Power outage

January 12, 2010

BookMooch was down for about 7 hours due to a power outage.

More specifically, the circuit breaker tripped on our server rack at the hosting company, because we were using too much electricity.

I’ve noticed that BM has been slow for about a week, and so I’ve been preparing a new server for BookMooch. Last night, I put it into a “stress test” to make sure there weren’t any hardware problems. I’m guessing that the electric power draw of the stress test is what sent the circuit breaker over the edge.

No data loss, everything is back up ok, but I do need to find a way to lower the electrical draw, so I can get the new BM server operational, and everything will get zippy fast again!


12 Responses to “Power outage”

  1. Terrie said

    Thanks for update. I have notice you are down with something since I confuse about that site slow lately.. Keep up a good work.

  2. Thank you so much for posting this. Since January 6 I have gotten more BookMooch timeouts than responses. I was about to post another question on the forum about BookMooch’s slow response when I saw your blog post. I hope you get it all sorted out without too much trouble or expense. Thanks!

  3. Ingrid said

    Thanks JB!

  4. kickee said

    Wouldn’t know what to do without my bookmooch fix.
    Thanks JB

  5. Ren said

    I had noticed this – thanks for the heads up John!

  6. Dovile said

    I noticed the slow response too, but as my internet connection tends to be really slow I thought it’s just me. Thanks for letting us to know!

  7. darabuc said

    Thanks for the maintenance effort!

  8. Holly said

    Thanks, Jon! I figured something like that may have occurred. Good luck with the new server!

  9. Heather19 said

    Like Dovile, I often have a hard time figuring out if site slowness is the actual site or just my computer acting up, but I’m glad to know that it’s been noticed and is being worked on!

  10. Bonnie Allgood said

    Thank you for the notice, was wondering about all of the timeouts lately.

    Appreciate your letting us know what’s going on with the site.


  11. liz said

    thanks for all your hard work. I don’t know how I lived without bookmooch!

  12. Thank you for prompt response and all your work, John – this extends to the admins too. Even in really tight situations, BM is a wonderful community. I have personally encouraged various people to join it. L

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