New server is up

January 19, 2010

The new server is up and running.

It’s 12:30 in the morning here (I’ve been working on it since 9am), so I’m going to bed now.

I still have more tweaking to do to make BookMooch fast again. I’ll get started on that tomorrow morning.

I *think* what’s taking up most of the machine’s time are full text searches. If that’s the case, I’ll need to look at that a bit further and see if there are any quick fixes I can do to make it faster, or if it’s time to move to a new searching engine for BookMooch.

So… for the time being, please have a bit of patience if the server isn’t as fast as it should be. I’m on it!


50 Responses to “New server is up”

  1. Sher Whritenour said

    I was starting to have bookmooch withdrawal. Thank you for the server and service.

  2. Glenda Hamilton said

    we all share your frustration. Thanks for continuting to try and get this working. We love this site and appreciate everything you are trying to do to make it even better! in the meantime, we’ll just muddle through.

  3. Thanks for everything. Now please get some sleep!!

  4. Myrna said

    Just glad to have it back up. If it’s a little slow, well, a little time to reflect isn’t all that bad. Thanks again for a great web site.

  5. Pattie said

    It’s wonderful! It’s fast! It’s back!


  6. Brendan said

    It’s very quick! Thanks for all your hard work.

  7. Kim said

    Hi John, just wanted to say thanks for all the work you do. I love bookmooch.

    This summer (I’m in Australia) I’ve bought a couple of books new…and it’s all thanks to bookmooch.

    Bookmooch has got me reading again, and now I find I get frustrated waiting for a book to become available to mooch, so I’ll go out a buy it. I also bought the latest release from a writer who’s work I initially mooched.

    My point is that I’d wager that bookmooch probably leads people to buy more books as it’s nurturing book culture.

    Anyway…love it.
    Mwah Kim.

  8. Jeanette Powell said

    You are at Saint! No wonder your name is John! A thousand thank-you’s for all your hard work.

  9. Roberta said

    Glad you finally got the site up. I tried all day to get on and as a conequence I lost a book that I had been wanting and some one had. Let us know when you are going down. It has been very frustrating.

    • JD said

      John did let us know it was going to be down — right here on this blog.

      Thank you John for all you do — without financial gain! Bookmooch is great!

      The site is running quick so you did something right 🙂

      • Roberta said

        I don’t read the blog very often. Sorry I missed the info. Yes, it is a great site. Too bad the USPS is so expensive for international mail. It really restricts what I can send overseas.

  10. Chava said

    Awesome! Thanks so much! Back to my new obsession… 🙂

  11. sharmas said

    Thanks for all 🙂

  12. Nancy Hendrix said

    “St. John” is right. I hope you are having sweet dreams.

  13. Angi said

    Well said Kim – authors who knock book recycling websites (and you know who you are!) are being very short-sighted. Bookmooch encourages people to try books they might not otherwise have risked at bookshop prices, and that often leads to recommendations and further purchases. Anything that nurtures reading culture gets my thumbs-up too!
    Sorry you lost your book Roberta – is it anything one of us might have? It’s frustrating when the site’s unavailable at a vital moment, but there was prior notification of the server shutdown.
    Many thanks to John for all his efforts on our behalf, and for keeping us informed of site developments.

    • Shirlee said

      Angi, I’m an author and I love the book mooch site.

      • Angi said

        Glad to hear it! There are some authors who, like you, are very supportive of bookmooch, risi and other book recycling websites. But some others view them as an assault on their sales figures. One in particular has published an article in a well-respected national newspaper likening book exchanges to (and I quote!) “illegal file sharing” of music.
        I’ve bought loads of books having read about them on the forums, or having mooched another book (which I probably wouldn’t have bought) by the same author.
        I think BM does a great job, and like Kim, I’m a fan of sites that nurture book culture.
        So pleased to hear you are too, both as a reader and as a writer.

  14. Shirlee said

    Thank you so much John, for your dedication to Bookmooch. It has given me access to so many books that I would not have been able to get if not for mooching them. When it’s down or running slow, I just exercise my patience and read the books I’ve already got.

  15. Kathryn said

    Thank you so much for your dedicated and hard work. You are appreciated.

  16. Pat Costanza (costsaver) said

    Thank you, so much John. It’s great to be with a club, where someone has both hands on the controls. (being unable to get in the last couple of days, did worry me) I’m so happy, this really moves now !
    Get some rest, you’ve more that earned it.

  17. star874 said

    i see a person with 2 or 3 books in a store, any store, and I stop them and ask them if they have heard of Bookmooch. Most say no, So I give them the website, and get lots of thanks. THANK YOU

  18. Booketta said

    Well done and thanks for all your hard work. Your users really apreciate it, it’s a great site and sorely missed when unavailable.
    Sleep well and sweet dreams.

  19. Dave said

    Thanks for all your hard work!

  20. Felicia said

    Thanks for this site. I haven’t been a member for very long but do appreciate the books and yes it has started me into reading again. the web site has always worked fine for me. thats for all you put into it.

  21. Anna said

    Wow. Awesome! The site is super quick now. Thank you for all you do.

  22. Janna said

    I’ve missed you so much. Thanks for all you do John!

