Why the drive upgrade?

May 12, 2010

For those who are curious, the drive upgrade was needed because BookMooch uses a “solid state drive” for its database. That’s fancy speak for a disk drive that’s made entirely out of memory. The drive was only 64gb large (because memory is expensive), and the book database became bigger than that. Because BookMooch’s book database is almost as big as Amazon’s (but we don’t have lots of machines like they do) I use a very fast drive on the database to make everything work zippy-zippy fast.

I’ve upgraded the database drive to one that is 160gb in size, which should hold us for some time. That new drive cost about $600, which was thankfully available in the BookMooch account thanks to those who give a little.

Re: Amazon searches not working. Yes, I’ve fixed that now. Apparently Amazon rejects BookMooch’s searches if the clock time on the BookMooch server is not the same as Amazon’s clock time (sigh). Since the server was powered down for the drive swap, the time got out of sync. I *think* I’ve permanently fixed this, by setting the clock automatically whenever the server comes up.

Also, I wrote and ran a program to find “empty books” (those added during the 36h time of the problem) and re-fetch info from Amazon for them. The books I checked by hand that were blank now have data in them. If you still have empty books, do drop a note to tech support.

Re: what time zone? In the future I’ll mention that the BookMooch server’s time zone is USA Pacific, so you will know what Sunday means to me.


19 Responses to “Why the drive upgrade?”

  1. Shirlee said

    You’re the best, John. We appreciate the time and effort you put into BookMooch.

  2. You do a fantastic job and a great service to bibliophiles. Thanks.

  3. JD said

    Thank you for Bookmooch and for all you do behind the scenes to keep it running! Thanks also for letting us know how things work. I like being treated like a grown up 😉

  4. Chava said

    Thank you! Bookmooch is the best!

  5. Evie said

    Really appreciate this, John. Thanks!

  6. Jen said

    Thanks for keeping this going– it’s invaluable to teachers and their ever-reading students!

  7. jeniwren said

    Thanks John for making Bookmooch such a successful site. I hope more members will consider to *give a little* to help fund the improvements that come with continued growth.

  8. Laugh said

    Thanks. You just gave me a really good reason to pitch in and give a little.

  9. Helen said

    John don’t know what I would do without bookmooch you have kept an unemployed mom and a Marine daughter happy. We love our books!! Keep up the amazing work..

  10. Heather19 said

    “Apparently Amazon rejects BookMooch’s searches if the clock time on the BookMooch server is not the same as Amazon’s clock time (sigh).”

    ….. *bursts out laughing* That has gotta be the strangest thing I’ve ever heard. Wow.

  11. kyle said

    THANK YOU JOHN!!! MY daughter and i love bookmooch.

  12. iskandor said

    Thank you for your efforts to keep this going.

  13. Nancy Cox said

    Thank you John. This site is amazing and I am so thankful for all you do.
    I plan to give a little to bookmooch just as soon as possible. Just waiting on our former house to sell so that I have some extra spending cash! Look for a donation in the (hopefully) very near future!
    Thanks again for all you do!

  14. Norberto Amaral said

    Thanks for keeping Bookmooch so alive! Now I’m off to Paypal to send you some extra cash 🙂

  15. Teresa Loftis said

    Thanks for all your hard work and dedication John!!!!

  16. Susy Correia said

    Thank you John!!! The website is absolutely amazing I love it!!!

  17. MsMixte said

    Thanks John! It’s nice to see that my small donations make a difference 😀 .

  18. Sherry Dickens said

    Thank you John for everything you do!! I don’t know what I would do without BookMooch 🙂

  19. Yvonne Laffoon said

    Dear John,

    I have to add my thanks, as well! I know computers can be frustrating and they are just so darn literal! I really appreciate Bookmooch-it’s the best swap site out there!!! And believe me, I’ve looked and tried out sites! Anyone who knows how to solve computer problems is a hero in my book!!!!


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