Kirk wrote to me:

While eating breakfast, I put on the TV, and was switching around the channels. When I got to BBC World, it was their show called Click which talks about computers and the web. They did a 1-minute blurb about BM, showing how the site works, explaining, etc. I have a feeling that this will bring a fair amount of users (at least outside the US) who will come and check out the site.

I found a reference to the segment here:

but no place to download an audio version.


W-S-J article on BookMooch

October 30, 2006


New at BookMooch ( :

– CURRENT STATS: BookMooch now has 100,000 books, 10,000 members, and 20,000 books have been mooched. 1600 books are being mooched right now. And all this, since Bookmooch launched 9 weeks ago, on August 6th.

– MY PRESS TOUR: it’s been a while since the last newsletter, as I spent the past 5 weeks of that on a tour through Germany, France and Japan, giving presentations at 3 conferences (Munich, Berlin and Tokyo), meeting press, and playing tourist. My wife blogged a bit of it at and I made a few blog entries at – my last stop on this tour is Finland (Helsinki and Tampere), where I’ll be in 8 days:

– LOCATION: the “find books and people by location” feature is back. I had taken off while I was traveling because it didn’t work right, but now it’s all fixed and here to stay. See

– LAST HERE: new “Last here” feature shows you when someone was last at BookMooch, so when you mooch from them you’ll know how quickly they might respond, like this: “Last here: 7 hours ago”

– COUNTRY: each person’s country is displayed next to their name, and for people from the USA, their state as well, like this: “Gary (USA: MA)”

– API – we now have an API as well as data feeds:

– LIBRARYTHING – we now integrate with — in book details you’ll see a link to “LibraryThing Info” but you can also enable some other LibraryThing features in your Profile Settings.

– LITTLE STUFF: about 100 other small improvements, here and there, as suggested by the BookMooch discussion group:

– PROMOTE YOUR BOOKS: if people don’t seem to be finding your books and mooching from you, I recommend you post a short message about yourself, the kind of books you have, and the URL to your BookMooch inventory. Click “post a new message” at