A few boxes of bookmarks and mooch cards were sent from the UK to France, and fellow moocher Jacqui is now offering packages of these to our fellow Francomoochers.


Mooch cards:

I received an email this morning from Dawn, who works at the Salt Spring Literacy Center.

Quite a few charities at BookMooch are swimming in points, which is fantastic, but for some reason this one hasn’t gotten much attention, so I thought I’d mention it in my blog. The URL to their home page was mis-typed (I’ve fixed it) in their BookMooch profile, which probably didn’t help.

Home page of Salt Spring Literacy

(see update below: this charity doesn’t need more points now)
Give some BookMooch points to this charity

Salt Spring Literacy is a registered non-profit charity working mainly with adults on Salt Spring Island to upgrade reading, writing, comprehension, and basic math skills.

We have tutors who can help you for free and privately in one-on-one sessions to

1. read documents,
2. fill out forms,
3. pass the written driver’s test,
4. read to your children,
5. upgrade your skills so you can apply for job training,
6. learn to use the computer,
7. enjoy reading more difficult books.


Thanks to everyone who gave points to this charity, as the Salt Spring Literacy Center now has over 500 mooch points. That’s plenty for now.

As one of the comments (from Claire) noted, the group “SNUG” is almost out of points, so they’d be a good one to give some love to. Here is what they do:

Towcester SNUG (Special Needs Umbrella Group) is a support group based in Towcester, Northamptonshire. It is run by parents/carers for parents/carers.

Give some BookMooch points to this charity (SNUG)