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November 6, 2009

Twitter Gra12
As I posted last week, the “newly added books” feature uses Twitter in a big way.

Now that I’ve added some Twitter features to BookMooch, it would be fairly easy for me to add deeper BookMooch/Twitter integration. I have a few ideas.

Help me decide what to do : answer this one question poll.


After 4 days of this survey, here are the results:


and here is how people answered the “other” choice:


A few comments from me in response to these results:

* “optional” — of course, this feature would be optional. There would be no obligation that just because you use Twitter and BookMooch that you need to have the two talk to each other. And of course it wouldn’t use your BookMooch username — these tweets would go to your twitter account as if you had written them. The idea is for your twitter followers to know what books you are giving away (or want to receive), etc…

* “yes, when…” — it looks like I’d need checkboxes for people to choose what BM events would cause a tweet, since what people wanted to be tweeted was all over the map

* “confusion” — a few people were confused about this feature, and thought that it would notify their twitter when books they _want_ (ie on their wishlist) became available. That’s not what it would do. What I was thinking was that BM would tweet that you have added a book to your BM wishlist, so that your twitter followers know what books you are looking for and could perhaps help you find it.

* “facebook” — there used to be a working Facebook app for BM, but it was not widely used (about 50 users per day using it). When Facebook did their app redesign a few months ago, the BookMooch app on Facebook no longer worked with Facebook’s new technology, and the person who had written the BookMooch app for Facebook decided to not put the work into making it work, since so few people used it.


25 Responses to “More Twitter Features?”

  1. How about an integration with Facebook as well? I know Twitter is the latest, greatest and trendiest, but some of us FB users are beginning to feel a bit left out!!

    • Miles Osborne said

      Agreed – we need a facebook fan page – would allow us to promote Book Mooch and also allow info like the blog on there as well

  2. Kryz said

    I second the comment with facebook! Twitter is nice but Facebook needs the love too! 🙂

  3. CelticLady said

    I third it, Both Twitter and Facebook

  4. Joel G said

    I’ve still got to get the hang of Twitter. But I’ll have to second the motion of Kryz and Jan above. If the features of the BM app in Twitter can all be ported to FB, that would be really great. At any rate, what’s the stats re use of FB and Twitter worldwide (not just in the U.S.) anyway? Isn’t FB use more spread out globally than Twitter?

    Thanks for all the work, John!

  5. David K said

    I might be old fashioned in some ways, as I dont use FB at all! I use Flickr for sharing photos, and emails to let my friends know my plans or latest news.
    Twitter however, I use. Its a quick way, using my iPhone, to update people on locations and instant stuff that FB doesnt do well.
    Please dont go down the road of a FB vs Twitter war, and please include mobile integration with Bookmooch.

  6. Sébastien said

    I’d like to pick what I want the site to post. I’d like to tweet my mooched books, and to post on facebook the books I add to my inventory.

    Can something be done with
    Instead of implementing a feature for each micro-blogging/social network site, implement a feature that’d post different kind of things to a specific profile, letting the user choose what he wants to post on facebook, twitter, or, etc. or all of them.

    • tumble said

      oh! yeah that sounds good. then everyone could decide what they want to post/ where. Because currently people are undecided as to what should be posted on their feed?

  7. SqueakyChu said

    I like the idea of the addition of the new book feed to Twitter but it simply overwhelms my Twitter account. I had to unfollow that feed due to the sheer volume of Twitter posts as it was blocking out almost everything else.

    Is there any way we can the Twitter feed posts be only selected books (perhaps books from only one genre or subset)? How about being able to exclude books on the feed genres we don’t want posted (i.e. romance, mystery, etc.)? Of course, both of these options would require a better correlation between genre (or topic) and the actual book (something now completely gone awry here at BM).

  8. I do not want to have to use Twitter, Facebook, phone or anything else in order to use BM. I use those places for professional reasons and don’t want to be overloaded with BM posts. Keep BM simple!!

    • justelise said

      There’s nothing in this post that implies that you would “have” to use Twitter, Facebook, or your phone to use Bookmooch.

      • No, but as the person below said, it is impossible to compete and ever get books. I got a wishlist notification for the first time in months Sunday morning at 5:30am, and by the time I got up, two hours later, it was gone. My 75 points have been sitting there for months. I’ve taken my inventory down as I don’t want to accrue any more. Money wasted.

  9. justelise said

    I’m all for Twitter and Facebook intervention.

  10. Nadine said

    I think twitter AND fb would be the way to go, but we should be able to pick and choose (and change) what we want posted. I don’t know about twitter, but a lot of apps on fb will ask if you want to publish or skip. Just an idea.

  11. Addis said

    I am a Twitter whore, so, YES, any and all Twitter integration will be appreciated and used. 🙂 I understand that Facebook is much more popular, but, I, for one, would not use FB integration to sync my BM activity to my wall stream – that’s why I use Twitter.

  12. mand said

    I hate Facebook and love Twitter. And auto-tweet when i add to my BM inventory would be great, just as i have an auto-tweet when i post to my blog.

    I’d like to set something in my user options as my default: tweet when i add to inventory/wishlist / when i mooch/give… etc. AND an opt-out at the this-particular-instance stage, so i could choose not to tweet a specific action even though my default setting would be to tweet it.

    I know that’s asking a lot! Obviously you wouldn’t put in all these features at once. Nice to have on the to-do list though. ;0)

    An html widget for the blog would be good too – as LibraryThing do ( can’t use Java). LibraryThing has a lot of features worth copying. Apart from the forums – i find i drown in that huge number of forums, so i avoid dipping my toe in.

  13. I’m all for Twitter and Facebook intervention. Using twitter to share info too.

  14. Selena said

    I would like to be able to keep up with what’s new but I am not in front of a computer or phone all day. I also have never used twitter and have the feeling I cannot possibly compete with professional booksellers and people with smartphones and won’t find the books I want if I’m not using this twitter feature? I was very happy and then very dissapointed recently when I received an email offering me a book and I tried to respond but they’d given the book away to someone else before I even had a chance to reply. It was the same day! I need a few hours or even a day to respond. Feeling like a hopeless dinosaur. I’m confused, how much time do I get to respond to an email? It seems a bit unfair to offer something and then snatch it away. I do feel grateful to have found some old out of print books on bookmooch and it makes me feel as if the universe is generous and that I’m getting something for nothing, etc. And I am glad to have found some homes for some books that nobody else wanted. The whole phenomenon of the twitter feed tapping into the psychology of acquisitiveness is worth thought. I thought I was getting rid of stuff and now I’m obsessed with getting books. hmm.

    • Ellie said

      The speed of books being mooched has nothing to do with the fine folks that run BM. I find if I’ve waited for the email notification it’s already too late and I find books by checking my wishlist frequently. That email you get is not personal to you, it goes out to everyone that has the book on their wishlist so you don’t get a set amount of time to respond. The twitter options, current or planned make no difference as those people always online are always going to get the books first.

      • Selena said

        Oh, good. That clears things up. I don’t want to seem ungrateful. I think bookmooch is a great idea. And I love it that used booksellers are involved. Well so I guess it’s okay with me if you go for bookmooch or twitter. Makes no difference to me.

  15. Xyzzy said

    Before you add more features, could you perhaps consider “fixing” the issue of books appearing as moochable despite the owner’s account being suspended (or not shipping to the potential recipient’s country)? Or perhaps some method other than email (closer to the Pending notice/page) to signal somebody that somebody’s asking permission to mooch a book?

  16. I use Twitter frequently, consult w/ organizations on business use, and would be happy to help with this account if it proved helpful to you. Feel free to contact me through my bookmooch details or my Twitter account listed below.

    My first suggestions would be on how to make the @bookmooch acct more helpful. While I’ve figured out that one of the #hashtagas is the userID of who made it available (not all that helpful from my perspective), might you add to your biography 160-characters what the other hashtags mean? #US = that’s it coming from the US, only available for sending to US, something else?

    Realizing this is all a labor of love for you, and that I also LOVE bookmooch, truly, I’d be happy to help

    In books and Twitter,

  17. pasqualebuba said

    I think this would be a good feature and help get the word out to increase the velocity of trading. That way books don’t sit around unread.

  18. Malcolm Lovering said

    Twitter are 100% the way to go

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