For the past six months, I’ve been working on a new web site, a used book exchange web site called “BookMooch” which is at

I’m hoping you’re somewhat interested, as I’ve added you because I like your book & cultural tastes, and I’m hoping you could perhaps help give BookMooch a good initial start.

Before I announce BookMooch to the public, I’d like there to be a decent collections of books being given away. Specifically, I’d like the books to be good, so that people don’t say “what a load of junk” but instead “gee, some pretty good books here.” And of course, I’m hoping that if there are any bugs left, that it’s my friends who catch them, before I announce it to the world.

So, if you can find the time to visit and if enter in some books you want to give away, I’d very much appreciate it. If you find any bugs or if anything is unclear, just email me directly.