Back in July I blogged about the MoochStand Project, an idea my friend Teresa had to have mooch fans staff tables at book fairs around the world.

I asked Teresa to coordinate with everyone who wants to help out.

If you’re interested in helping out, check out this MoochStand Project Page.

MoochMember Caron (send her a smooch!) ran a table at the recent Santa Barbara Book & Author Festival. Here is an action photo of her table:


She had this to say:

I took with me the kit you sent (of course) and: several books that I’ve received from the site, a book that was wrapped and ready to drop in the mail, and screenshots of several pages of the Bookmooch site. (the ones that I used the most were my Member page, showing books to send, books sent, books to receive, etc. but I also had screenshots of my Inventory, Wish List, and a screen that showed the results of a search and how to “mooch” a book.)

Lots of people seemed very excited to learn about the site, and I think they’ll be checking it out in the near future.

Thanks for the opportunity to talk about something I truly enjoy.

A big thanks to Caron !