iPhone app ready, but you can’t have it

September 6, 2009

Paperphone2The good news: the BookMooch app for the iPhone is all finished.

The bad news: I can’t let anyone use it, because Amazon has decided that only they get to have an iPhone app that displays their book data.

Worse yet, Amazon has been recently enforcing this position and threatened both Delicious Monster (twittered) and Pocketpedia with total suspension of all access to Amazon’s book data unless they complied (both did as Amazon requested and pulled their iPhone apps).

Amazon recently changed the book information feed that BM (and others) use from being called “Amazon Web Services” to now being called the “Product Advertising API”. They also changed the terms of service to be much more strict: “You will not use the …Data Feed…in any… manner, that does not have the principal purpose of advertising and marketing the Amazon Site and driving sales of products and services on the Amazon Site.” It’s unfortunate that they’ve decided to become less open, and this change of theirs affects a large number of book-related web sites.

It’s also arguable that Delicious Monster, Goodreads and BookMooch are now in violation of this new clause, since all these web sites have a more engaging “principal purpose” than advertising Amazon. There are a small number of iPhone apps that search Amazon available on iTunes, but all of them seem to do nothing more than “search for book, find it, click *buy*” — ie, they really are nothing but promotional vehicles, and it seems that Amazon doesn’t pursue them.

Given that BookMooch uses Amazon’s book information to power itself, and that Amazon is very-much enforcing this new clause in their terms of use, I’m holding off on submitting the BookMooch iPhone app to Apple. It seems likely to me that Amazon would notice and force us to remove it, and we also would risk their totally disabling the BookMooch web site as they have threatened other sites with.

I found out about this a few weeks ago, but by that point I was already about 70% finished doing the iPhone app, and was in a $2700 contract (having paid half already) for the completion, so I couldn’t back out. What I’ve done is to get the iPhone app finished, and now wait and see if Amazon changes its position.

Alternatively, if BookMooch didn’t use Amazon’s book information, we could do as wanted and release the iPhone app right away.

I’m looking into other sources for book data, and this might be the way we go in the future. BookMooch currently refers about $20,000 a month worth of book sales to Amazon and we receive a sales commission for doing this, which partially funds BookMooch’s expenses.

If BookMooch stopped using Amazon’s data, we would need to grow the monthly donations by about 40% to cover the loss in commission revenue, and we might possibly need to raise money to pay for the book data, if we went with a source of book data that charged monthly fees (most book-information data sources do charge).

It might help if moochers contact Amazon’s customer support and write “I urge you to change your policy regarding not allowing web sites to build iphone apps if they use the Amazon Product Advertising API. Your policy is making me feel bad about buying from Amazon.” Or something to that effect.

Below I’m including some screen captures of my using the BookMooch iPhone application.

Iphonebm Img 0518 Iphonebm Img 0526 Iphonebm Img 0522

Iphonebm Img 0525 Iphonebm Img 0516 Iphonebm Img 0517

88 Responses to “iPhone app ready, but you can’t have it”

  1. Megan said

    That’s disappointing Amazon has changed their stance so much… and how inconvenient. I’ll hold out hope that we’ll be able to use the app soon — I would be thrilled to have it! Thanks for all your hard work!

  2. Claire said

    It looks great – I hope we can use it soon!

  3. Lori said

    Would LOVE a bookmooch app. Fingers crossed the powers that be change their minds. Fat chance, right?

  4. Kathy said

    Does anyone have a direct link to contact Amazon? I just went and looked and couldn’t find a “contact us” button anywhere. Maybe I just overlooked it.

    • Gloria said

      Hi! The only way I know of to contact Amazon is to NOT sign in, but go to the top left of the page and click on the help button. (Note: This is a very small button so can be easily over looked) On the help page there are tons and tons of links. Ignore these. Just look in the lower right side of the page, you shouldn’t even need to scroll down, and there will be a “contact us” button. Then you can either sign in,(I don’t sign in) or you can hit the “skip sign in” button and then post your email. Hope that this helps you! God Bless You! Gloria

      • Tom said

        I just looked and they must have updated their site recently, you can now view the Contact Us button on the help page. I missed it the first time, but you walk through Gloria helped. Whether you’re logging in or not select Help, and you’ll see the Contact Us button (like all other Amazon buttons) on the right side beneath the list of links, just where Gloria recommended.


  5. Crystal said

    I think what’s triggering it is all the drama over Google books. Amazon is reacting by battening down the hatches, which will backfire on them in the long run.

    Maybe see if someone else can do something similar to what amazon used to, and leave amazon in the dust. Perhaps two or three other places. That way you have some back up if something like this happens again.
    Possibles off the top of my head:
    Barnes and Noble,
    I’m sure they’re other’s out there.

    Perhaps you could strike a trade some publisher, or store where they get their logo on the site in places, as a ‘featured retailer, or something like that. Where you’d get a small % and access to their database.

    It’s not going to be as easy, or perhaps as accurate as Amazon. But there is/will be a way to do so. Take care I hope it works out, I love this site and would hate to loose it.

  6. Laura said

    How about betterworldbooks.com?

  7. Dave said

    Boo to Amazon on this change. They need to remain open as they have been in the past, this is one of the reasons that many folks send business Amazon’s way. Its a shame a great product such as this, which would actually send people Amazon’s way for buying books, I assume, are being blocked because of their policy. I truly hope Amazon changes their tune and allows developers to access their database, for it benefits both parties.

  8. Lilly said

    If it’s any consolation, the app does look great. Can’t wait to have it, and hopefully Amazon will change its policy soon.

    Here are some money raising ideas:
    -Make the app available for $0.99 or an optional donation (I wouldn’t mind paying a buck for it)
    -Allow advertising through the app (I don’t know how this works, but i’ve seen it on a lot of iPhone apps)
    -Put in a postage printing option on the website that would enable us to print Media Mail/First Class postage and charge a small fee. If you charge something like 10 cents per transaction, people will still be willing to pay it because it’s convenient and supports the website. And since postage printing does not have to be mandatory, those of us that don’t want to pay a small transaction fee, don’t have to.

    Thanks for all your hard work!

    • Schneider said

      I *love* the print-your-shipping-label-with-postage-through-BookMooch-for -a-small-fee idea.

      And I’d pay twice the 10¢ mentioned for the convenience.

      Labeling books for shipment is the most (just about the only, actually) tedious thing about BookMooching, and this would substanially cut down on the work involved.

      In fact, I’ve just realized that it would cut out the waiting in line at the Post Office, too, and now I’d be willing to pay even more for each label-with-postage.

      John, I know this would be a HUGE complication with respect to the programming, but please consider it. It would be both a revenue stream for BookMooch and a huge convenience to those that decided to use it.


    • Elisa said

      I really like these fundraising ideas. I would pay a dollar for the app and 10c. for a mailing label/postage.

  9. DubaiReader said

    I also wondered about Barnes and Noble or similar.
    Do they charge?
    How frustrating after all that work.
    It seems pretty closed minded of Amazon though, it’s our first port of call for all book info but if someone else were to fill their shoes on sites like BM that’s where we’d automatically turn.
    And what about Google Books? I haven’t heard of them but if they are the ones upsetting Amazon perhaps they’d be prepared to step into Amazon’s shoes?

    We appreciate all your work Jon, it’s great to know there is such dedication behind the scenes 🙂

  10. jonathan said

    we’ll release it for jailbronken phones….

  11. UMG said

    I can only imagine your frustration. I agree with an earlier commenter — you could make the ap .99 cents or do advertising. Either way, I wouldn’t mind. And since everyone who would be interested in it would already be a BM user, you wouldn’t have to do any extra explaining of price/advertising.

    For what it’s worth: I love that you work so hard for BookMooch not become a profit making enterprise. That being said, there is no reason to actively prohibit it. I think BookMooch and you deserve a little spending money now and again. It’s the capitalist in me.

  12. Kris said

    Do you know of a good email at amazon to file a complaint? I think if they realized how many times people like myself ended up buying a book from their site after using bookmooch, they might change their minds.

  13. digitalis said

    I’m sorry you put so much work in to this only to have to put it aside for now. For what it’s worth, I think you made the right choice. We can wait a bit, and explore alternate options. Let me know if there’s anything solid I can do.

  14. Ellie said

    For those that suggested American replacements for Amazon, remember this is an international site. Amazon is great because they sell books all over the world and I can easily add UK editions to my wishlist by searching with amazon.co.uk and therefore I have more chance of getting a domestic mooch or at least someone that sends to my country.

    I think Amazon have formed a bit of a monopoly on this and therefore can pretty do much what they want. If you do find a replacement, please don’t forget about those of us outside America!

    • Crystal said

      Those of use outside of your area would probably wouldn’t know what the good places to get books in your area are. Hence the idea for multiple information sources.

      Just brainstorming is all, I didn’t intend to leave anyone out. 🙂

  15. Alex K said

    I just sent the following email to Amazon and I encourage everyone to do the same:

    I am disappointed to learn of your changes to the terms of service regarding other websites that use your book feed. I frequent a site that uses this feed more than I visit Amazon.com and all of my purchases from Amazon in the past few years have originated with this other site. It is also disheartening to learn that Amazon is refusing to allow these web sites to build iphone apps if they use the Amazon Product Advertising API.

    I have been growing increasing disenchanted with the Amazon brand in the past few years and this latest development only increases what I perceive as corporate greed and close-mindedness. As access to information becomes more universal with the maturing of the internet revolution, the companies that are succeeding are the ones which embrace the freedom of information while the rest get left behind with their heels dug in.

    I would greatly appreciate a response from your company regarding this issue as maybe you will be able to explain your actions more clearly.

    Thank you for the opportunity to voice my opinion.

    Alex K

  16. セレネ said

    Is it possible to use the Librarything database for Bookmooch as well?

  17. Art Zemon said

    Use LibraryThing http://librarything.com/ instead of Amazon. You can get bib data and book cover images, all free. You may need to cache the cover images, depending on volume, but I wrote a little app to do that for free: http://cheerfulcurmudgeon.com/2008/08/11/caching-free-librarything-book-covers/

  18. Kathy said

    Alex, that looked great! I did as suggested and tried to find that contact link to amazon, but alas, it’s still eluding me!

  19. Rene said

    I would love to have the app for my iphone. I had one for a brief time with Delicious Monster and it was great. I could look to see if I had a book before purchasing it at the bookstore or on Amazon or I could look for related book and then purchase but Amazon made Delicious Monster withdraw the app and now I can’t use it. I hope they release the restrictions and let people enjoy using the sites that help them manage their libraby collections and purchases. I would be willing to pay a yearly fee for app access.

  20. Kathy Abbott said

    It took some seaching, but here’s the link if anyone else would like to write to them –

  21. Kara said

    I too am extremely disappointed. I emailed Amazon to complain. I buy so many books through Amazon, and I feel betrayed. It likely won’t do a bit of good, but I told them I will not purchase another book or product from them until the policy is reversed, and I will cancel my Amazon credit card (actually, I will just stop using it, because I don’t want to affect my credit score by dropping a card with a long history lol). But it really is a ridiculous policy on their part, since these apps can only help them – surely they would just increase referral fees.


  22. Wryen said

    What about releasing it on the Cydia Store? Shortly after the Google Voice App was taken down by at&t an unofficial version popped up on the cydia store for those with jail broken iphones to use until things could be resolved.

  23. leo said

    Can’t you use LibraryThing?

  24. You could have created a web application that worked on the iPhone and avoided the application approval process. If you are not going to charge for the application, then that is the way to go.

  25. geeknik said

    Use books.google.com. Screw Amazon. Then sign up with admob.com and put a mobile advertisement on the page. If people are serious about bookmooch.com, they will click the ads to suport you without you asking them to click on the ads. 🙂

    Info page for “The Hunt For Red October” by Tom Clancy:


    I like it much more than Amazon.com. 🙂

  26. Christa said

    Just sent the e-mail to amazon, even though I don’t own an iPhone so the app wouldn’t help me anyway, but what Amazon is doing doesn’t seem fair… Hope something comes of all of us writing in.

    • Carianne said

      Ditto, I don’t have an iPhone but I think the policy is ridiculous and have sent the e-mail. Kara, I too have voted with my $ and stopped using Amazon card due to ridiculous other policies.

  27. Kelly said

    Also sent an email to Amazon. The only way to get the attention of Amazon is to stop ordering from them. Sorry about your hard work for nothing. Maybe they will relent and change the policy. I love BookMooch and would hate to see anything happen to it!

  28. Char said

    Yeah, i sent an email to amazon, though i don’t own an iPhone either. Want one though. http://www.books.google.com looks really good. I think that’d work well.

  29. Emidawg said

    I am sad that iPhone gets all of the attention for things like this.

    How about an application that runs on Windows Mobile, Pocket PC or PalmOS?

  30. Kara said

    I heard back from Amazon, and they are so confused, they don’t even understand what I am complaining about. They sent me a form email thanking me for my feedback on the Kindle. So I clicked the button saying their response did not answer my question and said that my email had NOTHING to do with the Kindle, and reiterated what my issue was. This was their next response: “Thank you for suggesting that we add the feature of BookMooch, Delicious Monster and Pocketpedia to the Kindle for iPhone application and I apologize for any misunderstanding caused due to our previous correspondence.” So they still don’t understand the issue. Someone at Amazon certainly understands the issue and is in a position to act, but they will clearly never receive my email, because the customer service people don’t even understand what it is about. I will send a snail mail letter to Jeff Bezos, which will surely be ignored.

