Bookmarks and cards available

September 25, 2009

Bookmooch Bookmark Vertical Bmcards234

I have made about 35 boxes of mooch cards and 100 boxes of bookmarks available for mooching in the USA.

How to mooch?

  • First, give a little by clicking: [give a little]
  • then click to mooch 1000 cards: [mooch cards]
  • or click to mooch 500 bookmarks: [mooch bookmarks]

    I am only sending these cards to moochers who give a little. Our printing costs for these cards is quite high (about $20 per box, plus postage to us, and then to you).

    This will use up most of the remaining stock of cards, and about half the stock of remaining bookmarks which were printed last year.

    Brits: there are plenty of bookmarks and mooch cards available for mooching being sent from the UK.

  • 17 Responses to “Bookmarks and cards available”

    1. Janice Murphy said

      I would be delighted to “trade” a box of Bookmarks for $20. Would you prefer a check or a cc#?

    2. Vicky said


      Its a cool idea to have bookmarks and mooch cards to explain to all the concept.

      With the high print costs involved would it not be possible to have template ones that we moochers could, if we wanted to, download and print out ourselves?

      Just a little idea!

      Vicky x

    3. grey said

      hi everybody, these book marks and cards do work to get new moochers. i have gathered several different lots from overseas(i live in australia). i have carefully given them out at several different places and had a chance to explain mooch to a garthering of people each time i have given cards out.through mooch i have noticed several people i spoke to have joined so now i have more friends and chances to get the books i am win win…tys for the chance to get books and spread the word sue.

    4. Christy said

      I agree, Vicky! Great idea! Is this possible, John?

    5. Amber said

      I love passing out these bookmarks and cards, but was a little disappointed that I couldn’t get the bigger boxes without “giving a little”. Is it possible to send $20 and get a box as Janice suggested above?

    6. sunny said

      What about sending in $10 to get at least 1/4 of a box since it costs about $20 to print an entire box?
      That way John is not losing money or just breaking even on both printing & postage costs….Just a thought. I have some bookmarks that I got from another moocher. I put them into books I donate to my local library’s booksale as well as into books I give as gifts.

    7. re: “I love passing out these bookmarks and cards, but was a little disappointed that I couldn’t get the bigger boxes without “giving a little”. Is it possible to send $20 and get a box as Janice suggested above?”

      Sorry, I’m only making the large boxes of bookmarks and cards to those who “give a little” because of the high cost.

      However, if you only want a small quantity, you can mooch them from other people:


    8. Shay said

      I trade my books on a couple of other sites, so when I send books out from them, I include a Bookmooch bookmark or card. That way people who may not know about Bookmooch get an introduction. Bookmooch is my favorite of the 3 sites I use ! It’s the easiest to list on and the most fun ! I’ve made several email buddies that I routinely swap books with on here and we have a blast !

      I’ve had several of these people thank me for sending the nice bookmarks with the information on them.

    9. Claudia said

      Hi John:

      Some days ago I got two books with bookmooch-bookmarks. I gave them away inmediately. Since many Europeans and US-citizens are not willing to send books to Mexico because it’s expensive, I’m trying to convice my folks over here to join Bookmooch. Unfortunately, my campaign has not turned out too well.

      I understand that your cards and bookmarks only will be available to US-people who give a little (sigh). I really understand. But I can’t help feel discriminated. Mexico has been struck by the economic crisis worse than many other countries. I give a little (yes, very little, but I acknowledge the importance of contributing to such a marvellous website and organisation). And I have been sending away hard covers just for the joy to know they are being appreciated and used. And, of course, hoping to get points in order to read interesting liteature I really can’t afford if I wanted to buy it new.

      So I just want to say: It might be no use sending me cards and bookmarks, since here in Mexico there seems not to be such a great market for them. But it’s sad to see that, if I lived at the right place, I would be reading many more books.

    10. Helene said

      In the interest of the international spirit of Bookmooch, wishing they could be sent to Canada too. I know comments are often made about how some members wont send internationally and its encouraged for us to do so by bookmooch. Wouldnt it be setting a good example to send them to other countries too?

    11. Nancy said

      Hi Claudia,
      Your post made me quite sad. I live in the UK and I would be happy to post books to you. As one person in France that mooched from me said – “the purpose of this website is surely to be prepared to send to anywhere, and to receive from anywhere”. I will look at your wishlist and see if there is anything suitable that I haven’t listed yet.
      There is brilliant literature all over the world and we don’t all have access to the same things, for many reasons, among them – cost. Books can be expensive and I think we should share them!
      Good Luck and
      Best Wishes

    12. Martha said

      I mooched a few boxes of cards and bookmarks for the reopening/post remodeling of a local library. I will also be sending 10 of each (cards and bookmarks) with each book/magazine mooched from my inventory. Just wanted to let all know. =)

    13. Susan said

      I also live in Canada, and would love to be part of the “International” team.

    14. Cherelle said

      I would love to pass out the bookmarks and cards in Australia as well – am even happy to pay for them plus postage. The best thing about BookMooch is sending books to countries around the world and hoping that you get a mooch from a country you haven’t sent to before. Adding the bookmarks and cards with the book you send just helps get the word out.

    15. Fatman said

      I took some cards to an antique show in the US. The show wasn’t a success, but I did manage to offload a few on a friendly customs officer on the way back. 🙂

    16. em said

      Regarding the international question:
      John, have you ever considered making an option for US folks to mail to Canada. Or to Canada & Mexico? I know the cost to Canada for me is the same as sending it within the US. I don’t know what it’s like to send to Mexico, but it’s certainly worth looking in to. I’m unemployed at the moment and sending overseas is too much for me to handle. (I have done it in the past, gladly.) But Canada is very reasonable from the US.


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