forums now built in

May 19, 2010

I’ve added a forums feature to BookMooch. Here are a few things it enables:

* you can have open discussions about any topic.

* anybody can create a forum on any topic.

* a forum can either be an “open discussion” (everyone can post) or it can be a “blog”, where you are the only one who can post and others can comment. For example, you can create a book blog about what you’re currently reading.

* you can optionally receive email notifications of new messages from any forum.

* forums can be in any language, and are organized by language

* you can edit or delete anything you write at any time

* the forums you are active on are displayed in your bio.

You can access this feature by clicking the “forums” button on the main menu:


I’ve tried to build the forums feature to have a lot of functionality, but at the same time be quite straightforward to use.

I’ll be adding information about how each page works in the online help, by clicking the question mark icon
on the top right of each page.

My hope is for this forums feature to replace the email-only “BookMooch discussion list”.

If you’d like to discuss the design, features and functionality of the forums feature, I have a forum for that!

19 Responses to “forums now built in”

  1. Michelle said

    This is exciting news – thank you, John! Looking forward to checking things out in due course.


  2. ary29 said

    Thanks for supporting language diversity! I’ve just spread the news to the Italian BM community on aNobii.

  3. Mike said

    Great new feature! Thank you. Any chance you can add a Forum for posting deals, such as the Book Bazaar on Paperbackswap? I love that feature on PBS and would love it even more on BM!

  4. MIke Comer said

    Great idea as usual John.

  5. re said

    Hey, John!

    Good addition to a great site! ty. Timely. I’ll use BookMooch more, and look forward to seeing how this progresses!

  6. Chava said

    Once again, you rock. Thanks! I’m going to check it out now.

  7. Il Gobb said

    That’s good! I’m gonna try it immediately O__O
    Thanks a lot for your great work, BookMooch is an incredible idea, something that literally changed my way to discover new books, and now… with forums! Yay! 🙂

  8. Il Gobb said

    Played a little with it: really easy to understand, and at first look there’s everything needed in terms of features. Thumbs up! Great work as always 😉

  9. Zjanette said

    Fantastic! Thank you so much.

  10. Iris said

    You never fail to revive our passion for Bookmooch John! Brilliant! I’m in love with the new forums now! Much more convenient.

  11. Evy MacPhee said

    This is increase my use of forums. Thank you so much!

    I really appreciate all the good work you do for us.

  12. Patricia Shaw said

    This is great news, I am so glad for all the categories to check out, I never used forms before but I am going to check this one out, seems easy to understand.

  13. Caron Garliepp said

    Thanks, John! I’ll look forward to checking it out further when I find the time . . . .

  14. Nadja said

    Thank you for the Forum! You are the best book club and I really appreciate your having it! (I also belong to PBS, but you’re much nicer.)

  15. Claudia said

    Great idea! Thanks John, I’ll surely check it out very soon. Have a good day.

  16. Emily T. said

    Woo hoo! THANK YOU John!

  17. Carol Galvin said

    Just wanted to say I have been spreading the word to my bookclub and others of this incredible site! I ordered the bookmarks which makes it even easier! I now have a almost full collection of my favorite authors and have passed on books I was not interested in keeping….wow! I LOVE IT!!!!! Now I am going to hit the garage sales for nice hardcovers so I can continue filling up my bookcase with favorites! Also…have made some awesome friends and contacts! I am such a bookaholic!! 🙂 Keep up the great work…it is a pleasure to be a supporter!

  18. jkiparsky said

    Lovely. Good man yerself.

  19. R said

    I prefer the anonymity available with the old forums. I would like it to be optional whether the forums you are active on are displayed on your bio. I also would prefer not to have a link to my bio page on everything I post to a forum.

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