  31. Cindy said

    I own an iPod, and I’ve been looking for a BM app forever! I just sent the e-mail to Amazon. Hopefully they’ll get enough customer complaints on this.

  32. Jordanna said

    Please know that I definitely do appreciate all the work you put into BookMooch.

    Honestly, though? Instead of creating mobile gadgets and tweaking search functions, I would like to see the far more basic improvement of making the website itself more reliable and faster. It seems I haven’t been able to access BookMooch every other day lately (including now–the only part I can get into at all is the blog).

    Just one opinion here–from someone who doesn’t have an iPhone, and is concerned with the ability to access the site itself, not an “app” for it.

    • geeknik said

      Jordanna, I know how you feel. Everytime I notify BookMooch that I’m having a problem, they always tell me that nobody else is having a problem and to try again with another browser or something. I don’t have an iPhone either and I’d definitely like to see the website improved.

  33. Terri said

    I don’t have an iphone, but I would love to see a mobile version of this site for use on any cellphone……. Paperbackswap AND Amazon have mobile sites. Why can’t Bookmooch have one? A mobile version of the site would make it available to all cellphones.

  34. morpha said

    Addall.com is a useful book search site but does not have book covers or reviews.

    I have been an Amazon Marketplace seller for more than 5 years. Amazon used to have an unadvertised secret squirrel phone number for customer service, but I just flipped through my Rolodex, and unfortunately, I no longer have it. It may now be obsolete, but perhaps other BookMooch members who also sell on Amazon are familiar with this?

    Good luck, and thanks John for all your hard work.

  35. mutch said

    i love bookmooch! i have acquired a lot of feel good books, books from my childhood, general interest/hobby books, guilty pleasure books etc. i also own an iphone, which is like a 5th limb and would love to have a BM app on it.

    however, while im disappointed that Amazon refuses to have any site use their database, I understand their position. They dont exactly profit from BM bookswapping. Naturally, they dont want to have people using their info.

    I was thinking tho: if there was a way to legitimize your tie-up with Amazon, or a way to pay them (via blatant advertising? etc etc instead of just amazon links), and other intuitive search suggestions (NO RESULTS FOUND… IF YOU REALLY LIKE THIS BOOK, PURCHASE IT ON AMAZON – link), —then they might reconsider. Negotiation is key. I know BM developers do not make money off of the site…but this extra step may finally fully legitimize Amazon database use on BM web and app.

    Another idea: You might also think about pricing it at 1.99 and agree to split with/pay amazon so they dont act so exclusive. It’d be a win-win situation. If such a disclaimer is explained in BM website, I dont think people would mind shelling out an extra dollar. BM has a lot of users. Use the stats to your advantage.

  36. Griffin said

    What about selling it using Ad-Hoc Distribution? You could at least put it in the hands of 100 or so people for a small donation.

  37. Colleen said

    I’m fairly positive that LibraryThing also uses Amazon data and is experiencing the same problem with an iPhone app. Amazon is really being short-sighted about this- they are my primary retailer for books, but that will change if my favorite sites end up with apps from another source because it will be easier to use that source.

  38. Kirstin said

    wow. I guess in Amazon’s world $20K per month in direct-driven sales might not be much, but I’d think they wouldn’t want to snub it. I’ll stay tuned!

  39. anne adams said

    It seems like this always happens when innovative tech companies start getting old and fat. It happened with Microsoft, and now I’m disappointed to hear that Amazon might be doing the same thing. The companies get so big and grow way beyond what the original founders ever could have imagined, and then they start losing sight of what made their companies great in the first place. Instead of continuing to innovate and create new products, they turn into legal bullies and they start stomping on people.

  40. We’d be happy to discuss this with you, depending on requirements it could be something we could support via our affiliate scheme?


    MD The Book Depository


  41. sherby57 said

    Would Amazon really be so draconian with a site that sends them so much business? It doesn’t seem in their interest to stop Bookmooch linking to them!

  42. Art Zemon said
    September 7, 2009 at 12:43 pm
    Use LibraryThing http://librarything.com/ instead of Amazon. You can get bib data and book cover images, all free

    Art – LibraryThing get all their data feed from Amazon as well and have had the same draconian rules applied to them. There are no independent-of-Amazon large bookclubs on the net I can find (I’d love to be proved wrong).

