BM moving to a new server tuesday

January 18, 2010

BookMooch will (hopefully) be moving a new server on tuesday.

That means BookMooch will probably be unavailable for quite a few hours tomorrow, as I move the database.

I’m preparing as much as possible ahead of time, to minimize unavailability.

I know that BookMooch has been really slow for the past two weeks, and this should fix the slowness.

Wish me luck!

And thanks for your patience!


26 Responses to “BM moving to a new server tuesday”

  1. Hope said

    Best of luck! Fingers crossed it all goes smoothly.

  2. Diana said

    You always do so much for us, we appreciate YOU!

  3. LoveChickLit82 said

    I can feel BookMooch withdraw coming on… 🙂

  4. Grace said

    Thanks you for all you do for us “moochers.” Good luck! We’ll be waiting on the other side. 🙂

  5. Cyndilyon said

    Thanks for all your hard work! Bookmooch is a wonderful service! 🙂

  6. Michelle said

    Good luck John, and thanks for your constant efforts to improve BookMooch for us 🙂


  7. Mary said

    Good things come to those who wait… But it’s gonna be had to be without B.M. for even a day!

  8. Elizabeth said

    Good luck. In the 4 years I’ve been a member, you’ve always done the right thing. Even if it takes you a little longer than usual, we will be patient. Bookmooch rocks!

  9. Terri said

    Thanks for update !

  10. Dovile said

    Thank you and good luck!

  11. Jacquie said

    Drat! Now I have no excuse not to clear the mess on my desk today 😉 Good luck with the move and many thanks.

  12. Penny Waugh said

    Thanks for all you do – it’s much appreciated!

  13. Soniaandree said

    If it wasn’t for the amount of work you put into the BookMooch project, the site would not run as smoothly. Keep up the good work and thank you! 🙂

  14. Elwood said

    Thanks for ALL the hard work you put into keeping book mooch up and running so very smoothley. Good Luck with the move to the new server. So very many people appreciate you and the service you help provide! Keep up the great job !

  15. Mayberry said

    Love BookMooch! Would have withdrawals without it.
    I was a little gun shy since FrugalReader did a sudden nosedive. May the force be with you.
    Good Luck and thanks so much for all your effort and dedication.

  16. Carolina M. said

    Thanks for all your great job at bookmooch 🙂

  17. Ginny said

    Best of luck!

  18. Jamaie said

    I most certainly appreciate all you do. You are my ‘go to’ site for giving & getting books!

  19. Buzz said

    May you receive many good Technology Vibes! Thanks for this AWESOME website. It ROCKS!

  20. Peaceopi said

    I had no idea a day without BookMooch could make me feel so insecure…..

  21. John S said

    Thank you. As a BM addict I’m feeling withdrawal symptoms already.

  22. Nicky B said

    Definitely feeling the BookMooch withdrawal.
    Thanks for your hard work on the site.
    I hope we’re back up and running soon!

  23. Angi said

    Thanks for your efforts on our behalf John. It’s much appreciated, and we’ll be patient. Well, we’ll try… but it’ll be hard…. 🙂

  24. Nicole said

    Thanks! You do a great job with the site!

  25. alice said

    Thanks so much. 😀

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