iCommons Charity Auction

December 11, 2007

I’ve donated 5 BookMooch points to the iCommons Charity Auction, an annual event to raise money for iCommons.

iCommons runs the auction through eBay (how very 21st century!) and you can bid on the 5 book points at this link.

If you’re interested in helping charity and earning 5 BookMooch points, place a bid!

iCommons is a Creative Commons spin-off, based in South Africa. They run the annual iCommons summit, and you can see a photo of me in the “Star Wreck” photo at http://www.icommons.org/isummit07 to the right of Commander Pirk (who are working on their next film, Iron Sky)


A really well researched, thoughtful article about swapping/trading, with a strong focus on BookMooch, was published today at Green Right Now.com.

I liked this quote:

Buckman laments the wastefulness of the book industry. “The depressing thought,” he says, “is that publishers want you to throw away a book once you have read it, simply because they only make money from new book sales. That’s a strong financial incentive for the book industry to be anti-ecological and pro-garbage-dump.”

Read it here: