December 18, 2008

Bm Vertical BmYou can now mooch a box of 500 BookMooch bookmarks from me. I will send them out in January. Please, only mooch a full box of 500 if you need that many bookmarks or you plan on offering smaller quantities of the bookmarks for mooching by others.

In the past 2 years, I’ve printed 500,000 small mooch cards and sent them out to fellow moochers. Mostly, I sent boxes of 1000 cards each, and then members could offer smaller quantities of the cards for others to mooch. The last time I sent boxes out, I asked for volunteers to help send them out, which was a terrific help.

The idea behind the mooch cards is that you can put a few in your wallet or purse, and when someone you’re talking to is interested in BookMooch, you can give them the card as a memento, so that they remember to check out the site and become a moocher. They’re also a useful handout when you’re running a BookMooch stand at a book fair.

I’ve asked my printing company if they could print bookmark-sized cards for me at a similar price, and they’re up for it. So, soon I will be doing a large order of bookmarks and sending out boxes of 500 cards each (for free) to whoever asks for them. You can use the bookmarks just as you used the mooch cards, but also you can use them in your books as you read them as just plain old bookmarks.

I asked my graphic designer Claudy to make a vertical layout of the mooch aliens, and that’s what you can see on the right of this blog post.

Once I’ve sent out a hundred boxes of 500 cards each, I’d appreciate it if people offered smaller quantities of the cards in their inventories, so that others could mooch just the quantity they need (just as people do with the moochcards).

And speaking of the mooch cards, I’m also ordering a fresh batch of cards, so feel free to mooch a box of 1000 cards from me if you prefer them to bookmarks.

For moochers outside of American: sorry! The printer who was offering me a great price in the UK suffered an accident and has gone out of business, so I have to go searching for someone else who will print these things at near-American prices (the UK printing prices are unfortunately about 3x higher).


Several people asked about my printing prices, and have also asked about getting these cards and bookmarks in Europe.

Basically, if I can get good printing prices in the UK, I’m happy to order a bunch and send boxes around the UK. I’ll have to check on how expensive postal mailing these boxes is from the UK to Europe: it may be doable.

If you’d like to see the bookmarks or cards widely available in the UK, please try to find comparable pricing to what I’m paying in the USA. I had a printer lined up in the UK, but he was a small company, suffered an injury and shut down his business (sigh).

I am currently paying:

$1008 for 35,000 cards, that are 2″x3.5″ (inches) in size, color on both sides, laminated on both sides. That comes out to $0.0288 per card.

$3698 for 100,000 bookmarks, that are 2″x7″ (inches) in size, color on both sides, laminated on both sides. That is $0.03698 per bookmark.

In the UK, I was told that laminating was a very, very expensive option, so I’m willing to live without that.

You are welcome to get the bookmarks or cards printed on your own, in your own country. I have posted the adobe-illustrator source files to both the cards and bookmarks at