  23. Renee said

    If you don’t already give a little, perhaps now’s the time to help support bookmooch.

  24. Stefani said

    Any chance that lists can be organized into some logic – either author name, volume of books, titles…something?
    thanks for the work you’re doing.

  25. GAIL said


    Just wanted to say how THRILLED I was to find this site. I also swap books on another book swap site and think this site is so much better!

    Kudos John for a wonderful FREE site where people can exchange great books for ones they might be having trouble finding elsewhere. I am very new to this site and already I can see a remarkable difference of joining this site as opposed to a few other “book swap” sites out there.

    Continued success on your wonderful site!!! I just


  26. ary29 said

    Thanks from the Italian BM community at aNobii!

  27. sue. (greywarrier) said

    hi there john. i have been a member of bookmooch for 1 year now. and what i noticed, is during that time you have always been trying to inprove bm.

    if it is not fixing problems that pop up due to usage, it is you trying to make the site better and user friendly.( a big thankyou to the people who help you run the site to.)

    what i think sometimes happens is that we as the users of this site, fail to relize…..that this is a huge time consuming and ever envolving enterprise that we are lucky enough not to have to pay for the privalage to use… when it goes down/ofline or is slow, we need to remember that you will fix it or try your hardest to get it up and going as soon as posible…. thanks sue.

  28. Carol said

    Wow! Book Mooch is fast again! I truly appreciate your labor of love…

  29. Ann said

    Thank you for your hard work. It is appreciated!!


  30. Vladimir said

    Thank you for all the great work you do with BookMooch. I think it’s the best online global sharing site, greatly organized, accompanied by a blog, with many new things added frequently and info about (almost) all the books via I’ve searched a community like this for a long time, but usually websites offering similar activities were US only. I send and receive books frequently, worldwide. Thank you everybody for making BookMooch for what it is. Greetings from Macedonia!

  31. Anna said


  32. Cyndi said

    THANKS!!!! for all you do! I am so addicted. Mainly I have been working on finding new homes for my books as I have way too many!! But in the process I have acquired books that I have been wanting to read!! THANK YOU AGAIN FOR EVERYTHING!! You are awesome! If only there were more hours in the day for reading!

  33. Stephane said

    Thank you! And don’t worry, next upgrade will be on some cloud platform, no more “new server” to fight with 😉

  34. Genie said

    For the first time I finally got an e-mail from Book Mooch! When I checked previously as to why no mail came through, I was told that your old server was considered spam by mine and all e-mails were rejected. Hooray for this great fix to a great site

  35. Katy said

    Wow! I’ve never seen BookMooch work so fast! Outstanding! 🙂

  36. Stanley said

    Hi. I have been in China. I thiught that you must have offended teh Chinese Governmwnt and been blockd there like youtube’facebook and Tweat.

  37. mark10ant said

    We always appreciate your hard work and dedication to making Bookmooch the best possible site, John. The occasional downtime gives us all the chance to reflect on “life without Bookmooch” and heave a sigh of relief when it springs back to life!

  38. Richard said


    I’ve noticed that the data feeds linked to from this page: seem to have gone AWOL. Currently they seem to link to a closed account ‘api’ instead.

    Could this be a consequence of the recent server upgrade? The last time that I know theses worked was 19th Jan.

    It has been suggested on the forums that this is to do with the short url changes in December, but it seems to have still been working until the server upgrade.



  39. Deni said

    HIJohn- Just wanted to send a quick note and thank you for all the wonderful work you do for this site. I just love it – have used it to introduce myself to many authors and topics I would not have found otherwise. For us book addicts – it is just the cure!

  40. Brunie said

    It was like having a limb removed, thanks for getting it going again. Cheers to you all at bookmooch.

  41. Tracy said

    Thanks, John. I’m sure this is an improvement, but several of us on bookmooch are finding that our service is much slower. We’re not sure why, but in any case we love the site and the opportunities to read books we could have never found. I’m with everyone else who commented, Amazon and others are kept quite busy by me now – I see a book on bm that I want, and after waiting a bit I go ahead and buy it! These are books I would have never known existed! Then I mooch them out. So everyone wins.

    • Pat said

      My service is a little slow too, but it’s still great! I also have started reading more authors from books I mooched here. I read the earlier published books, then can’t wait to go buy the latest book!! I have two authors whose books I keep, but otherwise, I mooch out new books too.
      Thank you for this great service John!

  42. re: I’ve noticed that the data feeds linked to from this page: seem to have gone AWOL. Currently they seem to link to a closed account ‘api’ instead.

    Could this be a consequence of the recent server upgrade? The last time that I know theses worked was 19th Jan.

    Thanks for noticing this!

    Yes, it is in fact caused by the new server. I have the “permissions” set incorrectly on the “api” directory. I’ve fixed this, and tonight the files should be built and work once again.


  43. Kim Isaksen said

    I just joined bookmooch. Someone from my bookclub recommended it. I’m excited about it, but must say it’s really slow… After reading about the new server, I’m willing to stick it out for a while to see if there is improvement. Thanks! Kim

  44. Esther said

    Firstly, this comment is way off topic. Secondly, I’m sure this has been suggested before, but I really think it needs to be said again. Have you thought about requiring users to select a conditions for their books? Kind of like

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