  43. R. M. Braaten said

    I remain optimistic: BookMooch uses Amazon’s service in a way that brings them a significant amount of business and does so in a way that excludes other book vendors, which is should be worth something. There are a lot of other apps that truly USE the service without giving anything back and that’s probably who Amazon is targeting. Amazon’s not evil for wanting to justify their investment of exposing book data for others to use in their own applications. It’s their data.

    Ideally, it would be better for BookMooch to partner with a company whose business is information rather than hawking goods, which is why it might be worth looking into partnering with an organization like WorldCat (http://www.worldcat.org/) rather than Amazon. They have an API for searching bibliographic records here:


    While I occasionally use the Amazon links to buy a book, I PRIMARILY use it to learn more about the book, to browse it, to read some reviews, etc. WorldCat also links to Amazon so it might still be possible to track referrals originating from BookMooch (with the right cookie session settings).

    What I like about WorldCat is that they do not link to Amazon exclusively; They also link to local libraries (first) and then have links to Barnes & Noble and Better World Books (second) so it appears as though WorldCat’s customer base is more closely akin to that of BookMooch than to that of Amazon (more service than product). That means fewer conflicts of interest in the long run. If BookMooch needs to find an alternative to Amazon for its book data, it should NOT do so with another book seller.

    Anyway, good luck with the search! I too would certainly pay something for my use of BookMooch.

  44. Jessica Jewel said

    I sent an email to Amazon expressing my disappointment with their new policy… we’ll see what happens. I don’t have an iPhone– but strongly believe in what you’re doing with BookMooch and am excited for others to be able to use such an app. Please keep up the good work, and keep us posted with any new updates! 🙂

  45. Brandy said

    This seems kind of counterproductive. When I search a book on BookMooch and find that Amazon has it available now without a wait I tend to weigh my desire (i.e. need) to read the book vs. my budget. It seems to me that it’s just another way to advertise for Amazon. Boo on them for being so selfish and single minded.

    • Brandy said

      Isn’t the whole point of reading to better ourselves and enrich our minds? What’s next? Book burnings seem a little harsh but…

  46. Lottie said

    I sent an email too. Amazon should really think this over!

  47. I love Apple’s tech and am typing this on my new MacBook Pro. But I would never have bothered to create an app for the iPhone as Apple are a truly fascist organisation who reserve the right to deny anyone’s app running on their technology. Better wait until Google Apps gets going (or other mobile companies.) Remember, Apple only have 0.5% of the market for mobile phones!

  48. Minkdreads said

    I have a Sidekick that I use the site on, in the fully-functional usual manner, just simply through my included web browser. My recollections of the iphone (mostly from Apple’s commercials) represented it as basically a mini computer… “the internet. on your phone.” (I’m fairly sure that’s verbatim). So can an iphone user not simply go to http://www.bookmooch.com, log in, and use the site? Btw, does Amazon own the rights to iphone applications? I simply don’t understand how they can forbid launching one. Other than to forbid outright piggybacking of their content (book info database)…? Perhaps BookMooch could invest in writing an application that permanently “grabs” Amazon’s book info and can translate it into a unique format hosted by the BM server(s) that would cut down dramatically on the amount of info BM users are accessing Amazon for. I definitely don’t have a strong handle on the legalities of informational property, but I do know that I am free to look at a book, take a picture, and look at its ISBN number, etc. Other suggestion: BM users post their own photo images. You get a point for every book photo you post that BM doesn’t already have. There could be format guidelines, like “try to fill frame with the cover image”, or “please place book on a solid white or cream background”. We could build our own book database.

  49. Diana said

    John on more than one occasion I’ve been grateful for your wisdom. Re Amazon – we’re living in a world of suits. It’s like bands of steel wrapping around and constricting us more each year. Sad. Understandable in a world who’s god is greed.

  50. Mike H said

    This is amazing. It’s almost as if Amazon – leader of the internet revolution in the early part of this decade – has lost the plot, and completely doesn’t understand what’s happening on the net any more…

  51. daniele said

    Forgive me my naiveness but what is it exactly they’re restricting? I mean isn’t it all about a collection of book titles and informations related to them?
    What about the ‘sweat of the brow’ law and American jurisdiction having rejected it?

    It goes like:
    The United States rejected this doctrine in the 1991 United States Supreme Court case Feist Publications v. Rural Telephone Service;[4] up until then it had been upheld in a number of US copyright cases.

    Under the Feist ruling in the US, mere collections of facts are considered unoriginal and thus not protected by copyright, no matter how much work went into collating them. The arrangement and presentation of a collection may be original, but not if it is “simple and obvious” such as a list in alphabetical or chronological order.

    I don’t get it, thanks to anyone who might help me understand.

    • R. M. Braaten said

      Good point. To clarify, it’s Amazon’s information service–not the information itself–that’s being discussed. Even though the book information itself may not protected under copyright law, Amazon is deciding how “free” they want their SERVICE to be (e.g., connection to their servers, apps and databases).

  52. Brian said

    A couple of ideas:

    1. Leverage the BM audience to crowd-source your book ISBN, Title, Author database.

    2. Open source or license out your crowd-sourced book information.

    3. Contract for a Blackberry app.

    4. Release your iPhone app as a sideload (if that’s possible – does AT&T have their deck locked down?)

    • Kate said

      It will be great when this is up and running, but just wanted to let you know that I have successfully mooched whilst on the move from my iphone using Safari, so it might not look as nice, but the function is there already.

  53. Tara Haines said

    What about an application for the Blackberry. I have a Blackberry storm and would definitly use the app.

  54. SamLowry said

    You know, they’re not providing their API to Bookmooch for free; Bookmooch pays them $20,000/month in book sales. Adding an iphone app on top of that only means more traffic.

    I understand their concern that their servers are just spinning away dishing out info for “free”, but really, they’re getting paid for it. And its lame that they push their cloud solutions as fast and plentiful, but then get stingy when it comes to accessing that one API.

    Hopefully they will come around as have the surviving parts of the music industry. Good Luck John!

  55. Mary Anne said

    I seem to recall a certain fable about a goose and golden eggs. Guess the folks at Amazon haven’t ever heard it because it certainly seems that they are looking back and forth between the knife and the goose more and more.

  56. The only online bookseller I’ve dealt with is Boomerang Books
    They give generous regular discounts and support charitable groups.

  57. Tracy said

    Looks like a great app. Thanks for working so hard on it. I emailed Amazon to put in my 2 cents:

    Hi there, I’m a long time Amazon shopper and fan. I’m also a bookmoocher. Bookmooch is a community of readers that recycles their used books to others readers. I was disappointed to learn that although bookmooch has developed an application for iPhone, they can’t release it because of Amazon policy. It has to do with using the Amazon API.

    I would like to ask you to allow bookmooch to use the Amazon API for its iPhone application. Although they offer an alternative to buying new books from Amazon they also work like libraries to encourage a love of books. Perhaps your company can work something out with them to support their endeavors.


  58. Sonja said

    I’m sorry to hear of the problems with Amazon, and I join others in thanking you for your work. I will express my concern to Amazon. I enjoy purchasing books from Powells, in Oregon, an independent bookseller. Perhaps they might be open to working with you.

  59. It seems kind of disingenuous, on more than one occasion I have purchased the book at Amazon or an Amazon used-book seller, because no one at Bookmooch had it. I’ll email them too.

  60. Mike said

    My note to Amazon


    I’m a big fan and a loyal customer. Amazon is my first stop when shopping for almost anything. I’m also a loyal BookMooch user and have always appreciated the link between BM and you guys. Please do not do anything to limit the connection between you two.
    Thanks for listening.


  61. Carrie said

    Librarything.com is also running into the same issues with Amazon as BookMooch.

    But I’m just curious, instead of an I-phone app (which I’m sure is quite awesome) why not make a mobile phone compatible bookmooch site? I’ve seen local television channels advertise a slimmed down site formatted for mobile phones with internet access? something like this: http://m.wcco.com/ (a TV station in MN, USA)

    Would this be against Amazon policy?

  62. Fatman said

    That iPhone app looks great. Hope someone has time to port it to Android at some point, assuming all this Amazon rubbish gets sorted out.

  63. elle said

    why not use powell’s books as your base, rather than amazon? as far as i know, they also have full-content book info, plus they are independent & much more (um, everything good) than amazon.

  64. amazon’s physical address

    Amazon.com, Inc.
    Customer Service
    PO Box 81226
    Seattle, WA 98108-1226

  65. That’s just a bad news. How can they restrict, if people will not be able to make use of it.

  66. I had no idea. Amazing what you can learn by cruising the internet, reading about things that interest you. Thanks for posting about this.

  67. Sandra said

    I wish Bookmooch would change to another book database, one more suited.

  68. any more word on this? i am positively ITCHING for the iphone app!

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