New Yorker writes about BookMooch

March 9, 2010



is a very nice article about BookMooch.

Please read the article and leave comments on the New Yorker page with your thoughts. The only current comment there is a bit negative because the person is in India and their postage costs are high, and that’s probably not a fair example of BookMooch usage.

23 Responses to “New Yorker writes about BookMooch”

  1. alia parr said

    This is a great way to pass on books to other readers. I have mooched 313 books so far. Many times a book can not be found and the system is set up so that I can go directly to Amazaon.Com.
    Now I am helping my grandnephew get started. What a great way to encourage reading and language skills in a young teenager.
    Alia Parr

  2. Ren said

    W00t! The big time 🙂
    Well go spread the word. Yosh!

  3. Elsie said

    I haven’t belonged very long but have mooched 4 and sent 11. I also belong to Paper Back Swap. Both are good and it’s a great way to trade. I always have good books to look forward to reading. I’m addicted to trading and reading!

  4. Peter said

    In don’t care if it costs a few dollars … disseminating books around the world is worth every cent!

  5. M said

    I got my first mooch request minutes after I put up my inventory, and so far I’ve given away six books I didn’t really care to keep and snapped up two that I’d been gagging to get. A couple bob on postage are well worth it all.

  6. I’ve added my comment on the New Yorker site — I hope I got the message across

  7. Fred said

    I belong to both Paperback Book Swap and Bookmooch. BM is more international in scope and while its process is a little clunky at times it is a great way to pass along books that I otherwise would simply be accumulating.

  8. Lynn said

    I saw a comment at the New Yorker from a moocher who simply wanted to get rid of books, not trade them. Perhaps it may be worth setting up a system within the site for folks such as this–it would definately put more book options into the system. I know I would be willing to pay the shipping for a book I really wanted to add to my library.

  9. Robert said

    Bookmooch has been a wonderful service – not only has it enabled me to acquire a lot of books I’ve wanted to read, it’s also a great way to recycle materials that I am finished with, so that others can enjoy them as well. Viva la Bookmooch!

  10. Carol Galvin said

    Hooking up with other readaholics is the greatest gift in the world!! I ALWAYS find what I am looking for and the books I put up usually get snapped up in a day or two which gives me more points so I can keep getting books I want! Trouble is…I am getting books I want to keep! Oh Oh…I am going to run out of books to send out!

  11. Kevin said

    I ran across BookMooch just last month while “Googling” for used books. After reading the member info, I decided to sign up and see for myself if it was really worth it. I initially posted 22 books in my inventory (resulting in 2.2 book credits) and within hours 15 of my books had been requested (which increased my credits to 17.2). As of now I have given 18 books and mooched 11 (and I’m currently waiting to receive 4 more…and still have 6.7 credits remaining). I have spent around $28 on postage to get rid of 18 books that I didn’t want in exchange for 15 books that I have been wanting for some time now…plus 6 or 7 more in the immediate future! Its a bargain in my opinion…especially since the lowest Amazon “used” price for two of the books I received totaled $20 by themselves!

  12. Paola said

    I posted a positive review as well. I definitely LOVE Bookmooch!

  13. Sandi said

    Love BookMooch…all my mooches have been great and I try to do the same for any requests I get.

  14. Margot said

    Posted. Would have posted more, but Firefox decided it had had enough.

  15. Betty Boggs said

    I love bookmooch, has to be the greatest thing going. I got scammed by and lost a bunch of points for books I sent out, but bookmooch seems to be legit and I’ve sent books all over the world and gotten some great ones I couldn’t find anywhere else. May bookmooch live forever.

  16. Daisydharma said

    What I’ve spent on postage to send versus what I have received in return has definitely made bookmooch my main venue for trading books. Although not everything can be instantly accessed, it is still worth my time and money.

  17. Nina Bryna said

    Being part of Bookmooch means that you can browse the whole world for reading material. It works by trust and reciprocity and honesty. In the long run, it all evens out. I have sent books to all corners of the globe, all the continents except for Antartica, and many of the islands. I have received books from far-flung members as well as from people who turned out to live in my neighborhood. I have also made some new friends, as our obiter dicta turned into longer messages and regular corespondence by email. I think John deserves a Nobel Prize.

  18. Shirlee said

    I have mooched 438 books from Bookmooch and I think it’s wonderful. Many of my friends and family members have joined as well. It’s a great way to get books and share them with others. Why hoard books when you don’t plan to read them again? I’m an author of two books, as well, and even though it’s nice when people actually buy my books, for those that can’t afford to buy them, I don’t mind if they mooch them. It’s like Christmas every day for me…the mailbox always has a book for me.

  19. Dorothy said

    A splendid service for bookaholics. I have disposed of impossible-to-dispose-of books sent to delighted recipients, and systematically add to my wishlist titles mentioned in good books I read. I’m very grateful for the endless hours work put into Bookmooch, and delighted in its well-deserved success.

  20. Nancy said

    I couldn’t agree more with all the positive comments. Bookmooch is such a good idea – especially because it’s global. I forget sometimes that censorship is still rife in this world and that many, many titles are not available in many countries, (as well as the UK and we think we have ‘free speech!).
    Viva Bookmooch!! Spread the word(s)!!

  21. Agredano said

    What I've spent on postage to send versus what I have received in return has definitely made bookmooch my main venue for trading books. Although not everything can be 8nstantly accessed, it is still worth my time and money.;

  22. sue. (greywarrier) said

    i have been a member of mooch for 14 months now.i have received 313 books i want to read, and given away 207. i get books fron op shops and other areas. mooch provids me with a source of books for my reading and i find books i want that are out of printor hard to get, and i chatt to people all over the world -big bonus,it gets me out of the house to go and find these books to give. it makes a big difference in my life in a few different areas, as i have health issues due to 2 chronic arthritis conditions and mooch gives me a chance to forget this. yes it can be costly sending books but you have a choice there, weather to send or just have to be smart in handling the postage issue .. thanks john your site has made a difference in my life …… sue australia

  23. Lilly (zambia) said

    Being here in Afica has restricted the kind of books available to me. Here a new book costs about $40, and those are the reasonably priced ones! BM is an absolute godsend for me.

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