I’m a Yahoo! Pick

July 23, 2007

Yahoo! Picks is running an long-ish interview with me this week, which can be read here.

My thanks to Jill Robinson at Yahoo! who wrote this story, and the BookMooch “pick of the day” back in the fall of 2006.

BookMooch Angel Network

July 20, 2007

Debra Readman writes to tell me about the BookMooch Angel network, which is a project to help a person get a book they want to their country, when the person who owns the book isn’t willing to send it outside of their country. An “angel” acts as an intermediary. What a great idea!

The BookMoock wiki has a page for the Angel Network and explains how to use it.

Here is what the Wiki says the Angel Network does:

Is there a book on BookMooch you really want but the book owner is in another country and only sends within their country? Don’t fret, help is available through the BookMooch Angel Network!
The BookMooch Angel Network involves the connection of two members in the BookMooch community. The first is the “Person In Need” of help in the form of the BookMooch Angel, who will be called the “PIN” and the second is the “Angel” who is willing to help international members of BookMooch get the books they want.

And I love the winged-mooch-alien graphic they made!

BookMooch Lottery

July 15, 2007

Mikko told me about this, the BookMooch lottry: half the points to go charity, and the other half goes to the lottery winners.

I think it’s amazing and great that new ideas pop up and just happen.


From: http://www.bookmooch.com/m/bio/lottery

The BookMooch lottery!

To participate, use charity to give this account (“lottery”) at least one point. Each point buys you one ticket, so with more tickets your chances to win will improve.

Half of the points will be distributed to charities. When sending your points, name a charity. Each ticket you buy is a vote for that charity, and the points the lottery produces will go to the charity with most votes.

Half of the points is distributed to the lucky winners. The amount of winners and size of the prizes depends on the amount of participants. However, we aim for several smaller prizes instead of one large jackpot.

The lottery ends August 15th. I will then decide the prizes and choose the winners randomly. Good luck for all participants!

BookMooch Lottery was the idea of Matt. I’m giving him one free ticket for his idea. If you want to thank him, go check his inventory, maybe you’ll find something to mooch there!

Robert Monroe has written a very good article on how to use BookMooch to is fullest potential.

His article is here: