ABC News does story on BookMooch

February 4, 2010

Got to

19 Responses to “ABC News does story on BookMooch”

  1. Sophie said

    Excellent – although I can’t see catching on …!

  2. Mary Spurgeon said

    What a great article about sharing! Fun to see our wonderful website in “lights” again!

    Thank you John for all the work that goes into this great website!


  3. Michelle said

    Awesome! So nice to see people spreading the word about your (our?) wonderful BookMooch! Great job, John 🙂

  4. Audriana said

    It will be interesting to see if we get a membership spike due to the press. More members; more books! YAY!

  5. Kathy said

    Great interview! Keep us updated on membership numbers after this story.

  6. Jessica said

    Wow that is so great that ABC did such a neat article. If the entire world could accomplish what BookMooch and that tool lending library has done on a much larger scale imagine the possibilities.

  7. Elaine said

    Enjoyed the story. It was great to see where, and who started BookMooch.

    I would like to thank you John for creating a great website that allows me an even greater resource for my love of reading.

  8. Jon Moss said

    I really enjoyed that news item. Great publicity for BookMooch!

  9. Jen Hansen said

    Wonderful idea! Bravo John! Thanks for letting us all in on your “sharing” idea!

  10. Jeanette Powell said

    So glad to see BookMooch get great exposure! I have no doubt that this newscast will boost membership as well as add even more books to be circulated.Good for me…Good for you! Bravo BookMooch!

  11. Kathy said

    John, it was really nice to actually see the face and hear the voice responsible for this fantastic site! Congratulations for making it to the news and keep up the good work here! We love it!

  12. Vladimir said

    Great story! So nice to see all the people and all the great ideas of sharing. Thank you very much!

  13. Emily said

    Off topic: I keep getting wish list notifications for books that are reserved for someone else. How hard would it be to change that? It is so disappointing to think “oh good, I can finally get that book I’ve been waiting for…” only to find that actually, I can’t. 😦

  14. Mary said

    Great coverage! Nice to ‘meet’ our founder. Thanks for this service, John. I’m between jobs and you and the bookmooch community have enabled me to keep reading…. and sharing. Thank you!

  15. Vladimir said

    Bay Area, how wonderful place… Nice to see all the good people and their ideas come to life, well managed and successful. I am very happy that this kind of global online community works just fine. Thank you very much everybody! 😀

  16. Jo said

    Great interview, I hope more people join and start enjoying BM as much as I do!!!

    Keep up the great work John! :@)

  17. tudorpot said

    Hi John,
    I think bookmooch members might be able to help this synagogue in Crete- it was burnt by arsonists and they are now trying to replace lost books. Here is a link and there is a list of books they are looking for in Hebrew, English and Greek.

  18. Regina said

    Great publicity for BookMooch! I love the service and tell all my friends about it. The people at the post office are intrigued as well…

  19. Janice said

    Wonderful! I was so thrilled when I was referred here, and hope everyone who sees/reads/hears the article will join in the fun.

    Here in NY we have a Seed Library where you can borrow seeds for your garden, then “repay” them from seeds you save at the end of the season.

    The more we share, the better the world will be!

    Thanks, John!

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