be grateful. Thanks.

  9. Ruambo said

    Good job!

  10. Cyndi said

    Thanks for all you do! You and Bookmooch are very much appreciated! I am so totally addicted!

  11. Claire Thomas said

    Thanks for all your hard work – glad you understand it all!

  12. Jackie said

    I’ve been adding books by using the search field in ADD which searches for the ISBN in Amazon for some time. It works great for me because it helps me remember to put in the condition notes on the spot and helps me make sure Amazon gave me the right edition etc. and not audio books or large print or whatever [the info CAN be wrong in Amazon because they have a lot of ventors that err]…
    BTW…In another book swapping site they have the nifty thing that pops the book info up without even having to click on search or ADD after you put in the ISBN number in the field. Speeds up adding books a lot. Email me if you need more info.

  13. NNoor said

    Yeay! Thank you John!

  14. Haurex said

    Thanks for all you do! You and Bookmooch are very much appreciated! I am so totally addicted!;. All the best!!

  15. Rachel said

    Um, just a heads up, but searching in Japanese does not seem to be working at the moment. I type Japanese text into the search bar, click “search”, and my text gets turned into gobbledy-gook symbols. I haven’t had this problem before, so I don’t *think* the problem’s on my end…

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